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Fishing with Chris
By Chris Wilkerson

The heat has turned on here on Lake Livingston and so has the fishing. The spawn is now complete and the fish are hungry. The lake level is normal with good clarity in most areas. Bass fishing in May can be feast or famine, with some days producing great catches and other days we leave scratching our heads trying to figure out what went wrong. In May, the bass are migrating from the shallow spawning areas back to their summertime comfort areas. This will be in slightly deeper water with some structure. Not all bass will leave the creeks, some live in the creeks year around. and some bass are on the move most of the time. They seldom find a log and stick to it all the time and will make that their permanent home. Now another bass might come along and replace the one that was on the log for a while then it will move on.

There are many good patterns that will catch bass right now. The best choices for many are the spinner bait and buzz bait early in the morning. Then later on in the day, flipping a plastic worm and lizard will be most productive from mid-lake to the north end. From mid-lake to south, the Carolina rigged lizard and mid-depth crank bait such as the Norman middle-n will begin to produce some good catches.

A typical day of a bass fishing trip in May would begin in a creek such as Kickapoo or White Rock Creek or Indian. I would go up the creek to the mouths of the drains and fish a white spinnerbait around the mouths going about 50 feet each way. Paying close attention to any structure or reeds in the area. I would also make a quick pass in the area with a buzz bait.

Now as the day progresses, I would move out to slightly deeper waters with a Texas rigged worm and Carolina rigged lizard in the same areas. By about 11 am I would move out toward the main lake and begin structure fishing. By now the sun is up high and bass will be inclined to be looking for more shady areas such as under a boat dock, under a log or behind a stump. I am still concentrating on the large bays on the main lake side of the creeks such as Kickapoo, Indian and White Rock.

When flipping the boat docks you will want to drop the Texas rigged worm by each pole, drop it, shake it and move to the next one. Ninety percent of the bites will come on the fall. Mid depth crankbaits in white or chartreuse blue/black also produce well in this area of the lake. Like I said, the month of May can be good, but can also be tough but one things for sure if the black bass are not biting, the white bass are.

Thousands of people eagerly await for the white bass to return to the main lake and by the beginning of May, they are here in full force. This is the funniest time of year for white bass fishing. It's been a long time since we have gotten to catch a mess of them.

My favorite areas for this month are just south of the 190 bridge. Main lake points and right lose to the banks are the main places to load the boat up right now . This will continue to be the key areas until late May and for the first part of June. The white bass will move on out to the middle of the lake and south towards Pine Island.

The bait of choice is the slab spoon in which the best colors to use will be white are chartreuse. This bait is jigged slowly of the bottom. SLOW is the key to catching a lot of white bass. Now if they are schooling you will want to reel it fast as possible. This is far more productive then trolling. Get in on the fun of the white bass fishing.

So always remember before you head out on your next trip to make sure you evaluate the water levels and it's current conditions to plan for a successful trip. For up to the minute water levels and releases. You can visit my website at and click on lake levels. I also run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need from instructional fishing to the tournament level, you can give me call at (936) 329-2750. As always, these trip are great ideas for you and you family, and especially the kids.

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