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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

We need rain. The ground is dry. Black bass are moving deeper as the weather warms. The first three sentences is how I began last month's column. We asked for rain and we have gotten some really nice showers that keep the tem_per_a_ture lower some days and it's so nice to get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston and have fun black bass fishing. The black bass have really turned on and larger bass too. I hope fishermen will continue to fish but keep on re_leas_ing bass. I know it is keeping our larger fish and more bass coming in._The water may be off color but try using chartreuse and orange and fire tiger colors and use rattlers in jigs and other lures so they can locate your lure better. Try dark color worms. I like to use large 10" & 12"worms worked slow and give the fish time to get it in their mouth. I have been using the 10" Semco curl tail worm rigged with the very very small sinker pegged with the rubber nail. You can slide it where you want it. It places the tooth pick and casts very well. Bass hit it hard when they hit it._I have several colors but the best one was like a Christmas color that sparkles. Black bass over six or seven pounds are being caught. I want to say I'm proud of Mr. John Hamlin catching a 10 lb. 3 oz. lunker black bass like this in June as any time of year. It's the most beautiful fish, fat and huge. I know he is proud. _I really like the power worms. I use them every fishing trip and have caught lots of good bass on the 10" and 12" worm. They usually swallow them. Last June I caught a 9 pounder. My husband went to Lake Fork and got a 10.13 lb. on the power worm. I use 30 lb. big game line. I'm afraid to use 10 lb. test but Mr. Hamlin caught his 10.03 on the 10 lb. test._Try what you believe in but change when fish quit biting. Sometimes it's another color or size that helps._It is time to get out on the water, but put your life jacket on and zip it up before you start the big motor and plug in your kill switch. They could save your life._Until next time, God bless and God bless America.

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