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Rayburn Angler Lands 13 lb- 2 -oz Lonestar Lunker
By Ed Snyder

Wednesday, February 20, 2002, Millcreek Lodge & Grocery, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

While pre-fishing for an upcoming Fina Bass Club event on Lake Sam Rayburn, Groves, TX, angler, Argene Havard, managed to hook and land a 13 Lb 2 -oz Largemouth Black Bass from a Mill Creek hydrilla patch. After Argene's boat had been blown into some shallow buck-brush he decided to fish a Texas rigged watermelon Zoom centipede in the shallower water when he suddenly felt a "tap" on his rod and pulled hard, setting his hook into what became Lake Sam Rayburn's first Lonestar Lunker bass in three years.

"I had been fishing some deeper 8'-10' water, Argene stated, "when the shifting wind suddenly blew my boat sideways into some shallow buck-brush. "And since I hadn't been having much luck fishing the deeper stuff, Argene alerted, "I then decided to fish the shallower hydrilla patches near the brush.

Using a Falcon rod and Shimano reel spooled with 10 lb test P-line, MR. Havard Texas rigged a watermelon Zoom centipede with a 1/16th oz weight and began dragging his bait through the hydrilla in front of him.

"The big bass hit at 10:am, Argene excited, "and at first she got all tangled up within the hydrilla, but finally came free, bolting to the top of the water. "At first I though I had a large carp, or drum, Argene grimaced, "but then she rolled to the top, letting me know very quickly that it was a bass, A REALLY BIG BASS!!

"I was fishing alone and my net was in the back of the boat, Argene informed, "but it was an old net with a broken handle and wasn't quite sure what to do. "So I managed to get fight the huge bass to the side of the boat, and trying to hold the rod, the bass, and the net with both hands at the same time, I was finally able to flip the bass into the boat.

"WOW" what a bass, Argene grinned, "as all I could do for the first few seconds was to "FREEZE" as I stared at that huge fish laying in the bottom of my boat, as it was the largest bass that I have ever seen, and the largest bass that I have ever caught!

"But after a few seconds I finally came to my senses, Argene quipped, "and decided to take it to Mill Creek Lodge & Grocery to have Richard Chapman weigh it on his certified scales. "After that it was all just a big blurr, Argene finalized, "as he told of how the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department was notified, where they then contacted the LoneStar Lunker people, who then arrived to recover the bass for the trip to the LoneStar Lunker Hatchery in Athens, TX.

Argene Havard's 13 lb- 2 -oz bass will be held at the Athens Fish Hatchery to induce it to spawn in a special holding tank. The eggs, the bass, and the hatchlings will then be studied before the bass fry and Argene's lunker bass are then returned back to Lake Sam Rayburn waters.

Argene Havard will receive an exact replica of his lunker catch, as well as a LoneStar Lunker jacket, lunker T-shirt, lunker cap, and an invite to the annual LoneStar Lunker banquet to be held at the end of the season.

For more information on Argene Havard's LoneStar lunker catch, contact Richard Chapman at Mill Creek Lodge & Grocery at-(409)-698-2289- or- for more information on the LoneStar Lunker Bass Program contact- (903)-681-0550.

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