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Anglers Quest Twin Lake Tourny

Feb.2 -Kickapoo Bait and Tackle-Lake Livingston

Muddy waters from a recent cold front and below freezing temps greeted the 58 teamed anglers along with bright sunny skys. The anglers had predicted good fishing, with previous reports of good sized fish and concentrated numbers being found in recent days. Bill Long, tournament director, along with head "honcho" Barbara Long waited the return of the anglers to the weigh-in with hopes of large stingers being a good possibility. Although the front had cool the waters off considerably making fishing more difficult. This "Twin Lake Iourny" is an exciting one with anglers traveling between Lake Houston and Lake Livingston monthly through out the entire tournament series. It has already given both lakes exposure to new anglers and anglers new and good fishing experiences on a different lake system.

Prior to this tourny the anglers from Lake Livingston had dominated the tourny here and the anglers from Lake Houston had dominated the tourny there. This was about to change today.

As weigh-in began the Montgomery team of Joe and Dean New weighed in 2nd big bass of 3.99 lbs and a total weight of 14.20 lbs. This was enough for them to win 1st place.The Lake Houston team kept secret their fishing spot hoping to fish there again to win next time.

The next Lake Houston team from Humble was Jason Reyes and Jeff Stanley who brought in a limit also of 13.40lbs to the scale which gave them 2nd place for the day.

Another Lake Houston team from Kingwood also was in the money.Chris Diberardino and Dean Coleman fished The near-by Kickapoo creek and tallied up a limit of fish weighing 13.10lbs giving them 3rd place.
The only Lake Livingston team that came in the money was Chester Ables and Herbert Gallier who also fished Kickapoo creek to bring in a limit weighing 12.35lbs.

Top Teams
1 Joe New/Dean New .................14.40lbs..$360
2 Jason Reyes/Jeff Stanley 13.40lbs..$252
3 Chris Diberardino/Dean Coleman 13.10lbs..$180
4 Chester Ables/Herbert Gallier 12.35lbs..$145

Big Bass
1 John Payette/Scott Hill 4.24lbs $203
2 Joe and Dean New 3.99lbs $87

All fish were realeased alive by the Anglers Quest teams. The next "Twin Lake Tourny"
will be held February on Lake Houston. For more info Call Mr Bill at 281-852-8842.

Anglers Quest would like to thank the following sponsors: Advent Communications, Alpine Marina, All-Star Rods, Anchorage Marina, B &D Auto Glass, Best Western, Big Daddy's Liquor, Check-It Stick, Classic Awards & Trophies, DeMontrond Dodge, Holiday Inn Express, Kickapoo Bait and Tackle, Lake Houston Marina, MSD Building Corp, Paint Work, Inc., Quality Mop & Broom, Royal Purple Oil, Superior Seals, Inc., Superior Wrecker Service, Union Planters Banks, Waterwood Resort & Marina.

Big Bass

3rd Place
photos by Bill Webb

Top Winners

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