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By Chris Wilkerson

Fishing Fever is now full in effect!Bass fisherman, crappie fisherman and catfishers alike are all heading to the lake to enjoy the outdoors and for the most part to enjoy to warmer temperatures outdoors. Bass fishing is at it best in April. The spawn is in full swing this April. This means most bass have migrated to the creeks and back water areas. Bass will be extremely shallow this months. When the water reaches a steady 65 to 70 degrees, the bass will go into a fast action mode. This means the lures can be retrieved faster and you can cover more water and catch more bass.

My favorite baits for April are the Texas rigged lizard and the Colorado bladed spinnerbaits. As for the colors for the lizard, my favorite for April is the black neon in the 6 to 8 inch length. As for the spinnerbaits, I use both white and chartreuse white with gold/chrome blade with a plastic trailer for more action.

The best areas in April will be the main creeks south of the 190 bridge. It takes longer for the water in the main lake to warm up down south. So, the spawn migrates south as spring progresses. You should key in on the points in the creeks with the spinnerbait trying to bring it real close to the stumps. As for the lizard I concentrate it in the bushes and logs inside of the small packets in the creeks. It is important to place the lizard right into the bushes and logs. Now is a great time to get out and catch alot of big bass.

White bass will begin to enter the main lake points around Penwuagh and Dove island in mid April. The white bass action will be hot and heavy. They will be hungry and willing to bite the slab spoon in chartreuse. By the beginning of May, the white bass season will be in full swing. So, clean the boat up, put new line on your rods, gather up the family and get out and enjoy the fun of fishing.

So always remember before you head out on your next trip to make sure you evaluate the water levels and it's current conditions to plan for a successful trip. For up to the minute water levels and releases. You can visit my website at and click on lake levels. I also run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need from instructional fishing to the tournament level, you can give me call at (936) 329-2750. As always, these trip are great ideas for you and you family, and especially the kids.

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