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Black Bass
by Pat Lambreth

We need rain. The ground is dry. Black bass are moving deeper as the weather warms. Black bass are biting up the creeks where there is brush or docks, or weeds. They like to stay on the shady side of brush, the light seems to bother them, and they can ambush food as it comes by. Cast your lures past the brush and bring it back by the brush and slow your retrieve. Most of the time they take your lure as it falls near a bush. If using a top water lure, stop it near the brush. The tube baits seem to be working, like the Wild Thing Tube Lizard. I like craws in watermelon seed with chartreuse tails. I rig mine Carolina style. The jigs always work sometime during the day. I like the black, blue and purple skirts on my jigs with black and blue claws. Spinner baits are working in several colors but I like white and chartreuse. Many good black bass are coming in early and late is the best time. But if for some reason you can't get out on the lake some days, go when you can. Some days you catch black bass and some days you can't get a bite. There are many reasons why and sometimes we just don't know why one day they bite good and the next day you fish the same location and you don't catch as many. Water temperature, oxygen, moon, food sources are a few reasons why they don't bite. Don't give up, just keep plugging, trying different lures and different retrieves, colors and sizes of your lures. Before you start the big motor, put your life jacket on and see that everyone who goes with you has a life jacket in the boat before you leave the shore and see that they wear it. Plug in your kill switch. Some people tell me it's too much trouble to wear a life jacket but it could save their life. Don't forget to enjoy fishing but catch and release. I am so glad so many people are releasing black bass. Fishermen can tell this year it is helping because more black bass are being caught and released and they will grow larger and we can catch them again and on and on as we release them. Don't forget sun screen and cold water and some food. You feel better if you eat while fishing. So many things you can take out to eat and enjoy. Some kind of fruit is good with a sandwich. Whatever you like. Do everything you can to make the day comfortable while fishing. Have fun fishing and be safe. Until next time, God bless America and God bless everyone.

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