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Of Munchkins, Falcon's, and Swacky Bass
By Ed Snyder

.Somewhere on Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Over there, "Munchkin" alerted as he pointed to an explosion of top-water activity, which had suddenly erupted not fifty yards off our starboard bow. Quickly powering up the troll-motor speed he turned the boat towards the activity. With the bright gold and orange colors of the Land-O-Lakes Ranger reflecting across the surface of the flats, we entered the lily-pad pocket and positioned for casting to where the bass were frantically feeding on panicked shad.

"It has been a fun and interesting tournament season for me this year, Carl "Munchkin" Svebek III informed to my notes, "and with things now coming to a slowdown in the Fall, I'm finally able to kick back, relax, and enjoy some fishing fun here on my home lake of Lake Sam Rayburn. "But not for long, Carl stated as he prepared to make his first cast into the top-water melee that was occurring all around us.

"The FLW tournament on Lake Okeechobee in Florida will be my 2002 season starting point, Carl interviewed as he explained his upcoming schedule, "Then I'll be heading to Lake Amistad, in West Texas for the Texas Tournament Trail, and then back here to Lake Sam Rayburn to fish the Everstart in February. "So it'll be back to work for me when January gets here, Carl informed, "which will also have me going to Alabama for the FLW on Lake Wheeler, then spending about a month and a half in Arkansas fishing Ouachita and Beaver Lakes before heading to Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee, and then Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

(Writers-Note)- Carl "Munchkin" Svebek III earned his "Munchkin" alias from his close fishing amigos who enjoy "ribbing" him about his close to earth-ness. Although Carl may be a bit short in nature, he stands very tall in stature among his bass-fishing peers, where he quickly became a popular rising star within the highly competitive field of the national bass fishing professionals.

"So you can see that my tournament schedule will be pretty full this year, Carl stated after hooking, landing, and releasing another chunky three pound Swacky bass". "But it takes more than just fishing expertise now-a-days to help out with fishing the National tournament circuits. "And I have some excellent sponsorship support now with leading industry company's providing me with bass boats & motors, fishing baits, rods & reels, and transportation to haul it all with, as my newest sponsor, Weaver Brothers Motors from right here in Jasper, TX, has now signed on with me and provides me with a Dodge Sport Truck for towing my "Land-O-Lakes" Ranger Bass Boat. Weaver Brothers is a really great dealership and has a really great service crew, Carl praised, "and I am very happy to be associated with them this year.

As Carl's fishing attention became re-focused on a flurry of top-water action off to his left front, the third party of our fishing crew begins to provide some input. "Waxahachie, TX, is my home, informed Russell Cecil, "and I'm a Falcon Rods representative from Sunbelt Sales. "And I'm here fishing with Carl today to record some his remarks and expertise with our new line of Falcon Rods. "We are very lucky to have signed Carl Svebek with Falcon Rods as a National Pro/Team member, Russell lauded, "as Carl will now join our sponsor list of other top Falcon National/Team Members, such as Mark Pack of Lake Fork, Clark Wendlandt of Houston, and Mark Davis of Arkansas.

"Falcon Rods have always been strong in all fields of sport-fishing, Cecil advised, "but with wacky worm fishing quickly becoming a popular fishing technique, especially here in East Texas, where we've been working with a rod that supports Wendlandt's floating worm technique as well as Carl Svebek's "Swacky-Worm" style of fishing. "So we've come up with a rod that has a soft tip action, which will allow you to cast light floating worms, or light wacky worms, for long distances without having to use any cumbersome added weights that would normally hinder the natural actions of those soft plastics.

"And this new rod that Falcon has designed, Carl reviewed, "really does the job for both the floating worm, and the wacky worm, for us anglers who prefer using bait-casting rigs, rather than spin-casting gear. "I feel that the bait-casters provide much better control for working the actions of these light plastic baits, Carl says, "and also provides enough back-bone for better hook-sets for fighting and landing the larger bass.

"It's called a Falcon LSC-5167 wacky worm special, Cecil informed, "which is a special rod that allows casting the wacky and floating worm baits with improved accuracy and with much more control when using bait-casting gear. "And another fishing rod that Falcon has developed for today's fishing, Cecil displayed, "is this new Cara series, which is an extension of our low-rider and silver series rods, which we've advanced their actions with Fuji exposed blank reel-seats and a high modular graphite blanks. "Basically, what we've done, Cecil added, "was to take the same superb actions that we've produced for our anglers these past 15 years, and made them 20 -to 25% lighter than before, but with much better quality on the soft-tip action, and without giving up any rod strength.

"As a professional angler looking to my peers, and to all those guys out there fishing the national circuits, Carl stated, "it seems everyone eventually gets labeled as to their style or technique of fishing, and it just so happens that my style is well noted as wacky worm fishing. "And this new Falcon rod has been a real plus for me being able to cast farther and work a much more softer and subtle approach with my new "Swacky-Worm" style of fishing. "I just think these new rods provide the best of all worlds, Carl praised, "and I'm very proud to associate myself with Falcon Rods, which is such a great company that truly thinks about the fishermen by constantly working to supply their anglers with the best type of fishing rods they need for their particular style of fishing technique.

