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13.64 lbs Takes First Place for Media Bass on Lake Livingston
by Stephanie Wilkerson

04/06/02.......Lake Livingston/Water Marina

Gusty winds out of the southeast around 30 mph's and low temperatures gave 26 teams a run for there money as Media Bass held their 3rd tournament for this area. All through the day, these anglers battled the wind and just a couple of hours before the weigh-in they were faced with very cloudy skies and rain showers. This tournament trail is directed by Gordon Stouffer from Dallas, TX and explained that this is the third stop for the southeast region. This trail has a little different championship than most, it has three lakes that you can fish for the championship. Stouffer explained that he takes the top 50% of the average number of boats after the regular season and gives them a choice on which lake they can fish for the championship. The anglers can fish just one or they can fish all three if they wish. The lake that will host the championship are Texoma, Lake Amistad, and Red River out of Shreveport. 1st place anglers, Jason Reyes and Jeff Stanley 5 bass 13.64 lbs $1500.00 positioned their Champion/Yamaha bass rig down south above the 190 bridge, This duo used All-Star rods and Shimano reel spooled with 20 lb line to work junebug brush hogs and white spinner baits. Jason explained that they concentrated mainly on laydowns and stayed in about 4 foot of water in which the water color was an "off color". Jason also explained that the winds were really bad today, we had a tough time fighting the winds which broke the wind shield and depth finder on his boat but was still pleased that they came out on top. 2nd place anglers, Jason Beneath and James Tyson both from Oakhurst had 12.38 lbs for purse of $500.00. These anglers described the day as "tough", the winds were definitely a factor for them. This duo positioned their Stealth/Yamaha bass boat south to work Castaway rods and Ambassador reels spooled with 20 lbs Stren using jigs and black plastic Zoom worms. Jason explained that they concentrated on mainly grass lines and lay downs in about 1 foot of water and that they caught most of their fish around 11:00 am. 3rd place anglers Brain and Chip Sewell of Coldspring caught 5 fish, 11.63 lbs to win $300 This father and son duo placed their Bass Cat/Johnson bass rig just south of the 190 bridge to work Ambassador rods and Abu Garcia reels spooled with 17 lb. Silver Tread to work mainly black Zoom worms in about 2-4 feet of muddy water concentrating on logs and stumps. Brain explained that it was a long rough boat ride today with the 20 mphs and the misting rain but despite it all he was pleased with the extra money. 1st place big bass went to Randy Carter from Porter, Tx and Paul Reed from Splendora. The big bass for this tournament weighed in at 5.18 lbs and put $162 extra in this duo's pocket. Randy explained that it was caught around 8:00 this morning in about 5-6 feet of water in the White Rock Creek area on a french fry green lure. The tournament had a !00% release of all the fish that were weighed in for this tournament. This tournament is sponsored by: Nitro Boats, Bass Pro Shops, Coke, Sterns Flotation device, Rat-L-Trap, Rod Saver Products, Hobie Polarized, Motor Guide, Interstate Battery, Mercury, Plano Tackle Systems, Valeo Completion, Lowrance, and Eagle Claw. There next tournament for this trail will be held on May 4th on Sam Rayburn.

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