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Granger/Sorter Win Rayburn Bass-N-Bucks
By Ed Snyder

Skeeter/Yamaha Bass-N-Bucks 2001 East Texas Team Circuit
Sunday, March 11, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

With a warm front sliding in from the south, a cold front dropping down from the north, and yet another cold front sneaking in from the west, it became a race between the 510 teamed anglers and Mother Nature as to whom would arrive to intimidate the weigh-in scale first, and "MA NATURE" won by 15 minutes as rain and winds began "roughing-up" the incoming anglers. But despite the weather extremes the Bass-N-Bucks weigh-in crew managed to tally up 853 bass weighing 1,942 lbs.

Over $460,000 in guaranteed payouts for our 2001 season, stated Bass-N-Bucks Ceo/Director, David Concienne, "With a guaranteed $85,000 Championship Purse for those anglers who qualify, "And again for this year, Concienne added, "We have our special Skeeter/Yamaha Bonus Money contingency payouts for our anglers who fish and compete at these events in their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-boats. (See rules & regs for info)- This is our 3rd circuit event for the 2001 season, David advised, "And we're expecting some really good bass catches today despite the threat of incoming storms.

1st-place team-(5 bass/19.08 lbs)- "My slicker suit draw-cord got tangled up in my reel handle today, grimaced Pete Sorter of Hemphill TX, as he informed how they "almost" lost the tournament instead of winning it. "When I finally freed the cord my drag system spun wide open and the big bass "took-off!!" "I just grabbed his line, stated wide-eyed team partner Gerald Granger of Neederland TX, as he told of "hand-lining" Pete's 6.72 lb "kicker" bass back to their Triton/Johnson bass-boat. The "lucky" 1st place team went to south-lake creek-flats to work TX rigged watermelon Zoom lizards with Mr. Blitz Mega-bite hooks. "We fished Allstar rods and Quantum/Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test P-line, explained the winning duo as they informed of fishing the flooded buck-brush and spawn-flats in 3' to 10' of water. The 1st place team managed to catch at least 40 bass from an all day bite that clipped the keys to a new fully rigged Skeeter/Yamaha bass boat on to their kill-switch cord.

2nd-place team-( 5 bass/17.93 lbs)- Kelly Jones JR. and Jimmy Wilfong of Pasadena TX, put their Skeeter/Mercury bass-rig over Buck Bay flooded buck-brush and hardwoods to work Allstar/Kistler rods and Shimano/Quantum reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley XT mono and 10/50 lb test Spider-Wire. The Team Pro-Inspect of LaPorte TX, anglers, fished Zoom june-bug wacky worms in 4' water for catching 12 bass between a 10:am to 2:pm bite to cull their 2nd place finish.

Overall Big Bass-(8.40 lbs)- Bobby Taylor of Sam Rayburn TX, was fishing a Big Farmers Flats Cove with a Castaway rod and Shimano reel spooled with 45 lb test Lynch braid when he hooked an 11:15 am big bite on his watermelon brush-hog. "I had to "yank" that 8.40 lb big bass through some heavy brush, Bobby informed as he collected his $1,000 "overall" big bass check.

Top 5 Teams:
1-Gerald Granger/Pete Sorter-------------------------5 bass/19.08 lbs-Skeeter/Yamaha Bass Boat
2-Jimmy Wilfong/Kelly Jones JR--------------------5 bass/17.93 lbs-$4,000
3-Donnie Nixon/Gregory James----------------------5 bass/17.63 lbs-$2,400
4-Scott Soisson/Bobby Taylor------------------------5 bass/17.14 lbs-$2,000
5-Shonn Blassingame/Bill Wilcox-------------------5 bass/16.95 lbs-$1,800

1st big bass-(8.40)-Bobbie Taylor/Scott Soisson-$1,000
2nd big bass-(7.91)-Bill Cook/John Hale-$500
3rd big bass-(6.72)-Pete Sorter/Gerald Granger-$250

This Bass-N-Bucks tournament paid-out $49,000 in cash & prizes to the top 35 places.

The tournament was video-taped by Cajun Phil Broussard for airing on their popular "Fishing & Outdoors" program. (Check local listings for dates and times)

All tournament fish were recovered and live released by the Bass-N-Bucks fish recovery team with 853 bass weighing 1,942 lbs.

For more info on this, as well as other Bass-n-Bucks tournament events, contact David Concienne at (409)-727-8941 -or- click to <>

Bass-N-Bucks Tournament Sponsors: Skeeter/Yamaha- Hawg Caller- Lunker Lure- Rat-L-Trap- MotorGuide- Shimano- O'Reilly Auto- Lowrance- Dawson Marine- Dual Pro Charger- Check-It-Stik- Costa Del Mar- McFerrin Ins- Needmore Tackle- Wings Over Texas Guide Service- Piney Point Plaza- Holiday Inn Express- Ramada Inn of Jasper- "and" the East Texas Bass-N-Bucks Team Anglers.

Wilfong & Jones display their $4,000 finish

Bobbie Taylor with 8.40 $1,000 "overall"
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Sorter & Granger with the "key" to their 1st place Skeeter/Yamaha win

1st place winners in boat with Concienne and 2nd - 3rd- kneeling L- to -R

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