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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lamberth

Old Man Winter has been colder to me this year than usual I think. But soon we should be getting warmer I hope.

With February pretty close Mama Bass should begin her spawn on into March. She should be full of row so we should handle her very carefully and not drop her. Have scales and camera handy. Weigh her and take her picture fast and release her. Don't throw her into the water. Put her in nice and easy.

Fish very slow now and as long as the water is cold and off color. Move your lures slow using jigs in black/blue and blue/chartreuse. You may feel only a very light tap. I set my hook hard or sometimes I use my own judgement. I wait until I see my line moving off before I set the hook. They bite different some days than others. You have to decide what they are doing. Spinner baits, slow rolled are good too. Some cranks in fire tiger worked very slow will work. Lizards and worms work too. Many new baits are out now and they work too. We have to try them to like them. Craw fish and worms are just a few.

Bass seem to bite something new that they haven't seen before, but the worm and jig and top water lures I believe will always work. I still try new ones too. When I get in a tackle store I'm just like a kid in a toy store. I just have to try new baits.

Fishermen are still catching bass but when the water is colder they bite slower and don't feed as often. They are cold blooded and they get cold and don't move as much. But as soon as the days begin to warm they will get frisky and go to shallow water where the sun warms it first. They will start to feed heavy. It is a good time to work on rod and reels now and be ready when we get warmer water. That is what I am doing.

Larger bass like 7-1/2 and up are different. They usually are loners and they find a safe place in deeper water in brush or where they can ambush their dinner. They don't like to move fast as they are fat. But when the spawn begins they move shallow and then move out again. You should get on the northwest side of the lake or cove when the bass start to spawn. The water warms faster here. Off color water warms faster than clear water. It's best on cooler days to fish after 2 PM as water warms all day especially when the sun shines. On February 27 of 1988 I caught my 10 lb. black bass about 2:30 in the afternoon on a jig and craw. My big bass was on a bed.

Be safe and get out and try your luck fishing for our favorite black bass. Zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch and catch and release black bass. Be nice to others and yourself. God bless America and all the service men and women everywhere they are keeping America safe. Until next time God bless every one.

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