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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lamberth

It's Spring Again

Spring has sprung and the birds are singing , the frogs are croaking, flowers are blooming, our Lake Livingston was stocked with more Florida black bass and they are biting. As warmer days warm the water it's time to get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston. It is so beautiful now. I'm sure you have your rod and reels ready, so go fishing.

The spawn should be about over. The bass are hungry. Try a spinner bait or crank bait worked slow. They should be biting on many lures so don't stay with one bait too long if you don't get a bite. I have caught good bass all summer on a black flip tail lizard around timber or weeds. A craw worm is good in black & blue or black & chartreuse around boat docks with brush is a good place to fish. I like a jig and craw worked slow. Traps work good worked slow in craw fish color and fire tiger. In off color water I use a lot of blacks, blues, and chartreuse on may lures. I like an orange belly on my cranks in off color water. Black bass have done well this spring, they are coming back strong. Don't forget to catch them and release them. That has helped our lake to have a good black bass supply. Some of our friends get angry because we release all our black bass. I try to explain to them if we don't release them we will have less bass for our grandchildren to catch because the population will be less. Some of our friends understand, some may not. We did get a good black bass stocking this year and I understand they were larger than usual when stocked. The whites should be moving back to our main lake soon. We catch them and eat them, they are good and fun to catch. Just cut the red streak out when you clean them. Rig with good line and hooks and a good rod. I caught a high fin blue catfish while bass fishing and sometime I have caught big stripers and a 22.4 buffalo fishing for whites. It was fun. But my greatest fish to catch is a black bass.

I don't touch my bass with dry hands. Wet your hands. Don't drop your fish on the carpet, it rubs some protected slime off and the bass get sores. I hope you have fun fishing. You may not catch bass every time but its fun just being on the lake. But when we do catch bass it is even more fun. I like to see them swim away when I release them. I had my fun if she gave me a good fight.

Always put your life jacket on and plug in your kill switch to be safe. Be nice to yourself and others. I pray that God will take care of our service men and women and they can come home soon. Until next time, God bless.

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