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Svebek Pro/Wins Texas Tournament Trail With 5 Bass/25 -lbs 7 -ozs.
-Darrel Smith Takes Amateur Win With 5 bass/22 lbs -3 -ozs-

by Ed Snyder


Wal-Mart/Ranger Boats 2001 Texas Tournament Trail.
Saturday, February 3, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

With "Texas Sized Purses" of $145,000 for the Pro/side and $60,000 for the Amateur/side honing a keen interest for the competitor's edge, 200 pro/anglers and 200 amateur/anglers launched into the first event for the Wal-Mart/Ranger Boats Texas Tournament Trail. Although warm, sunny skies greeted the anglers on tournament day, they had to probe icy -40 degree waters of a "chilled" lake Sam Rayburn to find their 5 bass tournament limits. But despite the chilly water conditions, some anglers managed to un-lock enough bass-bites to digitize some good weights for the 3:pm weigh-in. "Twenty Five pounds, Seven ounces, announced the Tournament Director to the applauding crowd at Twin Dikes Marina, "Sam Rayburn's own, Carl Svebek III, your "first Pro" to ever win this new, and exciting Texas Tournament Trail event!"

"This is a bass fishing tournament tour for the weekend anglers, informed the Tournament Director, "As all anglers who wish to fish these events can do so. "We're paying out a qualifying pro/purse of up to $65,000 per event for the 1st place position with a possible total pro/side payout of $145,000, and a qualifying amateur/purse of $34,000 for the 1st place amateur position for a possible total payout of $60,000 for the amateur/side. "We've just increased the "bragging rights" for Texas bassin' with this Tournament designed to reward the competitive bass fishing spirit within the great state of Texas. "This tournament trail is also designed to provide special contingency awards for those Ranger Boat owner/anglers who wish to fish this circuit where they can qualify for the bonus money, as well as qualify for the two day $195,000 T.T.T. Championship to be held October 20-21, 2001, at Frontier Park Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX. "All bass anglers are invited to join us to fish and compete at this "affordable" Texas Tournament Trail, which rivals all other high dollar entry fee tournament events.

1st place pro-(5 bass/25 lbs- 7 -ozs)- This has been a dream come true for my family, and me, explained Land-O-Lakes Bass/Pro, Carl Svebek III, as he informed about his fishing day. "I spent my early morning hours fishing Caney Creek with Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley mono. "I mainly concentrated on fishing 1foot to 1 & 1 / 2 foot shallow flooded Johnson grass with 1 / 2 -oz white/chartreuse Gambler spinner baits rigged with silver and gold double willow blades. "I managed to catch only two bass there before going to Veach Basin for my noon bite, where I worked 1 / 2 -oz red Rat-L-Traps along the edges of a 5' to 7' drain that also had Johnson grass. "I managed to catch 8 more keepers from there, Carl explained as he told of culling to his 5 bass/25 lb- 7 -oz winning weight. "I culled my last fish just before coming in, informed the Sam Rayburn angler with a big grin, "Which was a solid 3 pound bass. Carl Svebek fished with Longview TX, amateur/angler, Sid Tutt. Carl Svebek was also a Ranger Cup qualifier, which awarded $30,000 for 1 st, a $5,000 Ranger Cup bonus payout that would qualify him for the Championship, and a fully rigged $35,000 Ranger/518DVX/Yamaha bass-rig for a total Pro/angler payday of $70,000.

Top 5 T.T.T. Pros:
1-Carl Svebek III- Sam Rayburn, TX----------5 bass/25 -lbs 7 -ozs-$30,000-$5,000-$35,000 Ranger
2-Brian Schott- Lufkin, TX----------------------5 bass/20 -lbs 4 -ozs-$8,000-
3-Rob Harty- Sachse, TX------------------------5 bass/19 -lbs 5 -ozs-$6,000- bonus- $4,000
4-David Vance- Winnsboro, TX----------------5 bass/19 -lbs 4 -ozs-$4,300- bonus- $3,000
5-Ted Wyatt- Bryan, TX-------------------------5 bass/18 -lbs 7 -ozs-$3,200-

1st place amatuer-(5 bass/22 lbs- 3 -ozs)- "My Pro/partner today was Ted Wyatt of Bryan TX, informed amateur/angler, Darrell Smith of Abilene TX. Darrell informed of working Allstar rods and Team Diawa reels spooled with 17 lb test Berkley Tri-lene mono. "I fished 3 / 4 -oz red Rat-L-Traps all day long, informed Darrell, as he told of concentrating on fishing an 8' main-lake river channel sand-flat near the Caney Creek area. "I only had 5 bites today, Darrell explained with a big "Abilene" grin, "But they were the right 5 bites which put a 5 bass/22 -lb 3 -oz amateur win in the live-well for winning $4,000 cash plus a $30,000 fully rigged Ranger R91/Mercury bass-rig for a total "back of the boat" win of $34,000.

Top 5 T.T.T. Amateurs:
1-Darrell Smith- Abilene, TX-----------------------------5 bass/22 -lbs 5 -ozs-$4,000-$30,000 Ranger
2-Audie Gaspard- Kilgore, TX----------------------------5 bass/19 -lbs 0 -ozs-$3,000
3-Matt Rigby- Huntsville, TX-----------------------------5 bass/18 -lbs 3 -ozs-$2,000
4-Brett A. Coleman- Webster, TX------------------------5 bass/16 -lbs 5 -ozs-$1,000
5-David Mullins- Coppell, TX----------------------------5 bass/15 -lbs 14 -ozs-$800

All bass were recovered and live released by the Operation Bass fish recovery team for a total pro/catch of 433 bass weighing 1,240 lbs, and a total amateur catch of 247 bass weighing 748 lbs.

For more information on this Wal-Mart/Ranger Boats tournament trail contact Operation Bass at (270)-362-4880 -or- click to <>

Next Tournaments:
March/17---Lake O.H.Ivie April/21---Lake Travis
May/12-----Richland Chambers October/20-21---Championship---Lake Toledo Bend

Texas Tournament Trail Sponsors: Wal*Mart- Ranger Boats- Pepsi- FritoLay- Energizer- Garmin- FujiFilm- Everstart- Mercury Outboards- Kellogg's- MinnKota- Yamaha Outboards- "and" the 2001 Texas Tournament Trail Pro/Am anglers.

Carl Svebek "and family" with 1st pro/trophy

Darrell Smith -L- and Carl Svebek -R-
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Top 4 Pros- 1st thru 4th -R-to-L-

Carl Svebek with 2 reps to his 25.7 lb pro/win

Darrell Smith with amateur trophy

Top 5 amateurs- 1st thru 5th R-to-L

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