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Hadley & Taylor Win "Crystal"
by Ed Snyder


Crystal On The Stump "Bob Haun" Invitational
Saturday, May 26, 2001, Rayburn Country, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Mike Taylor was the fastest net-man I've ever had in the boat with me, grinned Lindy Hadley as he informed on his team partners expertise. Both anglers had teamed up to fish "and win" the Crystal on the Stump event with a 5 bass/15-12 lb 1st place sack. "The Sam Rayburn fishing duo bested a "top" field of Invitational anglers who competed for over $21,000 in cash awards. "Besides, Lindy added without malice, Mike needed the exercise!!

On the evenings pre-tournament get together, where everyone enjoyed a fantastic fried catfish supper prepared via the "lost & found" cooking krewe", good news about the construction of the new Sam Rayburn Tourism Complex was reviewed with attentive interest. "This new16 acre facility will host a 7,000 square foot covered pavilion with a parking lot for either 500 vehicles, or 250 vehicles with boat trailers, stated Don Collins. "The road into the day park is almost completed now, added project coordinator Bill Marshall, also informing that with the help of Texas Congressman Turner's office, they were now seeking a possible 50-year lease with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for this facility. "This new multi-purpose complex is needed for our area, Bill further advised, "Stating that the complex would have a healthy economic impact for Jasper County, and its surrounding lake area communities. "We are now requesting, and receiving donations from businesses, corporations, and private concerns for the support and construction of this very important project, stated Bill Marshall.

With the tournament day providing excellent weather conditions for the invitational teams, providing some "provocative" back yard weigh-in incidents for this years Crystal on the Stump. And after all anglers and family wrapped their taste buds around the excellent BBQ brisket and fixing's provided by Jerryl Lauber & Krewe, the various awards, fines, "smoker humor", and Calcutta winnings, which is a mainstay for these annual Crystal on the Stump events, were enjoyed "to the fullest!!" "This event was dedicated to the memory of former Crystal Angler, Bob Haun who had passed on, voiced Crystal CEO Don Collins, and after boisterous applauds & amen's the Crystal on the Stump became a cherished memory of the former member.

1st place team-(5 bass/15-12 lbs)- Lindy Hadley and Mike Taylor maneuvered their Ranger/Mercury over Bear Creek Cypress trees and brush to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 50 lb test Berkley Whiplash and 17 lb test Stren. The Sam Rayburn team fished 12' depths with ½ oz "little gator" Oldham jigs with Reaction "gator-pup" craws to catch 15 bass on an all day bite. "I broke off two bass that were in the 5 to 6 lb range, Lindy grimaced, "But managed to land a 6.79 lb bass on a 10:am big bite.

2nd place team-(5 bass/14-45 lbs)- Tommy Dickerson and Mark Ackley ran their Gambler/Mercury bass-rig between the Sawdust Pile and Farmers to work 12' inside grass-lines with Castaway rods and Daiwa reels spooled with 10/50 Spider-Wire. The 2nd place team fished 1 oz black/blue Mr. Blitz jigs with blue Zoom chunks to catch 8 bass from an early bite which incuded a 6.06 lb "kicker".

3rd place team-(3 bass/14-21 lbs)- Bobby Taylor and Mike Breaux put their BassCat/Yamaha over Big Farmers Cove outside bushes to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. The 3rd place team managed to catch 20 bass on red-bug Swacky worms, of which only 3 were keepers -BUT- one of those keepers was an 8.84 lb "kicker" caught by Bobby Taylor from a 4' brush-patch on a 7:30 am big bite.

Top 5 Crystal Teams;
1-Lindy Hadley/Mike Taylor---------------------15-12 lbs
2-Tommy Dickerson/Mark Ackley--------------14-45 lbs
3-Bobby Taylor/Mike Breaux--------------------14-21 lbs
4-Jay Childs/Joey Caaission----------------------13-45 lbs
5-Robert Ates/Bob Cabell------------------------12-76 lbs

Overall Big Bass-(8.84)-Bobby Taylor/Mike Breaux

All bass recovered and live released via the Crystal on the Stump fish recovery krewe.

For more information on how you can invest your support for the new tourism facility being built contact Don Collins at 698-2309.

XX Crystal on the Stump Sponsors; Don & Darlene Collins of Piney Point Plaza- Needmore Tackle- Tommy Dickerson- Bogel Sales- Latch Oil- Jerryl Lauber & Krewe- Crystal Clear Ice- Giglio- Taylor & Collins Investments- DelPapa- The Lakecaster- "and" the Bob Haun Invitational anglers.

Hadly -L- and Taylor heft their 1st place win

Bobby Taylor -L- and Mike Breaux with 8.84 "kicker"
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Lindy Hadley -L- and Mike Taylor with "Crystal on the Stump" Trophy

Tommy Dickerson with 6.06 "kicker" for 2nd place finish

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