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10 Bass/37.38 lbs Wins Bass-N-Buck Championship
By Patty Schaefer

Skeeter/Yamaha Bass-N-Bucks 2001 East Texas Team Championship
Sunday, September 16, 2001, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend LA.

Day 2 of the Championship began with Mike Metcalf in the lead with 21.63 lbs and a 9.70 big bass. Weather conditions were prime, with complete cloud cover and a very gentle occasional breeze. The fight for first place was on. Sixty-eight teams qualified, but only sixty-five of those teams came to fish the Bass 'N Bucks Championship 2-day tournament on Toledo Bend. Twenty five places are being paid for this event with 1st and 2nd place being awarded a 20' ZX-225 Skeeter / Yamaha rig equipped with a Motorguide trolling motor, Lowrance depth finders and dual pro chargers valued at $35,000.00. The 1st place team gets first pick of the two rigs. Over $100,000.00 including the side pot in cash and prizes were given in this event. It became all too clear to some of these anglers how important it is to participate in these side pots.

Throughout this first day of competition there was almost no wind with mostly cloudy skies. The haze lingered and the lake level is steadily dropping. The brush or grass that these anglers may have fished behind on practice days are markedly shallower or dry now at competition. Each angler will have to put their skill and knowledge to the test to coordinate their tactics with these progressively changing conditions. The slight breeze, making for a gentle ripple on the water, and mid to upper 80's temps made for perfect fishing conditions. At the conclusion of day 1 weigh in a 15-minute prayer session was held for our nation's current situation and the victims of the terrorist attacks.

Many limits were weighed in on day 2 of competition as these men tried to climb to the top of the scales and standings. Mike Metcalf came in strong again with a 15.75 lb sack to add to his first day weight of 21.63 to secure his first place position. Mike fished the north lake area with Watermelon Candy Lake Fork Creatures, Stanley Jigs and DD-22's to accomplish his task. He said the bite was better today and he lost 2 big fish at the boat. He fished in 10-12' of water at the breaks also fishing creeks, ridges and river channel.
Mike's 2-day total weight was 37.38 lbs. His big bass of 9.70 held for big bass overall and Mike got to have first pick of the two Skeeter rigs valued at $35,000.

Harvey and Stacey Sharp rose from 5th place on first day of competition to second place overall with a total weight of 30.55 lbs. Yesterday they caught their fish on flukes in 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet of water and changed their pattern today fishing with chrome/blue Rattle Traps. Their best bites came between 9-11:00am. Their efforts earned them one of the fully rigged $35,000.00 Skeeter boats.

Sid Abernathy and Bob Bryant rose from 19th place at the end of day 1 of competition to bringing in 18.99 on day 2 and finishing in 3rd place overall with a total weight of 30.23 lbs. They fished out of their Ranger / Evinrude bass rigs with their Shimano V-Rods and 120 R 15 lb line. They used Stanley spinner-baits and jigs as well as Gene larew craws in the south lake area on grassy points and guts and got their best bites before noon.

Ken Hayes, fishing with partner Kraig Welbourn brought in big bass for day 2 at 7.0 lbs. He caught his big bass on a 1 oz Black/blue George Jeans Jig with a Reaction black/blue Dog Paddle trailer. Ken fished in his Pro Craft / Mercury rig and a combination Berkely rod / Abu Garcia reel and Berkely Whiplash 65 lb braided line. This team fished the south lake area and caught their big fish at 8:50 am.

1st place team-( Mike Metcalf ) - 37.38 lbs

2nd place team-( Harvey Sharp / Stacey Sharp ) - 30.55 lbs

3rd place team-( Bob Bryant / Sid Abernathy ) - 30.23 lbs

Day 2 Big Bass - ( Ken Hayes ) - 7.00 lbs

Overall Big Bass-( Mike Metcalf ) - 9.70 lbs

Top 5 ChampionshipTeams:
1-(37.38 lbs) - Mike Metcalf -$35,000 Skeeter/Yamaha
2-(30.55 lbs) - Harvey Sharp / Stacey Sharp-$35,000 Skeeter/Yamaha
3-(30.23 lbs) - Bob Bryant / Sid Abernathy-$3,900
4-(27.68 lbs) - Mark Stewart / S. Reynolds$2,900
5-(27.27 lbs) - Rick Loomis / Jesse Parker-$1,900

2nd Big Bass-(7.0)-Ken Hayes-$620

2001 Team Anglers of the Year-Stan Burgay of Timpson & Lance Hughes of Center TX.

Friday night the banquet was held at the Cypress Bend pavilion. Stan Burgay and Lance Hughes were awarded Anglers of the Year. With that honor their entries for Bass 'N Bucks are automatically paid for the next year. The BBQ and trimmings for the banquet was provided by Sabine River Authority of Louisiana. At 7:00pm sharp, a respectful silence for prayer was offered for the friends, families and victims of the attacks on America.

All tournament fish were recovered and live released via the SRA Shimano Barge and the fish recovery "Krewe" with 489 bass weighing 1177.69 lbs.

Dave and Trish have had a great year with the Bass-n-Bucks tournament trail as well as the many other tournament events that they help do the weigh in for. With an average of over 200 teams per tournament, they are very grateful for their anglers, the generosity of their sponsors, and the help of Dawson Marine and staff. Dave and Trish have seen many now top pro anglers come through their tournament trail through the years. This is one of the most challenging trails just under the pro division and proven to be great "training ground" for up and coming pro's. A & M University has recognized this trail and chosen it to do their Economic Impact Study reflecting tournament impact on the region. Dave and his crew pride themselves for their extensive and growing efforts in fish conservation. Dave Concienne and Bob Sealy frequently work and consult each other on improvements and innovations toward this effort. A $300 donation was made to the Toledo Bend Lake Association for the re-stocking program and a $200 donation was made to the SRA - LA for the Shimano Live Release Barge.

For more info on this, as well as other Bass-n-Bucks tournament events, contact David Concienne at (409)-727-8941 -or- click to <>

2002-Bass-N-Bucks East Texas Team Tournament Schedule:
December-2-2001-Twin Dikes Marina-Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.
February-3-Cypress Bend Resort-Lake Toledo Bend, LA.
March-3-Twin Dikes Marina-Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.
April-7-Cypress Bend Resort-Lake Toledo Bend, LA.
May-5-Twin Dikes Marina-Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.
June-2-Waterwod Resort-Lake Livingston, TX.
July-14-Cypress Bend Resort-Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

Bass-N-Bucks Tournament Sponsors: Skeeter/Yamaha- Hawg Caller- Lunker Lure- Rat-L-Trap- MotorGuide- Shimano- O'Reilly Auto- Lowrance- Dawson Marine- Dual Pro Charger- Check-It-Stik- Costa Del Mar- McFerrin Ins- Needmore Tackle- Wings Over Texas Guide Service- Piney Point Plaza- Holiday Inn Express- Ramada Inn of Jasper- "and" the East Texas Team Championship Anglers.

Anglers of the Year Stan Burgay & Lance Hughes

Mike Metcalf - 1st Place Catch
< photos by Patty Schaefer >

Ken Hayes & Kraig Welborne 7.0 lb 2nd Day Big Bass

Mike Metcalf - 1st Place Boat with Dave and Trish Concienne

Harvey and Stacey Sharp with Dave Concienne and 2nd Place Boat

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