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Fishing with Chris
by Chris Wilkerson

Happy New Year to everyone!

We are looking forward to a great year of fishing and boating for 2002. It will be a great year for black and white bass on Lake Livingston.

The Houston Boat Show gets us all excited about the upcoming spring season. There will be a lot of new boats and products on display. You need to come to the show and browse around. Some of the best deals of the year are given there at the boat show every year. It runs from January 4th through the 13th and is held at the Astro Hall complex. Come by and see me at the Ranger boat/Travis Boating Center booth and the Falcon/Graphite rods booth. When you leave the boat show you will be pumped up and ready to go fishing!

Now lets talk about January on Lake Livingston. Fishing will depend on the weather and water temperature. The basses metabolism slows down with the drop in the water temperature. There are two lures that I recommend in January. These are my "go to confidence" baits when the water temperatures are in the 40's to 50's degree temperature range. With the exception of first light and late evenings. I will use these exclusively in January. My first choice is the Cyclone Jig in black/blue in 3/8 ounce or ½ ounce. My second choice is the suspending Jerk bait such as the rogue.

Bass are not in a chasing mood when the water temperature is 40 to 50 degree range. They feed less often then normally. The bass will be tight to cover. It is extremely important to make every cast count. The jig must be placed perfectly to trigger the strike. It must look like an easy dinner to the bass in order for them to bite. A slow fall of jig is a must. So, when you want to use the lighted weight that you can still make an accurate cast. The bass will be located in 3 to 7 foot depths.

Toward the end of January the bass will bass will be moving in to the staging areas preparing for the spawn. This will all depend on the weather and water conditions. Water clarity will also be an issue. Some areas of the lake will be extremely muddy. I would recommend avoiding the extremely muddy areas.

Fishing the shoreline is not real productive this time of year. You need to back off the bank and fish the timber, logs, and deeper ends of the docks. The suspending rogue in gold/black back is also very productive in January. The key to this bait is fishing it slow. You will also need to fish this bait on lighter line about 10 pound test or Falcon Cara light to medium action rod.

The best way to work the suspending rogue is to reel in down about 5 twins of the reel. Then start twitching it very slowly. Making long pauses in between movement of about 5 to 15 seconds. You will want to twitch it into the target, stump, log, or boat dock. F After you hit the target, pause the bait for up to 30 seconds and hold on. A properly placed jerk bait is irresistible to a big bass. This bait may also need to be turned with a suspend a dots. New out of the box some will still tend to float up. You can add to dots to make it suspend.

The fishing will be a little slower in January, but the rewards are very good. We catch a lot of big bass in January in 4 to 8 pound class. Patience is golden this time of year.

If you are interested in a new boat, I give free demonstration rides for Ranger Boats on Lake Livingston. You can give me a call to set it up. I will be more than happy to give you a ride in the best boat out there.
You can visit my web site at to get the most up to the minute lake level reports as well as information on upcoming events. I also run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need from instructional fishing to the tournament level, you can give me a call at 936-329-2750.

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