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10 Bass/ 30.91 Lbs - Donnie Robinson Wins Rayburn Skeeter Jamboree
By Patty Schaefer

18th Annual Skeeter Boats Jamboree
Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Strong winds, 4-6 foot waves and spotty showers were the settings for the final day of competition at the Skeeter Jamboree. The day began with Donnie Robinson being in the lead with 19.4 lbs. All of the contestants were on an even playing field whether they got the chance to practice or not. The weather and fishing patterns were changing so fast and drastically it was anyone's game - or lucky cast - to end up as champion and winner of the new $25,000.00 Skeeter Rig.

Coming out of Day 1 of competition, with 19.4 lbs in the lead, the weights were staggered to 9.41 holding 10th place. This is an appreciation tournament that Skeeter holds for it's team members. It is also an opportunity for all of the team members to meet each other - but don't let that fool you. There is still a lot of competion between them, measuring themselves against each other and testing their skills.

Donnie Robinson came in strong with back to back limits to win this event. He brought in 11.51 lbs fishing the outside grass. He had all of his fish by 8:30am. His grass flipping skills really paid off, being awarded the Skeeter ZX190 and an extra $350 spending money from the side pot that most of the anglers participated in.

Todd Faircloth brought in 13.36 lbs to bring him up from 6th place to 2nd place with a 2-day total of 24.69 lbs. He got his catch on a 1 oz. Stanley Jig pitching in 10-12' of grass, and a Texas Rigged red 10" worm. He fished the mouths of coves and his best bite came at midday.

Harold Allen fished a "Texas style" Reaction Chili Pepper 6" wacky worm in 10-13' grass ridges to bring in 11.78 lbs for a 2 day total of 23.15 lbs and 3rd place overall. Todd and Harold find themselves neck and neck in competitions quite often, as we saw at the B.A.S.S. Classic in New Orleans last month.

Bill Hudspeth brought in 11.62 lbs, securing his 4th place finish. Bill fished "hard structure" (brush piles) for his catch.

Final Day - Top 10
1st place - Donnie Robinson - 30.91 lbs
2nd place - Todd Faircloth - 24.69 lbs
3rd place - Harold Allen - 23.15 lbs
4th place - Bill Hudspeth - 22.93 lbs
5th place - Curtis Simpson - 22.87 lbs
6th place - Jeff Holder - 21.62 lbs
7th place - Jerrell Pringle - 19.89
8th place - Zell Rowland - 19.53 lbs
9th place - Alton Jones - 17.01 lbs
10th place - Greg Ingram - 15.92 lbs

1st place Big Bass - Curtis Simpson - 5.33 lbs
2nd place Big Bass - Donnie Robinson - 5.24 lbs

Un-officially Dean Lacy, who fished as an observer with Danny Hite caught the big bass of the tournament with an 8.51 lb lady bass caught in 2' of water on a chrome popping top water bait he normally uses in salt water to catch speckled trout. Dean got 1st place overall in the observer category. (He was the only one in that category)

Jeff Wooldridge, Field Promotions Manager of Skeeter Boats acknowledged the pride that Skeeter has in their Team members and for being the only boat company that holds a team appreciation tournament. All members were invited from the 130 Skeeter Boat Dealerships nationwide for this event. As part of the Skeeter Team, the members go to seminars to learn more about the products they are using. This is not only for their benefit, but to better educate the general public as well. Representatives from Minnkota, MotorGuide and Lowrance were present to show them how to obtain maximum performance from their products. Skeeter has proud strengths in their longevity and traditions, this event being one of them. For more information on the Skeeter Jamboree or Skeeter Products contact Jeff Wooldridge at (903) 988-2711 or email at jeff_wooldridge@yamaha

Dave and Trish Concienne of Bass 'N Bucks worked the weigh in for this event. For more information on Skeeter Trails or Bass 'N Bucks tournaments call (409) 727-8941. The 2002 Bass 'N Bucks Tournament Trail kicks off December 2, 2001 on Lake Sam Rayburn.

Donny Robinson

Jeff Holder 3rd Place
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Zell R owland 2nd Place

Top 10

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