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5 Bass/17.39 Lbs Wins Rayburn Bass-N-Bucks
By Ed Snyder

Sweeter/Yamaha Bass-N-Bucks 2001 East Texas Team Circuit
Sunday, May 6, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We went to all of our other fishing holes first, explained the winning team who had just digitized the weigh-in scale with 17.39 lbs, "Catching a good 4 -plus- lb bass right off the bat, "but then it went down-hill pretty quick after that until much later in the day when we checked out a brush-pile up in Harvey Creek, "Wham" there they were stacked up over that lone patch of brush like cordwood!

We are paying $460,000 in guaranteed payouts for our 2001 team tournament season, stated Bass-N-Bucks Ceo/Director, David Concienne, "With a guaranteed $85,000 Championship Purse for those anglers who qualify from our regular team circuit, "And again for this year, Concienne added, "We have our special Skeeter/Yamaha Bonus Money contingency payouts for our anglers who fish and compete at these events in their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-boats. (See rules & regs for info)- This is our 4th tournament event for the 2001 season, David advised.

1st-place team-( 5 bass/17.39 lbs)- Ken Hayes of Leesville and Kraig Welborn of DeRidder LA, put their Procraft/Mercury up-lake to work Castaway rods and Abu-Garcia reels spooled with 50 lb test Berkley Whip-lash. The Reaction Lure Bass/Pro's fished ½ oz Oldham gator-jigs with green/pumpkin Reaction Gator-dogs to catch their winning weight. "We fished all of our other spots first, they informed, telling of catching only one bass early, but then not another keeper bass until later in the afternoon after checking out a lone brush patch up in Harvey Creek where they found them stacked up over the brush like cordwood.

2nd-place team-( 5 bass/15.90 lbs)- Nobie Jo and Bobby LeBert of Brookeland TX, put their Skeeter/Yamaha within South-lake flooded willows where they worked Quantum rods and reels spooled with 17 lb test P-line. The husband & wife team flipped black/blue Stanley Tuba-Tubes within the flooded willows to catch 10 bass from a scattered bite to cull up their 2nd place win.

3rd place team-( 5 bass/15.47 lbs)- Ted Wyatt of Bryan and Bill Guillory of Jasper TX, ran their Basscat/Mercury to Needmore Point to work Castaway rods and Lews reels spooled with 12 lb test Triple-fish. The 3rd place team fished #181 blue-back/chartreuse Norman DD-14's along 10' the depths of Needmore point to catch their weight, which included the 8.05 lb overall big bass caught by Bill on a 9:am big bite.

Top 5 Teams:
1-Ken Hayes/Kraig Welborn-----------------------5 bass/17.39-Skeeter/Yamaha
2-Nobie Jo LeBert/Bobby LeBert-----------------5 bass/15.90-$2,600
3-Ted Wyatt/Bill Guillory--------------------------5 bass/15.47-$1,600
4-Barry Fountain/Kirk Fountain-------------------5 bass/14.88-$1,400
5-Eddie Carpenter/Johnny Wilson----------------5 bass/14.71-$1,200

1st big bass-(8.05)-Ted Wyatt/Bill Guillory-$1,000
2nd big bass-(6.57)-Floyd Blackman/Darrell Markham-$500
3rd big bass-(5.43)-Eddie Carpenter/Johnny Wilson-$250

This Bass-N-Bucks tournament paid-out $49,000 in cash & prizes to the top 35 places-

All tournament fish were recovered and live released by the Bass-N-Bucks fish recovery team with 610 bass weighing 1,265 lbs.

For more info on this, as well as other Bass-n-Bucks tournament events, contact David Concienne at (409)-727-8941 -or- click to <>

Bass-N-Bucks Tournament Sponsors: Skeeter/Yamaha- Hawg Caller- Lunker Lure- Rat-L-Trap- MotorGuide- Shimano- O'Reilly Auto- Lowrance- Dawson Marine- Dual Pro Charger- Check-It-Stik- Costa Del Mar- McFerrin Ins- Needmore Tackle- Wings Over Texas Guide Service- Piney Point Plaza- Holiday Inn Express- Ramada Inn of Jasper- "and" the East Texas Bass-N-Bucks Team Anglers.

Nobie Jo & Bobby LeBert with 4 reps to their 2nd place finish

Top 3 teams with 1st in boat with Concienne with 2nd and 3rd kneeling
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Hayes and Welborn heft 4 reps to their 1st place win

Bill Guillory with 8.05 Overall Big Bass

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