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12.56 Win the Wal-Mart All American Bass Tournament on Lake Livingston
by Stephanie Wilkerson

Lakeside Marina, Lake Livingston, TX Heavy rains with high winds and very cloudy skies made fishing tougher than usual for the 19 teams that came out to fish the Wal-Mart All American Bass Tournament that was held on Lake Livingston. Inspite of all of the bad weather every team made it in just fine for weigh in time just before the heaviest of the rains came through. 1st place team (5 bass 12.56 lbs) $920....... Randy Hillhouse and Robert Hogue both from Coldspring, Tx fished out of a Ranger/Yamaha bass rig down south using Ambassador 5500 combination rods and reels spooled with 17 lb test P-Line to work crankbaits and watermelon lizards. Robert explained that they fished in about 3-6 foot of water focusing mainly on boat docks in very muddy water. 2nd place team ( 5 bass 12.54 lbs) $600.........Ron Brook and Morgan Burton both from Livingston positioned their Champion/Mercury bass boat midlake using Bass Pro Shop rods and Ambassador reels spooled with 15 lb Berkley Big game to work black and blue neon worms in very muddy waters. This duo stated that they fished in about 6 foot of water and sometimes more and caught most of their fish around wood -laydowns. Big Bass 3.72 lbs $190......Gene Swann and Herbert Gallier both from Onalaska, TX This duo stated that the big catch of the day came from down south and was caught on a white spinner bait while fishing out of a Stealth/Mercury bass rig. Wayne Lewis and wife Elaine along with Steve McLaurin and wife hosted this tournament and would like to thank the following sponsor: Wal-Mart, Alabama Coushatta Entertainment Center, Lewis A/C, C-H Marine, Wayne's Tire Shop, and Axely and Rode LLP. There was a 100% release of all the fished weighed in

first place

big bass

second place

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