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5 Bass/27.75 Lbs Wins ST Judes Children's Benefit
By Ed Snyder

-5 bass/22.70 lbs takes 2nd-

Willamette of Zwollie ST. Judes Team Bass Children's Benefit
Saturday, March 10, 2001, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

You can't always spot "the big sack" of a tournament event when it arrives for weigh-in, "But, in the case of the 2nd Annual St. Judes Children's Benefit being held out of Cypress Bend Resort on Lake Toledo Bend "NO PROBLEM" as the team of West & Westerchil sauntered up with their 5 bass/27.75 lb sack which held a 9.29 "kicker"....AWESOME!!

"To benefit the Cancer Research projects of the ST. Judes Children's Hospital, answered Tournament Director Daniel Cheatwood, "As these team tournament entry monies help to keep those important research and development projects alive for the benefit of those children who are suffering from those life threatening illnesses. "Last year we only had 14 teams show up to fish this event, Cheatwood informed, "But this year we've signed up 45 teams and hopefully next year we'll see three times that many join us to support this very important fund raiser for the children of St. Judes Hospital.

1st place team-(5 bass/27.75 lbs)- Ben West and Scott Westerchil of Leesville LA, put their Triton/Mercury bass-rig over a 10' Housen Bay grass-flat to work Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 15 lb test Stren line. The 1st place team fished ¾ oz white/chartreuse Sloan & Cyclone spinner-baits with Zoom & Reaction trailers. "We managed to catch 10 bass betwixt 9am to 11:30 am for culling our winning weight, stated Ben West as he told of catching a 9.29 lb "kicker" on his Sloan spinner-bait from a 9:am big bite.

2nd place team-(5 bass/22.70 lbs)- The father and son team of Ricky A. and Ricky L. Cunningham ran their Astro/Mercury bass-rig to Negreet Bayou for fishing Falcon/Allstar/Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game. "We worked "hot pink" Zoom trick-worms along 3' to 5' shallow brush, stated the family fishing team as they informed of catching a 7 bass late-bite from noon to 2:30 pm.

3rd place team-(5 bass/17.39 lbs)- Bobby McAllen and Kenneth Craig of Mansfield LA, put their Ranger/Mercury bass-rig over Six Mile Creek inside grass-lines to work Flacon rods and Lews reels spooled with 30 lb test Berkley Fire-line. The 3rd place team fished Carolina rigged watermelon/red baby brush-hogs within 8' to 9' inside grass for catching 12 bass on an all day bite.

Top 5 Teams:
1-Ben West/Scott Westerchil-------------------5 bass/27.75 lbs-$250
2-Ricky L./Ricky A. Cunningham-------------5 bass/22.70 lbs-$200
3-Bobby McAllen/Kenneth Craig--------------5 bass/17.39 lbs-$175
4-Gary/Ricky Broadway-------------------------5 bass/16.31 lbs-$150
5-Neil Bridges/Todd Strahan--------------------5 bass/12.89 lbs-$125

Overall Big Bass-(9.29 lbs)- Ben West-$125

All bass were recovered and live released by the ST. Jude Fish Recovery Team.

For more information on this important event contact Faye Harvey at (318)-645-4996, Randy Ebarb at (318)-645-6971 -or- Daniel Cheatwood at (318)-645-4480.

ST. Judes Team Bass Children's Benefit Sponsors: ST. Judes Children's Hospital Cancer Research Center- Willamette of Zwollie, LA- "and" the ST. Judes Team Bass Anglers.

Ben -L- and Scott heft 4 reps to their 27.75 lb win, which includes the 9.29 "overall"

Dad-L- and son Ricky A. heft 4 reps to their 22.70 lb win
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Top 5 teams with 1st and 2nd kneeling R-to-L and 3rd thru 5th rear from L-to-R

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