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Records Reset At S/E TX Oilman Classic
-35.29 lbs Takes 1st Place Win

By Ed Snyder

18th Annual Southeast Texas Oilman's Bass Classic
Saturday, April 28, 2001, Frontier Park Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.

Even though the S/E TX Oilman's Bass Classic is formatted as being a 5 bass/Stringer Team event it could very well just had been a S/E TX Oilman "Big Bass Classic" as it's two day weigh-in digitized three 10 lb class Toledo Lunkers -(a tournament record)- with several 9's, 7's, and a boatload of 6 lb bass that kept the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe busy releasing the 5,960 lbs of bass, which were caught, tallied, and live released (another tournament record) that also saw a 10 bass/35.29 lb weight claim the "Braggin-Rights" to the Classic Win (yet another tournament record) ... "INCREDIBLE"

"We've been operational since 1982, stated S/E TX Oilman Tournament Director Butch Harper of QTS, "Which invites "Oilpatch" related people to fish and compete at our Southeast Texas Oilman Bass Classic events. "The essence of our tournament is to raise funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Deep East Texas as well as to provide a quality fishing event for those oilfield related anglers who help us raise those important funds that help our children. "This years donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs is $32,000, where, at the same time we pay out $40,000 to the top angler field with another $40,000 in door prizes, which includes a "fully rigged" Nitro 901 CDX/200 EFI Bass Boat valued at $30,000.

Dear South-East Texas Oilman's Bass Classic Teams,
Our board of directors, staff and many families we serve appreciate your willingness to participate in this years South-east Texas Oilman's Bass Classic. The Proceeds from this event go directly to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Deep East Texas. We serve over 5,000 youth annually in ten different communities - Nacogdoches, Lufkin, DiBol, Jasper, Crockett, San Augustine, Coldspring, Livingston, Woodville, Center and Trinity Texas.
Each year we provide an after school and Summer program to the youth. We charge our youth a mere $5.00 per year to join the clubs, making it affordable for all youth to join. If not for events like the South-East Texas Oilman's Bass Classic we would not be able to provide these services.

Again, Thanks for your support and providing a positive place for the kids. "Good luck in your fishing! Sincerely- Jeff Woods, Executive Director.


Oilmen ReCap-Day-1- Almost perfect Spring-like weather conditions provided excellent bassin' giving 1st place team lead to the 5 bass/21.66 lb catch of Team#41 Leo Foreman of Neutron and Wayne Smith of Huntsman who fished Six Mile Creek grass-flats & humps with watermelon/red Zoom wacky worms to catch their weight, which included the 2nd big bass of 10.64 lbs caught by Leo on a 7:35 am bite. The 2nd place lead went to the 5 bass/21.41 lb catch of Team#365 Donnie Martin of Devon Engineering and Larry Fogg of Hadco who fished north-lake grass-flats to work Carolina rigged watermelon/red Reaction Gator Pups over 12' grass to catch their bass which included the 3rd place big bass of 9.45 lbs caught by Donnie on a 2:pm bite. Overall Big Bass for day-1 came in with Team# 42 Allan Louviere and Phil Sonnier of Huntsman who fished at 8 lb cove up in Sandy Creek where Allan worked a grass-hopper wacky worm over a 9' grass-bed to catch his 10.80 lb lunker bass on a 1:30 pm big bite.

Day-2-Final- Mother Nature smiled on the S/E TX "Oilpatch" anglers by providing two days of superb Spring-like weather with two days of superb bass fishing that witnessed three -10 lb class Toledo bass turned in for the Toledo Bend/Reaction Lures lunker program, plus three -9 lb class bass for the anglers excitement.

1st place team-(10 bass/35.29 lbs)-Team#338 Ryan Landry of Supreme Services and Justin Dowden of Haliburton put their Nitro/Mariner bass-rig over mid-lake grass-flats to fish Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12 lb test P-line. The 1st place team worked ½ oz chartreuse/white homemade spinner baits over the tops of -4' grass to catch their winning weight. "We had problems on day two, the winning team advised, telling of not having a good morning bite that stretched well into the noon hour before they finally were able to start putting their 1st place stringer together, which was anchored by a 7.58 lb "kicker" landed by Dowden on a 12:30 pm bite. Team#338 was awarded the 18th Annual S/E TX Oilman Bass Classic Championship Rings and trophies as well as $1,200.

