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Trinity, TX Couple Takes Honey Hole Family Tournament - Lake Sam Rayburn
By Patty Schaefer

The Honey Hole Family Southeast Region tournaments kicked off February 3, 2002 at Mill Creek Park on Lake Sam Rayburn. Thirty five teams of anglers of all ages participated in this first of five events. Seven places were paid in this event with a seperate mens & ladies big bass pot. This is the sixth year for Honey Hole's family events and the championship this year will be held here on Lake Sam Rayburn. The weather was great for the anglers with gentle winds, cloudy skies and temps to around 60 degrees. Many of the teams started culling early in the day and reported that the bite was great.

First place - Nick and Sharon Albus of Trinity, TX brought in a nice sack weighing 18.18 lbs taking first place overall. They caught their fish on orange traps and crank baits in 10-12' of water in the Black Forest area. Their best bite came early in the day and they were culling by 12:00.

Second place - Monica and David Price of Huntsville, TX were celebrating their 5 year anniversary today. Their sack weighed 17.19 lbs. They caught their fish on a carolina rigged purple lizard and a watermelon candy Brush hog in 10-12' of grass. This team started culling around 11:30 and reported catching a lot of fish.

Third place - Rusty and Karen Lewis of New Caney, TX had a good day of fishing bringing in a total weight of 14.03 lbs. They also caught their fish on rattle traps and lizards, fishing in the mid lake area. Their fish were caught in the grass in about 7' of water and they were culling by about 10:00.

Ladies Big Bass - Ginger Metz of Huntsville, TX won ladies big bass weighing in at 6.61 lbs. Ginger reports that she had been to Ann's Tackle Shop in Jasper, TX the night before and Ann sold her a black and yellow worm, told Ginger that if she would Texas rig that worm she'd catch a big fish. Ginger had thrown the worm a little bit throughout the day, and then at about 2:15 she remembered what Ann told her and put that worm back on to catch her bass in about 2' of water.

Men's Big Bass - Nick Albus of Trinity, TX won the men's big bass with a 5.97 lb bass which was his kicker fish for his first place stringer.

1st Place Nick and Sharon Albus 18.18 lbs
2nd Place David and Monica Price 17.19 lbs
3rd Place Rusty and Karen Lewis 14.03 lbs
4th Place Edwin and Julie Loitz 12.99 lbs
5th Place Jeffery and Jennifer Vavra 12.18 lbs
6th Place Johnny and Jolyne George 11.84 lbs
7th Place Craig and Elizabeth Marsh 11.56 lbs

Ladies Big Bass Ginger Metz 6.61 lbs
Mens Big Bass Nick Albus 5.97 lbs

This was the first in a series of five tournaments that Honey Hole Family Southeast Region will hold this year. To qualify for the championship, you must participate in 4 of 5 of the tournaments, so even if you missed this one and would like to fish with them, you could still qualify for the championship. Michael and Julie Voytec, tournament directors for Honey Hole Family would like to thank the Holiday Inn Express of Jasper, TX for their help and support of their tournament as well as the anglers who participated in this event. They would like to extend an invitation for anglers and sponsors who would like to join with them in future events and they can be reached at 281.420.3139 or email

Ginger Metz of Huntsville, TX with her 6.61 lb Ladies Big bass

Cody Young of Willis, TX showing of his 5.17 lb catch
< photos by Patty Schaefer>

First Place team Nick and Sharon Albus of Trinity, TX with their 5.97 lb Men's Big Bass kicker

1st thru 3rd and Ladies / Men's Big Bass winners
(L-R) Nick & Sharon Albus, David & Monica Price, Rusty & Karen Lewis, Ginger Metz

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