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Husband/Wife Team Win Jasper/Rayburn Chamber of Commerce Open
By Ed Snyder

1st Annual Jasper/Sam Rayburn Chamber of Commerce Open Team Tournament.
Saturday, May 12, 2001, Hwy-255 Public Boat Ramp, Sam Rayburn, TX.

In its initial event of utilizing a bass tournament to help raise operational funds for the Jasper/Rayburn Chamber of Commerce, the 1st annual team/bass fundraiser managed to attract the competitive interest of 100 teamed anglers. Launching into Lake Sam Rayburn during the morning calm the 50 teams would return back to the tournament site buffeted by choppy north winds "BUT" picture perfect "Chamber of Commerce" weather. Among the tournament teams who weighed-in in during the 3:pm deadline were an Evadale TX, husband and wife team who managed to "intimidate" the digital readout with a hefty 20.37 lb weigh-in, which included a hefty 8.96 lb "kicker" that also took the Overall big bass honors.

"This is a great thing to be doing for the Chamber of Commerce, stated Tournament Director Bob "McBass" Sealy, for with all the projects and programs that they put together to maintain our city economics, "this fund raiser will go a long way in supporting those projects. "I've got to say this, Sealy smiled, "In being that this is Mothers Day weekend I'm really impressed that they were able to draw so many anglers here to fish this event, "But, that may because that there are a lot of "Mothers" fishing this tournament today.

1st place team-(5 bass/20.37 lbs)- Buddy and Gay Day of Evadale TX, positioned their Champion/Mercury bass-rig over Needmore Point and Farmers Flats grass-beds to fish Daiwa rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test P-line. The husband & wife team worked Carolina rigged pumpkin/green Zoom centipedes and Zoom pumpkin trick-worms within 15' grass-lines to catch at least 40 bass from an early and late bite, which included Buddy's 8.96 lb "kicker" caught on a 9:am big bite. "I thought it was a bream at first, Buddy stated, "But when I set the hook it came straight up out of the water shaking its head, giving both my wife and I an instant HEART ATTACK!!!

2nd place team-(5 bass/20.18 lbs)- Rusty Harvey and Kris Wilson of Neederland TX, put their Broadhead/Mercury bass-rig over mid-lake area grass-beds to work Quantum/Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test P-line. The 2nd place team fished Carolina rigged watermelon Zoom centipedes and lizards along 12' inside grass-lines to catch 20 bass from an early and late bite.

3rd place team-(5 bass/17.95 lbs)- Pete Shivers of Kirbyville and Allen Shivers of Vidor TX, ran their Champion/Mercury bass-rig to Ayish Bayou to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. The father & son team managed to catch 12 bass from an all day bite while fishing Carolina rigged watermelon Zoom trick-worms over 12' brush-points. The team anchored their 3rd place finish with a 7.06 lb "kicker" caught by Allen on a 10am big bite.

Top 7 Team Winners.
1-Buddy Day/Gay Day-Evadale TX----------------------------------$875
2-Rusty Harvey/Kris Wilson-Neederland TX-----------------------$612
3-Allen Shivers of Vidor/Pete Shivers of Kirbyville TX-----------$525
4-Charles Shofner Jr/Jacob Shofner-Jasper TX----------------------$437
5-(tie)-Mike Webb of Hall TX/Mike Webb II of Hardin TX------$350
6-(tie)-Mich Angel/Ron Connor of Onalaska TX-------------------$350
7-(tie)-Garvey Chesser of Vidor/Chris Hall of Beaumont TX-----$262.50
7-(tie)-Max Hawthorne of Silsbee/Mack Rose of Buna TX-------$262.50

Overall Big Bass-(8.96 lbs)-Buddy & Gay Day-$250
All bass were recovered and live released by the Honey Hole fish recovery team.
For more information on this open team event operated to benefit the operational funds for the Jasper/Rayburn Chamber of Commerce projects contact Georgia at (409)-384-2762.

Jasper/Rayburn Chamber of Commerce Tournament sponsors: Jasper Chamber of Commerce- Ann's Tackle Shop, The Stump Restaurant, Sealy Outdoors, Advertising Visuals, and the 1st Annual Team Anglers.

Top team anglers with 1st thru 3rd R-to-L kneeling and 4th thru 7th L-R standing with Chamber staff 3rd row

Shivers/Shivers with 3rd place sack
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Day & Day with 1st place sack and 8.96 lb "kicker"

Kris Wilson with 2nd place sack

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