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March Fishers of Men


Texas had it's 2nd Fishers of Men Tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn on March 10,2001.

The most important thing to happen in this tournament, happened Friday night at the First United Methodist Church in Jasper Texas. 51 teams showed up to a fantastic meal of chicken and sausage gumbo. The men's fellowship of that church are good at the cooking thing. Nancy Nickelson sang her heart out, and the Holy Spirit was oh so present. 8 men asked Jesus into their lives for the first time, and another 5 rededicated their lives to our Savior. Praise God!!!

The skies were clear when Duck Wright the director said the prayer, before letting 51 teams go fishing, with the first boat taking off at safe light, for the big spawning bass.

With mild 5 to 10 mile an hour winds from the east, the anglers were able to run to about any part of the 114,500 acre lake they wanted to. With the lake up about 5 feet over normal pool, the buck brush and willows had alot of water around them. Many of the teams caught their fish flipping the brush. But the team of Randy Basye and Dean Morgan fished Carolina rigs in 4 to 14 feet of water, culling over three limits in the day of fishing. Their winning weight was 21.83 pounds. Second went to B.A.S.S. angler Lonnie Stanley and partner Randy Hanna, with 14.39, Third was McElroy / Shanley with 13.00. Fourth was Stinger / Wych with 12.95. Fifth was Lewis / Lewis with 12.64. 6th was Dickinson / Kellough with 12.46. 7th was Boatman / Boatman with 12,26. 8th was Burr / Harland. 9th was Shine / Gilmore. 10th was Cates / Cates with 11.30. Pictures above are the 10 top teams, The Winning Team with 1st Big Bass and the Winner of 2nd Big Bass.

Our next tournament will be on Lake Toledo Bend on April 21, 2001.

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