(Writers-Note)-At one time, Carl Svebek III, a struggling tournament angler like most others, was trying to break into the scene as a fulltime national bass/pro. His attempts, although very successful and profitable at first, soon slumped under the multiple pressures of family obligations and financial needs. Carl, who at first was very negative towards the popular rise of wacky worm fishing for bass, often referring to the technique as "sissy-fishing" for bass, was soon put on the spot in 1997, while struggling to win some money at a new Operation Bass formulated Everstart Tournament Tour. Being held on his home lake of Sam Rayburn, Carl was put under tremendous pressure to win the event. And Ironically Carl had to turn to the "sissy-fishing" style of the wacky worm technique to help him win that national event, and in doing so, Carl also managed to re-route his downward slump into an amazing upsurge of success that soon elevated him to the status of a professional FLW and Everstart Bass Tournament Angler.

"Due to my many successes with the wacky worm, Carl informed, "The Gambler Bait Company honored me with a signature-bait, "which I helped to design and field-test for their marketing interests. "This newly developed soft plastic bait is now marketed as a "Swacky-Worm", "which has become quite an honor for me as it is named after me. "Now that's not bad for a sissy-fishing bait is it, Carl asked with an ear to ear grin?!"

(Writers-Note)-With the top-water action occurring all around us providing multiple catches of two to four pound bass, with Cecil slow-rolling a spinner-bait, Carl twitching his "Swacky-Worm", and I walking a chug-bug, Carl's Falcon LSC-5167 wacky-worm special received most of the action as he continually out fished us with his new "Swacky-Worm" technique. "It's the "slinky" type balance and color meshing that creates the extra attraction, Carl explained, "As the bass seem to be addicted to those special combinations. "I've spent many long hours testing this bait, Carl advised, "and I find that it works quite well in about all weather and water conditions.

"We're really excited about these newly improved and developed Falcon rods, Cecil informed, "as it is really economical compared to anything else on the market today, and with a lifetime warranty and combined top-notch components that make the lightest rod available in the sport-fishing industry today, "we, at Falcon Rods take great pride in providing these rods to the fishing public. "Being involved within a fishermen's market Cecil told, "All of us at Falcon are fishermen as this is not only our lively-hood, but is our passion as well.

As our mid-morning top-water action slows, Carl begins strapping down our gear for heading to Powell Park Marina and for those "infamous" cheese-burgers that they serve its hungry anglers. And it's not long before we're sitting at their lake-view restaurant enjoying the impressive vista of the lake, placing our lunch orders, and talking shop.

"The Operation Bass tournament circuits are really solid and will be here for quite some time, Carl advised, "as the FLW, Everstart, Wal-mart BFL, and Texas Tournament Trails are becoming very popular with the fishing public. "Erwin Jacobs, Carl applauded, "has the desire to elevate bass tournament fishing to the status that all major sports now enjoy. "And with the sponsorship base getting stronger we are seeing more and more anglers getting the opportunity of achieving greater successes in their struggles of becoming full-time national pro/bass anglers, because I feel that there is no better time then right now, Carl noted, "to become a part of this great sport of bass fishing as it can only get better for those bass tournament anglers who have a desire to succeed.

"From a fishing industry standpoint, Cecil added betwixt mega-bites of burgers n'fries, "we're excited about the increased awareness from the enhanced televised exposure of this great sport to the viewing public, and we feel that Operation Bass with its FLW circuit has raised the bar of excellence for the sport of competitive bass fishing.

"With everything that's been happening throughout our country these past several months, Carl reviewed, "with Americans being united from all of those horrible terrorists attacks of September 11, "I think that we, as Americans, can still sit on a beautiful lake much like we are doing today, and just really appreciate what we have in this country that allows us the freedom to enjoy what we choose to enjoy. "I for one, Carl finalized, "count my blessings every time I come out here, and am very great-full that we're able to fish and enjoy the Great Outdoors. "And I think that our younger folks, along with their parents, need to get their families more involved in the outdoor recreational activities of fishing, camping, and boating for enjoying the quality times that the Great Outdoors offers to the citizens of such a great and free country like America.

"We all have dreams, Carl responded to my final question, "and five years ago I had a dream of becoming a full-time bass tournament pro, "and now, Carl grins, "I am living that dream and have a great desire to pursue it to the top-notch of the leader-board, such as winning an FLW, or BASS Classic World Championship. "But much further down my road of dreams, Carl mused, "I have a great desire of becoming a host for a family fishing that will promote and teach the quality values of this great sport of bass fishing to those young viewers who may want to develop the same desires that I have.

"Amen to that, applauded Russell Cecil of Falcon Rods, "and may God Bless America!"

Those of you who would like to see Carl "Munchkin" Svebek III give some interesting pointers about the fine art of bass fishing, can do so by tuning into KTRE TV-9, out of Lufkin, TX, every Tuesday night during their -6pm & -10pm news-cast segments, where Carl's TV air-time will be spent teaching the how-tos, with-whats, and where-ats of bass fishing, which are gleaned from his own personal experiences of championship bass tournament fishing. Carl has also been fortunate to be working with JM Associates (Jerry McKinnis) of the ESPN Outdoor news team, where he often employs as a tournament advisor and all around info/input agent for JM video productions.

Falcon Rep: Russell Cecil landing a good "Swacky-Bass" for Carl Svebek

Carl Svebek with "hefty" Rayburn catch
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Carl launching his "Land-O-Lakes" bass-rig onto his home waters of Lake Sam Rayburn

A "Bass-Eye" view of Carl Svebek's new "Swacky Worm"

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