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Mother - Daughter Take Top Honors At "Beauty & Bass"
By Ed Snyder

Women's Bass Fishing Association Tour- Louisiana Invitational Pro/Am
Friday, May 18, 2001, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

In a surprising and absolutely incredible finish for the Women's Bass Fishing Association's "The Beauty & The Bass " event on Lake Toledo Bend, a Louisiana fishing family claimed both the Pro and Amateur Angler top-spots. Mother and daughter fishing team Janis and Nikki Cheek of LeCompte managed to put together separate two day winning catches to claim both Championship titles for this National event of the WBFA.

"The Women's Bass Fishing Association Tour is the only tournament trail organization in the country where women can compete amongst their peers in competitive bass fishing, explained WBFA/CEO Willy Cook, "As we hold several national events during the season winding up with a Classic World Championship. "This years WBFA Classic will be held on the Red River at Alexandria/Pineville LA, during August 9th thru 29th of 2001. "And as you have seen here today, Willy grinned, "It can also become a major family event as well.

WBFA ReCap-Day-1- Gusting 15/20 winds put the gals on "rock & roll" patterns giving Pro/Lead to the 5 bass/13.87 lb catch of Oklahoma/Pro Sherrie Brubaker who fished 1215 area hydrilla to weigh-in an early limit from Carolina rigged watermelon Zoom french fry's so she could head back home to attend her daughters High School Graduation. 1st place Amateur/Lead went to the 5 bass/10.82 lb catch of Nikki Cheek from LeCompte LA, who fished with Alabama/Pro Betty Stahl around Patroon area grass-flats to catch her bass weight on Carolina rigged green/pumpkin lizards and Zoom watermelon flukes.

PAYDAY-Day-2- Despite the mixed bag of weather adversities the Pro/Am anglers, who had arrived from 16 states to compete at this event, managed to catch good weights regardless of the gusting winds, shifting skies, and "lock-jawed" bass-bite.

1st place Pro/Angler-( 10 bass/25.86 lbs)-Janis Cheek of LeCompte LA, kept her BassCat/Yamaha over mid-lake grass-beds both days to work Shimano rods and reels spooled with 16 lb test Stren magna-thin. The Yamamoto Baits Pro/Angler fished watermelon/red Senko's, Pop-R's, 3/16 oz Pelican Jigs, and ½ oz white/chartreuse Stanley spinner-baits. "My main bites came from grass-tipping the milfoil and hydrilla grass-tops with the Stanley spinner-baits, stated the proud mom of Nikki Cheek who had just won the Amateur division title. This was the first time that a mother and daughter had won such an event in the history of the WBFA tournaments.

2nd place Pro/Angler-(10 bass/24.40 lbs)- Emily Schaffer of Smyrna TN, put her Stratos/Evinrude bass-rig over mid-lake grass-points and humps both days to work Allstar rods and Daiwa reels spooled with 12/17 lb test Gamakatsu line. The Dura-Charge Bass/Pro fished Jessie Lowe Bay and Bug Island to catch her 2nd place win on Carolina rigged blue/watermelon Zoom lizards and green/pumpkin Strike King flippin-tubes. "I worked 5' to 6' grass-points and humps to catch limits by 10:am today and 10:55 am yesterday stated the veteran pro/angler.

3rd place Pro/Angler-(9 bass/24.11 lbs)- Ranger/OMC got me there, stated Pam Martin of Bainbridge Ga, as she told of working Allstar rods and Garcia reels spooled with 15 lb test Tri-lene. The Lake Seminole Wingate Lodge Pro/Angler fished 12' grass-points both days but moved from fishing the Patroon area on first day to fishing the Indian Mounds area today. Pam Martin fished Carolina rigged Gambler watermelon lizards and bream colored DD-22's to catch her 3rd place title.

Day-1 Overall Pro/Big Bass-(4.15)-Dianna Rogers of Bumpus Mills TN,
Day-2 Overall Pro/Big Bass-(4.90)-Cathy Cater of Conroe,TX.

1st place Amateur-(6 bass/13.52)-Nikki Cheek of LeCompte LA, fished with Alabama/Pro anglers Betty Stahl and Darcie Cook to catch her winning amateur weight on Carolina rigged green/pumpkin Zoom lizards and Zoom watermelon/seed flukes. The proud daughter of Janis Cheek who had just claimed the Pro/Angler Championship title worked Patroon and Bug Island grass-beds with Shimano rods and reels spooled with 16 lb test Stren Magna-thin to catch her amateur championship title.

Day-1 Overall Big Bass-(3.62)-Nikki Cheek/Lecompte, LA.
Day-2 Overall Big Bass-(4.12)-Christina Johnston of Barling, AR.

Top 5 Pro Leaders:
1-Janice Cheek/LeCompte-LA-------------10 bass/25.23-Triton/Mercury
2-Emily Schaffer/Smyrna-TN--------------10 bass/24.40-$2,000
3-Pam Martin/Bainbridge-GA--------------9 bass/24.11-$1,000
4-Shara Joyner/Dearing-GA----------------9 bass/24.06-$800
5-Sherrie Brubaker/Warner-OK-----------10 bass/23.32-$600

Day-1 Pro/Weights-118 bass weighing 247 lbs.
Day-2 Pro/Weigths-113 bass weighing 234 lbs.

Top 5 Amateur Leaders:
1-Nikki Cheek/LeCompte-LA----------------6 bass/13.52-$1,000
2-Sharron Stone/Coldspring-TX-------------4 bass/10.40-$500
3-Christina Johnston/Barling-AR------------4 bass/9.37-$400
4-Dana Thornhill/Pineville-LA---------------5 bass/9.34-$300
5-Linda Chelette/Tallahassee-FL-------------4 bass/8.52-$150

Day-1 Amateur/Weights-30 bass weighing 59 lbs.
Day-2 Amateur/Weights-35 bass weighing 70 lbs.

All bass recovered and live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe.

Next event will be the "Fun in the Sun" event on Lake Eufaula AL, June 24-29- For more information on the WBFA Tour contact Willy Cook at (205)-663-5243 -or click to-

WBFA "Beauty & The Bass" Sponsors; Triton- Mercury- Eidolon Baits- Deka- EzRig- SpiderWire- JWA- MinnKota- HumminBird- FlowMaster- Reyes Del Mar- Kick'nBass- Gary Yamamoto- SRA-LA- "and" the Louisiana Invitational Pro/Am Anglers-

Janis Cheek claiming top Triton prize for Championship

Janis and Nikki Cheek display reps to their "incredible" mother and daughter championship wins
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Top Pros from L-R- front row- and top amateurs L-to-R- on back row

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