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By: Sue Crochet

It seems like only yesterday we were facing the dreaded year 2000. Thousands of predictions of doom and gloom had people "running for the hills" and numb with the fear of what was to come with the New Year. Here we are, nearing the end of the year 2001 and those earlier fears now seem minor in comparison to what our country has been through over the last few months.

As the threat and reality of terrorism within our country continues, it's easy to get caught up in the anger, hatred and depression that inhibit our ability to think clearly. Let's not forget the people whose lives were lost due to the September 11th terrorist attacks, but let's do look forward to how we can make something good come out of this terrible tragedy. All of our lives were altered that day and we cannot bring these people back, but we can make sure that they did not die in vain.

I don't know about you, but I have taken for granted the many freedoms I have as an American citizen. I complain about our government, do not respect our law enforcement and do nothing to make things better. Likewise, in my personal life I have neglected my family, friends and church. I'm sure you're thinking, "What in the world does this have to do with terrorism?" Directly, it doesn't. Indirectly, this self-centered nature is our country's strongest weakness.

Let's start with our families … spend quality time together and never be too busy for each other. Get involved in community activities and government affairs … know what's going on and don't be afraid to get involved. Volunteer … there are so many people and programs that need your time, talents and money. As we change ourselves, one person at a time, we become more unified. If you are a Christian, pray as you have never prayed before. Ultimately, God is in control, but our prayers can change the world.

Oh, and next time you're on the lake fishing, take a few minutes to give thanks that you are able to be there … for your freedom, good health, good job, and so on. Look up to the heavens and praise God for his many blessings, then think about those people who will never know how any of this feels.



On Toledo Bend
Predictably, during late October and early November, the bass were eating just about any lure an angler was using. I received reports of catches of 30-40 bass per day. Not all of them were keepers, but the fast action was lots of fun … perfect time to take a kid fishing! As we begin to experience colder weather and water temperatures drop, you can expect the action to slow down considerably. However, the warmer days between fronts can still offer some awesome bass fishing. Slower moving baits will be your best bet … Texas or Carolina-rigged plastics and jigs. Sometimes a slow-rolled spinner bait or slow moving crank bait can be very effective, as well.

Women's Bass Fishing Association (WBFA)
The first tournament on the 2002 WBFA tour schedule will be in February at Lake Seminole (Georgia). For more information, be sure to visit their web site at

The 2 of Us Couples Tournaments
If you like to fish tournaments, but would rather avoid those highly competitive circuits, owners and Southeast Region Directors of the 2 of Us, W. R. and Rose Smith, would love to have you in their organization. The first Southeast Region tournament of the 2002 season will be held on Toledo Bend out of Frontier Park marina on February 10, 2002. For more information, you can visit the web site under "Tournaments" or call (409) 625-1120.

Lake Area Lady Anglers
The Lady Anglers will be recognizing their 2001 Top 4 anglers at their year-end banquet in January. Sue Crochet will be honored as Angler of the Year, followed by Tommie Domingue, Liz Lewis and Sharron Stone. These ladies will represent the club at the WBFA Affiliate Club Championship in July, 2002, along with 5th Place Alternate, Sarah Busby.

The Lady Anglers will be celebrating their 5th year as a club in 2002 and are proud to be the first ladies bass club formed in the Lake Charles, LA area. If you love to fish and would like to spend quality time enjoying this sport with other ladies, this is the club for you. If you are a woman 18 years of age or older and would like to have more information about the club, please contact Sue Crochet @ or (337) 217-9283.


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