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20.67 lbs Wins Bass N Bucks on Lake Livingston by Stephanie Wilkerson

06/02/02........... Waterwood Marina, Lake Livingston, TX Summer time was definitely upon the 156 teams that came out to fish the fifth tournament of the Bass N Bucks East Texas tournament circuit. Beautiful skies, light and variable winds with very clear water conditions were perfectly great conditions for these anglers to add to their points in hopes to capture a spot in the championship which is to be held September 13 & 14 on lake Sam Rayburn. The final qualifying tournament for the championship will be held July 14th on Toledo Bend. Bass N Buck guarantees a payback for each tournament $42,000! First place package consisting of a brand new Skeeter Boat SX 190 equipped with a Yamaha 150 and pays down to 25 places plus $1,000 for big bass, $500 for second big bass and $250 for third big bass. The Championship guarantees a payback over $85,000! This championship will be giving out to the top 3 places a new Skeeter/Yamaha bass rig and will be paying 20 places. 1st place anglers Jerry and Patricia Gold ( 5 bass, 20.67 lbs) Skeeter/Yamaha Bass Boat plus $500. This husband and wife duo from Spacewood, TX along with their dog, Kelpie, who is their fishing buddy spent their day in a Bullet/ Mercury bass boat at the damn using Castaway rods and All-star rods spooled with 14 and 17 lbs Stren to work black buzz baits and crankbaits. Jerry explained that they caught all of their fish by early morning a family friends deep brush piles in about 18 feet of water. This duo also took home bragging rights for 2nd big bass of the day with a 6.61 kicker. 2nd place anglers Mike Cortelloni and Stephen Johnson ( 5 bass, 15.64 lbs) $2,600 This duo from Toledo Bend positioned their Skeeter/Yamaha bass boat down south around the 190 bridge fishing in about 2 feet of water focusing on mainly lay-downs, These anglers were using Kistler rods and Shimano reels with 16 lb Triple Fish working Gene LaRue and Reaction soft plastic lures. 3rd place anglers Jimmy and Todd Castledine ( 5 bass, 15.27 lbs) $1,600 This father and son duo from Coldspring, TX explained that they fished mainly down south in their Stealth/Yamaha bass boat to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb Berkley Big Game and using blue and black plastic worms. Todd explained that he and his father caught most of their fish in about 7 feet of water focusing mainly on lay-downs. 1st place big bass went to James Ausmus of Alvin TX (7.08 lbs $1,000) James explained that he caught his big "kicker" on a 10 inch red shad with an All-star Rod and Shimano Reel. He caught this big bass in a "big hole back in the brush of White Rock in about 12 feet of water. James was fishing with Harry Thomas also of Alvin and also stated that this was his first time to fish this lake in about 12 years. There was 46, 5 bass limits with a total tournament fish weight of 1002.20 lbs. There was also a 100% release of the fish that were caught and weighed in. Sponsors for Bass N Bucks are Hawg Caller, Lunker Lures, Rat-L-Trap, Motor Guide, Shimano, O'Reily Marine Parts, Lowrance, Skeeter/Yamaha, Dual Pro. Local sponsors are, Super 8 Motel in Hemphill, TX, Costa Del Mar, Izorline, Mc Ferrin, Need More Tackle,, Sam Rayburn, TX, Check-it-Stik, PineyPoint Plaza in Sam Rayburn, TX, Holiday Inn Express, Jasper, TX and Toledo Town & Tackle, Many, La. For more information on Bass N Backs call (409)727-8941, fax (409) 722-8945 or visit the we site a or email at 1st place ---- Jerry and Patricia Gold 5 bass 20.67lbs Skeeter/Yamaha + $500 2nd place ---- Mike Cortelloni and Stephen Johnson 5 bass 15.64 lbs $2,600 3rd place ---- Jimmy and Todd Castledine 5 bass 15.77 lbs $1,600 4th place--- Harold Moore G.T. Cantrell 5 bass 14.82 lbs $1,400 5th place--- Ricky Potts and Terry Burghart 5 bass 14.82lbs $1,200 1st big bass James Ausmus and Harry Thomas 7.08 lbs $1,000 2nd big bass Patricia Gold and Jerry Gold 6.61 lbs $500 3rd big bass John Thorton and Jimmy Shropshire 6.30 lbs $250

All bass recovered and live released by Bass-N-Bucks fish recovery team.

Next Bass-n-Bucks Team Tournaments set for July14, at Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

big bass

2nd place team
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first place team

3rd place team

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