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Father/Son Team Nabs 11th Annual T.O.B.I. "Braggin-Rights"
By Ed Snyder

-10.95 Lb Bass Caught For Lunker Program-

11th Annual Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational
Saturday, March 17, 2001, Pendleton Harbor Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.

Over-casting skies and shifting winds would change the bass-i-tudes for final day competition as the 560 "Oil-Patch" teams maneuvered their competitive tools for striking pay-day during the final moments of the Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational. "I made three casts stated the 11 year old boy, "And caught the 7.05, a 5.0, and then a 3.5 lb bass. "I then laid down my rod and told my dad that the rest was up to him... "True Story"

TOBI ReCap: Day-1-1st place lead went to the -(5 bass/20.08 lbs)- of Team#540-(retired)- Many LA, angler, Wade Reed of Shell and Lafayette LA, angler, Jim Buchanan of Burlington who fished Negreet Creek with ½ oz white chartreuse Strike King spinner baits along "bank-shallow" brush to catch their leading weight. -2nd place lead went to the -(5 bass/19.89 lbs)-catch of father& son Team#461- Nacogdoches TX, angler, Lance Pickering and Henderson TX, angler, Larry Pickering of Jayco who fished Housen Bay Toledo Town craw-worms to catch their 2nd place stringer lead. -3rd place lead went to the-(5 bass/18.49 lbs)-catch of Team#280- Chenerton LA, anglers Tim Achee and Jude Hebert of Shell who fished watermelon Zoom wacky worms to catch their weight. First day overall big bass went to the -(8.44 lbs)- catch of Team#110-Lafayette LA, angler, Charles Conques and Homer LA, angler, Erwin Bourgeois of Transcom who fished shallow shoreline areas of the LA, Spillway where Charley nailed the 8.44 lb 1st day "overall" on a 3/8 oz black/blue jig-n-craw.

1st place team-(10 bass/34.85 lbs)- Team#84 -New Iberia LA, anglers, Lynn and Trevin Thibodeaux of Thibodeaux Trucking went ran their Kingfisher/Yamaha bass-rig to Six Mile grass-flats to work Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 14 lb test Triple-Fish. "I was fishing a watermelon/red Zoom wacky worm over 6' grass-tops, explained 11 year old Trevin, "When I made a cast and caught the 7.05 lb bass that circled our boat 5 times before my dad landed it- "I made a 2nd cast and caught a 5.0 lb bass, "Then a 3rd cast that caught my 3.5 lb bass. "After that, explained the youngest winner "ever" to win an Oilman's event., "I laid myself and rod down, pulled my cap over my face to take a nap and told my dad that the rest was up to him.

2nd place team-(10 bass/32.68 lbs)- Team#33 -Lafayette LA, angler, Bill Busbice of Ace Transport and Morgan City, angler, David Loupe of Shell (retired) put their Champion/Mercury bass-rig to Six Mile grass-flats to fish Dawia/Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 30 lb test Spider-Wire. "We concentrated on fishing 6' grass-tops with watermelon Top-Guns and Zoom French fries, stated the 2nd place winners as they told of catching 14 bass yesterday but only 11 bass today.

Day-2 "Overall" Big Bass-(10.95 lbs)-Team#521 -Lafayette LA, angler, Zachary Dominque and New Iberia LA, angler, Scott Young of American Pneumatic put their Nitro/Evinrude bass boat over a Pirates Cove grass-flat to work Allstar rods and Quantum reels spooled with 14 lb test Berkley mono. "I was fishing a 1 oz white/chartreuse Cyclone spinner-bait when the huge fish hit at 11am, stated Scott as he told of donating the 10.95 lb "kicker" to the Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program so he could receive an exact replica of his catch.

Top 5 -"Overall" Team Winners:
1-Team#84-Lynn/Trevin Thibodeaux---------------------10 bass/34.85 lbs-
2-Team#33-Bill Busbice/David Loupe--------------------10 bass/32.68 lbs-
3-Team#75-Gerald Byrd/Danny Smith--------------------10 bass/32.36 lbs-
4-Tim Achee/Jude Hebert-----------------------------------10 bass/32.30 lbs-
5-Phillip/Marianne Keato------------------------------------10 bass/32.14 lbs-

Top 5 -Day 2 -Big Bass:
1-Team#521-Zachary Dominque/Scott Young--------------------10.95 lbs-
2-Team#463-Gilbert Ornelas/Bruce Ganer-------------------------7.26 lbs-
3-Team#84-Lynn Thibodeaux/Trevin Thibodeaux----------------7.05 lbs-
4-Mictchell Martin/Bill Quirk----------------------------------------7.03 lbs-
5-Jimmy Johnson/Rick Mire------------------------------------------6.48 lbs-

All bass were recovered and live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery and Jimmy Lassiagnes Live Release.
Day-1 tally-1,241 bass weighing 3,166 lbs-
Day-2 tally-1,034 bass weighing 2,573 lbs-

The "Tournament With A Heart" managed to raise $25,000 for the Texas Children's Hospital which tallies up over $235,000 raised by T.O.B.I. from their tournament events.

The 11th Annual Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational was taped by Keith Warren for hia popular Texas & Fishing Adventures show which will air later in the season contact for show listings.

For more information on the Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational contact John Alexander at (281)-391-3736 -or click to-

11th Annual T.O.B.I. Sponsors: -Skeeter/Yamaha- Bass Boats- And- The 2001 "Oilpatch" Anglers.

Team#33 receive their 2nd place trophy

Father & son team#84 with 7.05 1st place braggin-rights
< photos by Ed Snyder >

team#463 Ornelas and Ganer with 24.92 lb biggest tournament stringer

Keith Warren with Scott Young and his 10.95 lb "overall"

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