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18.48 lbs Take Victory for Randy Knight's Excel Sportsman Tournament on Lake Livingston
by Stephanie Wilkerson

.Waterwood Marina, Lake Livingston Spring time is the time that most fisherman practically live for. This is the time of year that fishing is definitely at it's greatest peak due to what fisherman call "sight fishing." Lots of these anglers can produce large "kicker" fish as well as larger sacks for tournament weigh in's that will push them over the edge to put a little extra in their pocketbook.. Most of the female bass this time of year are getting ready to spawn and are locked down on beds in somewhat shallow waters. On this beautiful spring day with light winds and muddy water conditions, 46 teams came out to fish the Excel Fishing Tournament which was held at Waterwood Marina-Lake Livingston. With a total of 11, 5 fish limits that were weighed in, a total of 129 bass overall that weighed 317.4 lbs. Lake Livingston will also host the Championship for this series later on in the year. Randy Knight and his staff were very pleased with the turnout and they are all looking forward to being back here for the championship. 1st place anglers, Ronnie Puckett and Joe Ayers ( 5 bass 18.48 lbs) -$1300.00 This angler duo from Cleveland, Texas positioned their Ranger/Yamaha bass rig up north around the 19 bridge area to work Allstar Rods and Garcia Reels spooled with 17 lbs Stern using watermelon lizards and white/chartreuse spinnerbaits. This duo stated that to focused mainly on points and logs and fished in about 2 to 4 feet of water. 2nd place anglers, Jim Gaard from Diboll and Stephen Rhodes from Lufkin (5 bass 15.33 lbs)--$800.00 Jim and Stephen ran their, Champion/Mercury bass boat up North on the lake to work Castaway Rods and Shimano Reels spooled with 17 pound Trilene using primarily Stanley white spinner baits. These anglers stated that they concentrated mainly on lay downs and fished in about 2 to 3 feet of water. This team also had 2nd big bass of the day which weighed 6.80 lbs and put and extra $180.00 in their pocket. 3rd place anglers, Dan Crockett from Tomball and Bryan Portis from Houston ( 5 bass 14.88 lbs)-$650.00 These anglers positioned their Champion/Evinrude bass rig the south end of Lake Livingston using a combination of Allstar and Diawa Rods and Ambassador Reels to work watermelon and chartreuse plastic worms and chartreuse spinner baits. This team describe their fishing day as a great "team effort" as they explained that they covered lots of water and fished in about 1 to 2 feet of water focusing mainly on laydowns. 1st Big Bass, John Maddox 7.00 lbs--$ 280.00 This angler from Lufkin, TX was very proud of his big catch of the day that landed him the rights to the big bass of the tournament. John explained that he caught his bass on a white/chartreuse Stanley spinner bait using a Castaway rod and a Shimano reel spooled with 15 pound Berkley Big Game. There was a 100% release of all of the bass that were caught-This tournament was sponsored by Holiday Inn Express in Japser, Needmore Tackle, B-CS Trophy Shop and

1st place team

big bass
photos by Stephanie Wilkerson

team shot

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