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Fishing with Chris
By Chris Wilkerson

'Tis the Season What is on your Christmas wish list? A new Falcon Cara series graphite rod, a Shimano reel, some of the hot new baits or the present of all presents, a new Nascar series Ranger bass boat? Oh Santa, I have been good this year-- can I please have one of each? If only it were that easy!!! I will go over some of the new products that I have used that would be great presents to take a look at. For the kids, the combo pack rods and reels are great present for their fishing adventure. They come in different lengths for all different ages. The younger they are the shorter the rod length you will need to purchase, and as they get older they can use the longer rod and reel combo kits. Most come with some tackle and a practice bait for casting in the front yard. A small tackle box with a few baits makes a great present for them as well. Kids love organizing the baits-its a great start for your kids future. For the big kids (us) there are several new Falcon rods that will increase your fish catching ability. The new Falcon Lowrider Fiberglass crankbait rod is incredibly accurate and forgiving. You will land quite a few more fish with this rod and it cast a country mile. This rod is also excellent for buzz bait fishing. Fiberglass crank bait rods are slower reaction so when you see a bass blow up on a buzz bait common reflex makes you want to jerk. A lot of times you will take it away from them because of this reflex, but not with this rod. You will land them with this one for sure---give it a try. Shimano's new super free reel is an excellent new reel. This reel will actually cast 10 to 20% farther than conventional reels. I have field tested this one and trust me--- it works great! Strike King has a new Indestructible line of soft plastic coming out for next years fishing season. The baits also floats and will be a killer in the spring and also on a Carolina rig. The all new Nascar Ranger boat series are the best looking and the best performing on the market. They feature a custom bright paint scheme, official Nascar emblems on the seats and on the boat itself. They are available in the new 519 model and 521 models. The 519 is equipped with a 200 horse power motor and the 521 is equipped with a 250 horse power motor. The stability, fishing platforms, and performance are unbelievable! These boats are the ultimate bass rig. The looks are striking and they are down right beautiful. I will have one on display at the upcoming Houston Boat show in January. The Houston Boat show begins January the 3rd and runs through to Jan ___. It will be located in the new Reliant Park facility. This is a new state of the art facility located just behind the Astrodome. All of the latest and newest products along with boats from bass fishing to pontoon boats to jet skies will be available to you. It will have feature a kids casting area --something for the whole family to enjoy. I will be located at the Travis Boating Center booth and also at the Falcon rod booth and the Lakecasater booth--- so come and and enjoy. Winterizing your boats Do not forget to winterize your boat. Here are a few tips to help out for the extreme cold months. This will protect your boat and motor during storage and simplify the preseason servicing. A little work now can save you a lot of time and money later.

We will start with the outboard motor. You will need to purchase a bottle of gasoline engine stabilizer. Following the instructions on the bottle which usually consist adding the stabilizer to the fuel the running the motor connected to a flushing attachment for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not disconnect fuel lines when completed.

The next step to perform is to remove the spark plugs and add 1 ounce of engine oil to leach spark plug hole. Then rotate the flywheel several times to distribute the oil in the cylinders. Now reinstall the spark plugs.

The next step is to check and see if your motor is equipped with a water separating fuel filter. If so, equipped empty contents into a suitable container. This filter should be replaced annually or every 100 hours of operation.

Now you will need to drain and refill the gear case with fresh gear oil. Also you need to grease the fittings on the motor with marine grease. Remove the prop and check for leaks in the seal and the possibility of having fishing line wrapped around the prop shaft. Take a good look over the engine from top to bottom checking for possible leaks of gaskets and loose nuts and bolts.

On to the batteries-you will need to completely remove all batteries from the boat. You will want to store them on a shelf or table and not on the concrete.

The boat itself requires some preparation to it also. First you need to store it with the bow raised high. This will let any water drain out. You will need to remove the drain plug to allow any excess water to drain out as well. You will want to turn on bilge plugs to remove all excess water. Remove all plugs from live wells and turn on pump outs if applicable. The engine needs to be stored in a vertical position, let down all the way.

It is best to apply touch up paint to any scratches and the boat and motor. And finally, apply a good coat of wax to your boat and motor. Doing these things will protect your investment and will make your spring servicing for less costly.

If this sounds like to much work for you, I would recommend taking your boat to a certified facility such as Travis Boating Center in Houston to have this done.

A special thanks to the service team at Travis Boating Center in Houston for the knowledge in preparing this article. I know from first hand experience their service, sales department is the best there is.

Do not forget there is still some great bass fishing in the winter months if you can stand the weather. You will have the lake almost to yourself

You can visit my web site at to get the most up to the minute lake level reports as well as information on upcoming events. SEE YOU AT THE BOAT SHOW!!!!

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