2nd place team-(10 bass/34.99 lbs)- Team#363 Mark Hatfield of Swift and Randy Williford of Red Neck ran their Ranger/Yamaha to North-lake main-lake ridges to work Shimano rods and reels spooled with 20/25 lb P-line. The 2nd place team fished Gambler watermelon Bacon Rinds and Strips to catch their weight. "I told my partner that if the wind stayed down that we'd catch fish today, Williford informed as he told of catching at least 30 bass today for culling up their 2nd place winning weight. Team#187 was awarded 2nd place plaques as well as $1,000 in cash.

Day-2 Overall Big Bass-(10.47 lbs)- Team#187 Blake Pizzolato and Stacy Turner of Baker Oil Tools put their Gambler/Johnson bass-rig over south-lake grass-beds to work Quantum rods and Low-Rider reels spooled with 17 lb P-line. Blake was fishing a cotton candy/chartreuse Zoom brush-hog over 8' grass when the 10.47 lb lunker hit on a 10:am bite. The bass was recovered and successfully live released, which qualified Pizzolato for the Toledo Bend/Reaction Lure Lunker Bass Program.

Top 5 "Oilpatch" Teams:
1-Team#338-Ryan Landry/Justin Dowden------------------------10 bass/35.29 lbs-$1200
2-Team#363-Mark Hatfield/Randy Williford---------------------10 bass/34.99 lbs-$1000
3-Team#459-Dean Norwood/Mark Van Winkle------------------10 bass/34.43 lbs-$900
4-Team#154-Craig Nugent/Glenn Brown--------------------------10 bass/33.53 lbs-$800
5-Team#41-Wayne Smith/Leo Foreman---------------------------10 bass/32.46 lbs-$700

Top 5 Tournament Big Bass:
1-(10.80)-Team#42-Alan Louviere/Phillip Sonnier-(Toledo Lunker Award)
2-(10.64)-Team#41-Wayne Smith/Leo Foreman-(Toledo Lunker Award)
3-(10.47)-Team#187-Blake Pizzolato/Stacy Turner-(Toledo Lunker Award)
4-(9.85)-Team#145-David Smith/Dick Letney
5-(9.45)-Team#365-Larry Fogg/Donnie Martin

Yamaha 250 4 Wheeler -($5,000)-"Luck-O-The-Draw" winner-(not available at print)-
Nitro 901/200 EFI Bass Boat -($28,000)- "Luck-O-The-Draw" winner-Team#102 member Mike Woods of Global Marine-$30,000 value.

All bass recovered and live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe
Total-2,605 bass weighing 5,960 lbs.

The 18th S/E TX Oilman Classic registered 489 teams and paid-out the cash& prize awards to the top 110 overall team/weights which had a cutoff of 21.48 lbs with an average team/weight of 12.16 lbs per team. - "AWESOME" -

For more information on the Southeast TX Oilmen Classic contact Butch Harper at (903)-322-1683- for more information on the Boys & Girls Clubs of Deep East Texas contact (936)-560-9697 or click to

Southeast Texas Oilmen Classic Sponsors: Dusty Rhoades Marine- Tracker Marine- Mercury Outboards- Nitro Bass Boats- Ace- Ambar- ASCO- Austin Ind- Baker Hughes- Bennett Printing- BP/Amaco- Boys & Girls Clubs- Brookshire's- CE Oil Tools- Cajun R&R Services- Cameron Rental- Dolphin- D Williams Tool- Gator Hawk- Global Marine- Huvals- Int. Well Test- J&S- Leak Sealers- Nabors- PE Rentals- Performance B&C- Petro Rentals- QTS- Quickline- Reaction Lures- Richardson Ent- Schlumberger- Simon- Smith Services- Sterling- Sub Surface Tools- Superior Energy- Supreme Serv- Tanks-A-Lot- Toledo Oil- Triplex- Tripoint- Walker- Wood Group- "and" the 18th Annual Oilman's Bass Classic Oilpatch Team Anglers.

S/E TX Oilman Classic Champions Team#338- Landry/Dowden

Team#187 displays their 10.47 Toledo Lunker Award bass
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Team#42 hefts their 10.80 Toledo Lunker Award bass

Team#363 Hatfield/Williford show 4 reps to their 2nd place win

Team#41show off their 10.64 Toledo Lunker Award bass-

Top 5 "Oilpatch" teams 2nd -thru- 5th frontrow left to right- with Champions on stage

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