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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lamberth

Confusing Spring The black bass are probably wondering what has happened to the warm water. It was 90° here this week and today 55°. It feels good but you may have to slow your retrieve down on your lures today. The black bass have been biting very well this spring. More larger bass are being caught this year than in past years. If we continue to release them we will continue to increase more black bass. The bass will continue to be near piers and wood and on points and any grass or weeds. The spinner bait in white & chartreuse are working well, as is the jig and craw in black & blue, or the craw by itself is good. On some of the other lakes the sink worm is very good. I rig it in many different ways, wacky, Carolina, or put a nail in it with no other weight. They come in many sizes. I like the 6" best. They have one much larger and fatter. It didn't work for me. But I do like the power worms in 10" & 12" in black/blue flake. The bomber crank bait is working very well and rattle traps too. Top water is working good early and is lots of fun to see them blow up and explode on top water. If you can find some pads or grass the scum frog is good and lots of fun. Green and white is a good color. Be sure when bass hit the frog you feel it before you set the hook so the bass has the frog in its mouth or you may pull the frog out of the bass' mouth. This is a very good time of year to black bass fish. The weather is good and its a good time of year to take the kids fishing as they want to get outdoors. Start them out early in life. My grandfather started me fishing when I was 4 years old and I will never forget the first fish I caught. He taught me to take that first fish I caught off the hook. I like to catch black bass best of all fish. I feel I owe it to the black bass to release it. They always give me a good fight and I feel so good to see them swim off to survive and raise more black bass. The blacks they stocked in our lake this year will really help our lake too, and the bass they stocked were larger than usual as they can survive better and get large faster because they were Florida bass. They grow faster but don't live as long as our native bass. So get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston. Have fun and be safe. Fasten your life jacket before you start the big engine and plug in your kill switch and have your throw ready too. If the water is rough I wear my jacket all day. Don't forget to get to put the sun block on and drink plenty of cold water. It keeps you cooler and you need lots of water out in the sun. It's best to wear long sleeves and a big hat. You may be surprised how much cooler you will feel. Try to be as comfortable as you can and you will enjoy your trip more. I love the out doors and black bass fishing. I have been fishing McDonald tournaments for 18 years. We went to Arkansas, Oklahoma and we also fished with Bob Sealy. He puts on a good tournament and gives good prizes. God bless America and until next time God bless each of you.

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