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A 5 bass limit weighing 21.33 lbs. wins
By Dennis Manthei


February 24, 2001
Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail
North Louisiana Division

A 5 bass limit weighing 21.33 lbs. wins
the season opening tournament on Toledo Bend

Battling sustained winds of 25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph, 27 teams headed out on the north end of the raging Toledo Bend in search of a winning stringer. The previous night, a decision of having a "trailering" tournament was announced at the pre-tournament meeting which was located at San Miguel State Park. B.A.S.S. touring pro Randy Howell took the stage to talk to the fishermen at hand. Then, Julian Cloud of Longstreet Baptist Church gave the devotional. Brother John Newman of Southside Baptist Church took care of the singing. All that was left was the eating of some great beef brisket that had been slow cooked all day by the rest of the staff.

Mike Guinn and David Duhon, both from Lake Charles, bounced the scales with an outstanding weight of 21.33 lbs. which also consisted of a 6.54 bass that took second place for the big bass. Trey Burford and Jim Mason took second place in the tournament with a 16.93 lb. stringer which was home to the first place big bass that weighed 6.80 lbs. Third place went to Danny Warmack and Wesley Fredieu with a total weight of 16.85 lbs. There were a total of 82 bass weighed in for a total of 233.37 lbs. That's almost a 3 lb. average! Not bad considering the weather conditions.

With all of the great fishing, delicious eating, awesome preaching and singing, the first tournament of the 2001 year can be deemed a success. After all, where else could you go get all of this and witness two men give their life to God and eleven others rededicate their life to the Lord. Praise God!

The next tournament will be held on the Red River out of the Coushatta boat ramp on March 17th. The Friday night meeting will take place at the Abundant Life Center, which is located 1 mile North of Coushatta on hwy. 155 toward Ashland at 6:00 p.m.

We would like to thank all of our national sponsors: Triton Boats - Strike King Lures - Spike-It - Cabela's - Evinrude - Wake Runner - Ray Clepper Boating - TH Marine - Marshall's Marine - Jones Chevrolet - Bass Rx - Original Fish Formula - LifeWay - Lowrance - ALLTELL - Jacobs Glass - Doyle Hodge Sports & Dual Pro Charger. We would also like to thank all of our local sponsors. Without you all, this could not be possible!

Top 5 Teams:

(1) David Duhon / Mike Guinn 5 Bass / 21.33 lbs.
(2) Trey Burford / Jim Mason 5 Bass / 16.93 lbs.
(3) Danny Warmack / Wesley Fredieu 5 Bass / 16.85 lbs.
(4) Brandon Collins / Tommy Baker 5 Bass / 14.91 lbs.
(5) Cody Broussard/Skyler Broussard 4 Bass / 14.00 lbs.

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