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5 Bass/23.17 Lbs Takes Bass-N-Bucks Season Opener
By Ed Snyder

Skeeter/Yamaha Bass-N-Bucks 2002 Team Tournament Trail
Sunday, December 02, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.
Cool temps and southeasterly winds greeted the 273 teams that launched into the opening tournament for the Bass-n-Bucks East Texas 2002 team tournament tour. And with the majority of anglers catching and weighing in plenty of bass, the top of the leader-board marked two 19 plus lb catches hovering for the winning weight "UNTILL" Russ and James Carter arrived with their 5 bass that pushed the scales over the 23 pound mark.
Dear Anglers,
With the 2001 Championship now completed, we would like to congratulate all of our winners! In cash, prizes and side pot money we paid out over $100,000.00 at this event. The two $35,000.00 SKEETER/YAMAHA rigs went to 1st Place - Mike Metcalf from Center, TX and 2nd Place team Harvey & Stacey Sharp from Houston & Spring, TX. There were 65 teams competing and 26 places paid overall. Again, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR WINNERS!
Our Anglers of the year, Stan Burgay and Lance Hughes, were honored at our championship banquet provided by the Sabine River Authority and the Sabine Parish Tourism Committee. The championship will be televised on, Outdoors and Fishin' with Cajun Phil and Kevin. You can expect to see it on The Outdoor Channel, Fox 29 and The Vision Network.
Now that our 2002 season has started with this December 2, Lake Sam Rayburn event, "We will have a guaranteed payback over $42,000.00 in cash and prizes per event with a total payout of over $375,000 for the 2002 Tournament season.
We would like to thank all of our members and our fine sponsors for your support this year. Let us all continue to pray to God for the healing of our Nation, for Justice and for Peace. Take care and God Bless.
David & Tricia Concienne
2002 Bass-n-Bucks Team Tournament Season;
Feb/3----Lake Toledo Bend Mar/3---Lake Sam Rayburn
Apr/7---Lake Toledo Bend May/5---Lake Sam Rayburn
June/2-Lake Livingston July/14-Lake Toledo Bend

1st place-(5 bass/23.17 lbs)- East Texas Boat World Team, Russ and James Carter managed to put their Nitro/Mercury bass-rig over Ayish Bayou grass-humps to work Loomis rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17 lb test Stren. The Longview TX, Father & Son teamed up to fish Norman crawfish cranks and C-rigged B&M watermelon lizards along an 8' hump where Russ caught the 9.51 lb "overall" big bass of the tournament on an 8am big bite- The winning team fished 15' to 18' humps to catch the rest of their bass that put them in the winners circle for the fully rigged 21
2001 Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig.

2nd place-(5 bass/19.43lbs)- Sid Abernathy and Bob Bryant of Nacogdoches TX, put their Ranger/Mercury bass-rig over mid-lake grass-humps to work Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12/15 lb test Izorline. The Terry's Marine pro/team fished Shadraps along 7' to 12' grass-edges to catch 10 bass from a 1pm prime bite.

3rd place-(5 bass/19.25 lbs)- Jeff Manous of Dayton and Brian Webb of Batson TX, put their Cajun/Johnson bass-rig over mid-lake points to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test Fire-line. The 3rd place team fished white and crawfish colored Norman cranks to catch their bass from 10'- to 12' point-drops.

Top 5 Teams:
1-(5 bass/23.17 lbs)-Russ Carter/James Carter------Skeeter/Yamaha
2-(5 bass/19.43 lbs)-Bob Bryant/Sid Abernathy-----$4,000
3-(5 bass/19.25 lbs)-Brian Webb/Jeff Manous-------$2,400
4-(5 bass/17.37 lbs)-Butch Carmacke/Ernie Paul----$2,000
5-(5 bass/17.19 lbs)-Brad Carlton/Randy Buck------$1,800

1st Big Bass-(9.51)-Russ Carter/James Carter-$1,000
2nd Big Bass-(7.06)-Mike Webb II/Mike Webb-$500
3rd Big Bass-(7.00)-Jeff Manous/Brian Webb-$250

This tournament paid out over $50,000 in cash and prizes.

All bass recovered and live released by the Bass-n-Bucks fish recovery team with 828 bass weighing 1,969 lbs.

For more information on this, as well as other Bass-n-Bucks tournament operations contact David or Trish Concienne at (409)-727-8941 -or click to-

2002 Bass-n-Bucks Team Tournament Sponsors: Skeeter/Yamaha Dealers- Super 8 Motel- Hawg Caller- Lunker Lures- Rat-L-Trap- Motor-Guide- Shimano- O'Reilly Marine Parts- Lowrance- Dual Pro Chargers- Costa Del Mar- Izorline- McFerrin Ins- Needmore Tackle- Check-It-Stik- Piney Point Plaza- Holiday Inn Express- Toledo Town & Tackle- and the Bass-n-Bucks Team Tournament Anglers.

Top 3 teams with 2nd and 3rd right to left and 1st place kneeling

1st place team with Concienne and Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Sid Abernathey and Bob Bryant with 2nd place bass

Russ and James Carter with their 23.17 lb winning weight and the 9.51 lb kicker

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