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Classic Bound
By Ed Snyder

"CLASSIC BOUND" New Orleans LA, will be hopping the week of July 29 -thru- August 4, of 2001 as 45 of our Nations Top BASS/Pro's & BASS Federation anglers compete for the "CLASSIC CROWN" of becoming the BEST BASS ANGLER in the world. This will be the 2nd time that the World Class Fishery of New Orleans has been tested by this "World Bass Championship" with the 1999 BASS Classic drawing over 40,000 spectators to the New Orleans Super Dome. Watching Davy Hite win that event with an astounding 55 -plus- lbs, the roaring cheer and standing ovation of the attending crowd at the Super Dome that day almost brought the house down. "And, as in the 1999 Classic event, this writer/angler will be there to provide nightly weigh-in stories and angler pictures for those web-surfers who enjoy clicking to These nightly reports will start on Wednesday, August 1, 2001 with the BASS/Federation Kidz Klassic and follow up with Thursday, August 2, Friday, August 3, and Saturday, August 4, BassMaster weigh-ins. I will also provide reports from the Classic Show and the BASS Federation Casting Kids World Championship. Those of you who would like to watch "The Super Bowl of Bass Fishing" on "LIVE" Television can do so this year as ESPN2 will broadcast nightly reviews from the BassMaster World Classic weigh-ins being held in New Orleans, LA. "DON'T MISS THIS SHOW FOLKS" as it is one of the finest shows of its type and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entire three days of very intense, often dramatic, and always suspenseful competition.

The Lakecaster Staff, and its twenty eight state & four country readership, would like to wish ALL of the Classic anglers who have qualified to fish and compete at this years event, the best of luck for "heavy" limits in their quest of becoming the #1 bass angler in the world today.

Among those who've qualified for this year's BASS Classic in New Orleans are several Texas BASS/Pro's who will be representing the quality professionalism of the Lone Star State Anglers.

Starting with the defending World Champion of the Chicago Illinois 2000 Classic event:
Woo Daves-Burrowsville, Va. Age: 55 - Hgt.: 5-10 Wgt.: 225 -Family: (Wife:) Patty; (Children:) Wendy, Chris, Dave, Bob -Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Saltwater fishing, hunting Defending Classic Champion Fishing 16th Classic -Career Wins: 3 -Top 10 Finishes: 28 -All-Time Winnings: $441,385.80

Alton Jones-Waco, Texas Age: 38 -Hgt.: 6-2 -Wgt.: 200-Family: (Wife:) Jimmye Sue;-(Children:) Alton, Kristen, Jamie -Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Hunting, computers, snow-skiing, dirt-biking -Rank on the Top 150 Trail: 7th Points: 743 -Fishing 6th Classic-Career Wins: 2-Top 10 Finishes: 15 -All-Time Winnings: $457,616.67

Kelly Jordon-Mineola, Texas -Age: 30-Hgt.: 5-11-Wgt.: 190-Family: single Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Golf, hunting, reading Rank on the Central Invitational Trail: 3rd-Points: 1,169 -Fishing 1st Classic Career Wins: 1-Top 10
Finishes: 5 -All-Time Winnings: $203,350.00

Takahiro Omori-Emory, Texas -Age: 30-Hgt.: 5-10-Wgt.: 135 -Family: single
Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Spending time with friends -Rank on the Top 150 Trail: 9th-Points: 739 -Fishing 1st Classic Career Wins: 3 Top 10 Finishes: 13 -All-Time Winnings: $284,950.00

Bud Pruitt-Sam Rayburn, Texas -Age: 35 - Hgt.: 5-10 Wgt.: 180-Family: (Wife:) Lisa; (Child:) Olivia -Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Swimming, weight lifting -Rank on the Top 150 Trail: 8th-Points: 743 -Fishing 3rd Classic Career Wins: 3-Top 10 Finishes: 11 All-Time Winnings: $322,433.33

