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Black Bass Fishing by PAT LAMBERTH

This is the time of year people are very busy doing lots of things like Christmas shopping or hunting, but do take time off to fish for black bass. They are biting slower now as the water is cooler. They move slower, so move lures slower.

It is time to fish the jig and pig, jig and craw, or use the craw alone. They don't feed as well now but you can catch them in shallow water around docks, brush, or weeds. They bite best when the sun shines and evening time. This time of year the water gets warmer in the shallow water so bass feed here where the frogs and bait live.

We are catching them at our deer camp out of a big tank and it works the same in Lake Livingston. But we have to work a frog and rogue and craw worm very slow along the banks where the grass is. Sometimes you let the rogue or frog lay still and a big bass comes up and explodes on it. We work the frog slow too, this time of year.

Bass up to 8 lbs. are being caught. We release all of them. Lots of cats are in our tank. We have fish fries outdoor and french fried potatoes. Very good.

If you can find time, get out on our Lake Livingston and fish. Don't forget to catch and release the bass. Don't forget your life jacket and kill switch.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Don't forget our men and women overseas. They are keeping us safe and many can't come home until next year. God bless American and God bless everyone everywhere.

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