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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lamberth

Now is the best time of year to catch the largest bass ever. The female bass is heavy with roe and as soon as the water temperature is at the right temperature the male bass will move in first and build the nest by fanning out all debris where he builds the nest with his tail. It will be very shallow on the northwest shore in a cove or where the water is warmer and where the wind won't move the roe around and mix sand in the roe and kill the roe. When the temperature is right the male will go and herd the female to the nest.

When she lays her eggs she may stay around a short time, maybe a day or so but the male will guard the nest until the roe hatches and will still guard it until they can fend for themselves. The female will hang out near the first brush and rest, gaining her strength.

When you catch a big female, handle her very carefully, weigh her and take a picture of her and release her very carefully. I feel so good when I see them swim away and live. You can still get a good mount to hang on your wall and she can live on to drop her roe and someone else can do the same and it goes on and on.

This time of year when the spawn is on they will bite jig and pig, jig and craw, or just a big craw in black/blue. Pull a spinner bait across the nest. You might have to cast all lures slowly this time of year and cast to the same place many times. You may make her mad enough to try to kill the lure. Large tube worms are good. If they don't float I put an ear plug in mine to make them float. Don't laugh. Spray some garlic oil like you spray your coke paws with. Some 8" tube worms are on sale now. I like big baits. These big tubes float, spray some oil inside the tubes too. I like the 12" worms too. The big bass love them. The rogue is good. Pull it over the nest or a short bill bomber or any crank you use, craw fish color or fire tiger color. Don't forget the pink color worms this time of year.

Be careful at all times on the water but especially this time of year when the water is cold. Wear and zip up life jacket and plug in your kill switch and be nice to yourself and others. If you see someone who needs help, help them for the next time it could be you. Until next time, God bless.

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