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Rayburn Angler Lands Possible World Line Class Record
By Ed Snyder

Wednesday, May 22, 2001, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Keep your rod up, "keep your rod up!" The fishing buddy yelled to his team partner who was struggling with a huge, unseen critter that had his rod bowed to the gunnels edge of their boat. "I can't, "I can't!" Was his partner's near panic reply as the two players began two stepping around the boat "LOCKED" into a toe-to-toe battle of angler -verses- fish.

"We were fishing the Sealy Outdoors' Team/Splash event, stated Darrell Proffitt of Jasper TX, as he began to relate a tale of what he, and his fishing buddy Dwayne Pavlock of Navasota TX, had experienced the morning of May 20th. "We motored on over to where my partner had pre-fished for this event, Darrell informed, "Which was a grass-point up near Millers Creek. "Then, on his very first cast, while working a Slim Willy rigged 6" june-bug Creme scoundrel worm, he felt a sudden "tap" of a bite and immediately set the hook.

"At first I thought it was a good bass, Dwayne stated, "As it gave me a pretty good "thump" on my rod, but after setting my 2/0 Gamakatsu hook into the fish I quickly re-upped my original evaluation of good bass to "strong bass!" "But then, Pavlock further advised with a widening grin, "After the "mad minute" began to occur with me and the fish "two-stepping" a toe-to-toe battle around the boat, my estimations ballooned from strong bass! "To Big Bass!! "To "Really Big Bass!!! "To "Muy Grande BASS!!!!

"As I was fishing the other side of the boat, stated Darrell, "And upon hearing Dwayne yell for me to "get the net", I turned to see him struggling with a fish that had his 6'-6' medium action Falcon rod bent all the way to the gunnel of the boat. "Keep your rod tip up, "Keep your rod tip up, I yelled in support digging for the net, as Dwayne immediately yelled back "I can't, "I can't, he's too *#@#* big!!!

"It took about 5 minutes of wrestling' with that big fish, Darrell explained, "With it going under the boat several times, "thumping" the bottom of the boat much like in that movie "JAWS", but as it finally surfaced our visions of "Muy Grande Bass" quickly ebbed as a "HUGE" Small Mouth Buffalo rolled to the surface. "Taking one look at that monster, Darrell stated, "I then shook my head at the pitifully small net in my hand and said "no way!!"

"Two trot-line anglers, who weren't far away, spotted us and our predicament, Dwayne said, "So they motored over to give us a hand at landing the huge fish with a large trotline net that they had. "Then after landing it I figured to just recover my bait and release the fish back to the lake, "But the trot-line anglers thought it might be some kind of a record and advised us check it out. "So we motored back to Twin Dikes Marina, moored the big fish to the pier, and then took back off to fishing the tournament.

"Then after finishing our tournament weigh-in, Darrell advised, "Where we didn't finish very well, "We took it on over to Mill Creek Lodge & Grocery where Richard Chapman weighed it on his large certified scale that can handle such a huge fish. "The Buffalo weighed-in at 81 lbs with a length of 42 inches and a girth of 40 & 1 / 2 inches, Dwayne Pavlock advised from his record sheet.

"I give a lot of credit to the dependable durability of my Quantum Energy reel and the strength of my 15 lb test P-Line, Dwayne advised, "For without that extra help with fighting such a huge fish I probably wouldn't have been able to get it up from the bottom, let alone landed.

Dwayne Pavlock is now attempting to get recognition for his catch as a line class world record with the IGFA and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Records for his 15 lb test line catch, missing the Texas state record by only 1.2 lbs, but claiming a new Small Mouth Buffalo record for Lake Sam Rayburn.

Possible World Line Class Record Buffalo tethered to the pier

Dwayne Pavlock -L- Bob Sealy -C- and Darrell Proffitt "struggle" with 80 lb monster
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