Clark Wendlandt-Cedar Park, Texas -Age: 35 Hgt.: 5-9 Wgt.: 180-Family: (Wife:) Patti; -(Children:) Emily, Katie -Occupation: Professional angler
Hobbies: Hunting, golf, tennis -Rank on the Top 150 Trail: 4th Points: 785
Fishing 4th Classic -Career Wins: 0 -Top 10 Finishes: 16 -All-Time Winnings: $308,800.00
Gary Yamamoto-Mineola, Texas -Age: 57 -Hgt.: 6-0 - Wgt.: 185 - Family: (Wife:) Beverly;-(Children:) Derek, Mark, Karil-Occupation: Owner Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits -Hobbies: Building lakes, fishing -Rank on the Top 150 Trail: 11th Points: 696
Fishing 1st Classic Career Wins: 0 Top 10 Finishes: 2-All-Time Winnings: $85,165.50

Jay Yelas-Tyler, Texas
Age: 33 - Hgt.: 6-1 Wgt.: 185 -Family: (Wife:) Jill; -(Children:) Hannah, Bethany Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Golf, flower gardening -Rank on the Central Invitational Trail: 1st Points: 1,178 -Fishing 11th Classic Career Wins: 4 Top 10 Finishes: 45 -All-Time Winnings: $844,782.00

Harold Allen-Shelbyville, Texas -Age: 56 -Hgt.: 5-10 -Wgt.: 165 -Family: (Wife:)
Kathleen; -(Children:) James, Andrea -Occupation: Professional angler
Hobbies: Hunting, motorsports -Rank on the Top 150 Trail: 18th -Points: 644 -Fishing 13th Classic -Career Wins: 0 -Top 10 Finishes: 21 -All-Time Winnings: $235,556.38

Todd Faircloth- Jasper, Texas -Age: 26 Hgt.: 6-2 -Wgt.: 175 -Family: single
Occupation: Professional angler -Hobbies: Deer & duck hunting -Rank on the Central Invitational Trail: 2nd -Points: 1,172 -Fishing 2nd Classic Career Wins: 0 Top 10 Finishes: 5 -All-Time Winnings: $101,600.00

2001 BASS Classic Angler List:
Harold Allen-Huxley TX-Chris Baumgardner-Gastonia NC-Randy Blaukat-Lamar MO-Harry Charcalis-Gilmanton NH-Rick Clunn-Ava MO-Woo Daves-Burrowsville VA- Mark Davis-Mount Ida AR-Chett Douthit-Clewiston FL-Paul Elias-Pachuta KY-Todd Faircloth-Jasper TX-David Fritts-Lexington KY-Keith Green-Arakadelphia ARMichael Holt-Lexington TN-Tim Horton-Muscle Shoals AL-Dwayne Horton-Knoxville TN-Randy Howell-Trussville AL-Rufus Johnson-Strawplains TN-Jim Johnson-LaCrosse WIS-Alton Jones-Waco TX-Kelly Jordon-Mineola TX-Robert Kilby-Hot Springs AR-Kotaro Kiriyama-New Milford NJ-Robert Lee-Angels Camp CA-Curt Lytle-Suffolk VA-Aaron Martens-Castaic CA-Roland Martin-Clewiston FL-Mark Menendez-Paducha KY-Takahiro Omori-Emory TX-Pete Ponds-Madison MISS-Bud Pruitt-Sam Rayburn TX-Skeet Reese-Cotati CA-Dean Rojas-Lake Havasu City AZ-Scott Rook-Little Rock AR-John Semken-Olympia WA-Marty Stone-Linden NC-Gerald Swindle-Hayden AL-Peter Thliveros-Jacksonville FL-Mark Tyler-Concord CA-Kevin VanDam-Kalamazoo MICH-David Walker-Canon KY-Clark Wendlandt-Cedar Park TX-Gerry Williams-Winter Garden FL-Mike Wurm-Hot Springs AR-Gary Yamamoto-Mineola TX-Jay Yelas-Tyler TX-

Special Note: Those of you who will be in the lake areas during the Classic weigh-in days can view all three days of the "Classic Special" by ESPN2 on big screen T.V. at the "Stump Restaurant & Club" - Contact (409)-698-9495 for more information.








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