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Takahiro "Nails" Rayburn BASS Invitational With 55-12 Lbs
By Ed Snyder

BASSMaster Central Division Texas Invitational.
Saturday, March 3, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Three days of almost continuous rain didn't hamper the spirit of the man who wanted to win nor did he falter from the difficulties of learning the new language and culture of his new homeland. Arriving here almost 10 year ago, Takahiro Omori set his goal for becoming "The Best" bass angler that he could possibly become and with his winning this "very difficult" weather induced tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn, Takahiro Omori managed to show the true spirit of what the BASSMaster's are all about.

BASS/CAP: Day-1- A stalling cold front hovered over the lake area creating VERY WET fishing conditions for day-1 competitors. First place Pro/lead went to the -(5 bass/19.15 lb)- catch of Sam Rayburn Bass/Pro David Wharton who fished south-lake swing-points with a falling lake pattern on Carolina rigged Zoom lizards. Second place Pro/lead went to the -(5 bass/19.12 lb)- catch of Jasper TX, Bass/Pro Todd Faircloth who fished Lake Fork Tackle black/blue "Top-Dog" lizards and Stanley Wedge spinner-baits on a deep water bass-bed pattern.

BASS/CAP: Day-2-: Fluctuating lake levels, seesaw air temps, and Monsoon rainsqualls played havoc with the Bassmasters today with 1st place pro/lead going to the -(10 bass/37-4 lb)- catch of Emory TX, bass/pro Takahiro Omori of Emory TX, who "skipped" Black Forest area pockets with orange/pink floating trick-worms in flooded brush and willows. 2nd place pro/lead went to the -(10 bass/33-1 lb)- catch of Mineola TX, bass/Pro Kelly Jordan who was fishing a 100 yard long stretch of grass with Deep Little N's and Lake Fork Tackle baby ring fry's.

Day-3: MORE RAIN added to the already flash-flooding situation around the lake area as quick rising waters and chilly northeast winds continued to off-set the Bassmaster's who were trying to win this event. But one man, who had arrived here from Japan almost 10 years ago, managed to find a pattern that would entice enough bass-bites to load the tournament leader-board with 55-12 lbs which bested the rest of the field of 333 anglers by almost 10 lbs as Takahiro Omori's lifelong dream of making it to the Bassmaster World Classic became one step closer today.

As the Bassmasters were competing for their chance to make it to the World Classic the Casting Kids were also competing for their chances of making it to the Classic via the B.A.S.S. Federation Casting Kids contest where kids flipped, pitched, and cast for points that would qualify them to advance to the State, regional, national, and finally the Super Bowl of Bass Tournaments, The Bassmaster World Classic.
Winning Casting kids:
1-Randall Shaw-(13)-Sam Rayburn, TX.
2-Shane Humphries-(12)-Shreveport, LA.
3-Hunter Gothia-(11)-Bridge City, TX.

1st place-(15 bass/55-12 lbs)- Takahiro Omori of Emory TX, kept to his pattern of "skipping" his homemade orange/pink floating worm around flooded brush and willows in the back of pockets within the Black Forest area. "Ten lb test fluorocarbon line, light spinning tackle and a "sloooooow" retrieve helped to put my winning bass in the well, Takahiro advised, adding that he used the exact same pattern last week for taking a 2nd place finish at Toledo Bend's Bassmaster Top-150 tournament which involved him working the bait just under the surface of the water. "I really love this lake, Omori gushed as he hefted his 1st place trophy, "And I really love this country!!"

2nd place-(15 bass/44-13 lbs)- Kelly Jordan of Mineola TX, stayed tight to his three-day pattern of working Deep little N's and Carolina rigged chartreuse/pepper Lake Fork Tackle Trophy Baby fries along 2ndary points within a split creek-channel. The structure had grass with a bare point in the middle that. "My bass were constantly moving in and out of this area, Kelly informed as he told of catching most of his bass on the Lake Fork Tackle baits.

3rd place-(14 bass/43-11 lbs)- Gary Yamamoto of Mineola TX, "Senko's, "what else, Gary grinned as he informed about the pattern that put his 3rd place finish on the scale. "I was fishing flooded brush up near the 147 bridge area, Gary informed, "When about 2:30 pm, and on a last minute hunch, I decided to go over to where Takahiro Omori had been fishing before he had to leave to make his check-in deadline. "I made a cast into the flooded brush where he was fishing and missed big bass right off. "I then flipped it back in and "again" the bass hit with me missing it a second time!!" "I then tossed my yellow Senko back in for a third try but when it hit this time I set the hook "hard" into a 9-7 lb "kicker" that took the "overall" big bass honors for the tournament as well as bumping me up from 13th position to a 3rd place finish. Gary Yamamoto is the owner/proprietor of Yamamoto Baits, which produces the Senko.

Top-5 Pro/Leaders:
1-Takahiro Omori/Emory TX------------------------15 bass/55-12 lbs-$16,000 plus-$35,000 Ranger
2-Kelly Jordan/Mineola TX--------------------------15 bass/44-13 lbs-$2,000 plus-$30,000 Ranger
3-Gary Yamamoto/Mineola TX---------------------14 bass/43-11 lbs-$30,000 Ranger
4-David Wharton/Sam Rayburn TX----------------15 bass/43-9 lbs-$9,000
5-Robert Tucker/Sachse TX--------------------------15 bass/40-10 lbs-$7,000

Day-1 Big Bass-(8-6 lbs)- James Strickland/ Hot Springs AR-$1,000
Day-2 Big Bass-(8-0 lbs)- Danny Isenhart/Meqoun WI-$1,000
Day-3 Big Bass-(9-7 lbs)-Gary Yamamoto/Mineola TX-$1,000

All bass were recovered and live released by the BASS fish recovery team.
Day-1 Pro/Weights- 1,088 bass weighing 2,470 lbs.
Day-2 Pro/Weights-895 bass weighing 1,984 lbs.
Day-2 Pro/Weights-840 lbs weighing 1,886 lbs

For more information on this, as well as other BASSMaster events contact BASS/COMM director Chris Murray at (334)-272-9530- or click to-

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Takahiro Omori "Classic Dreams"

Kelly Jordan hefts 2nd place trophy
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Gary Yamamoto with 9-7 "overall"

BASS Legend Fish Fishburn with Casting Kids Champions

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