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Tournament Pathfinder
by John Presley

The fourth tournament of the 2001 -2002 Bassmaster's Tour trail was held on Lake Seminole in Bainbridge, GA on February 6-9. New Jersey pro Michael Iaconelli, who was in a slump after not doing well last year, claimed his third national victory and added another $110,000 to his career earnings. Iaconelli won the Citgo Bassmaster tour event with a four day total of 20 fish that weighed 55-02. The winning pattern was crankbaiting the cover along the river ledges in the Flint River. Iaconelli used two different Mann's crankbait along the ledge of the river. On the deeper ledge he used a Mann's 15 plus and in other spots a baby 4 Minus to win by more than 5 pounds over second place. Brett Hite from Phoenix AZ who finished in second place with 20 fish that weighed 50-00, won $48,000. Hite used a drop-shot rig, this is a Western technique that has become popular all over the country. He alternated using three different soft plastic creatures drop shooting them around the trees on a river ledge. Mark Davis finished third with 16 fish for a total weight of 47-01 and won $38,000. Mark fished a Shad Rap crankbait along the ditches and pockets in the Hydrilla fields. Mark also had big bass on the final day a 4-06. The other top finishers were: fourth place Kotaro Kiriyama from NJ with 20 fish that weighed 46-10 for $36,000, fifth place David Walker from TN with 17 fish that weighed 45-11 which earned him $17,500, sixth place was Kenyon Hill of OK, who was the leader after the first two days, had 12 fish that weighed 42-11 good for $13,000, seventh place was Tom Mann, JR of GA. with 14 fish that weighed 41-15 good for $11,000, eighth place was Bud Pruitt of Spring TX with 14 fish that weighed 40-15 good for $8,000, way to go Bud, ninth place was Mark Menendez of KY. with 12 fish weighing 39-05 good for $7,000 and the last of the top ten was Dustin Wilks of NC with 15 fished that weighed 39-02 good for $6,500. The next Citgo Top 150 Bassmaster Tour Tournament will be on Lake Guntersville in Guntersville Alabama on April !0-13. The next Bassmaster Central open event will be on Toledo Bend March 21-23 so don't miss the daily weigh-ins at Cypress Bend Park. For further info on the tournament contact Toledo Bend Tourist Information center at 1-800-259-5253. I will give the results of our Texas Bassmaster Central Open on Sam Rayburn in next month's article.

Also during February the $210,000 EverStart Series Central Division Opener was held on Sam Rayburn. The field of 165 pros and co anglers fought cold temps and a week of cloudy weather during the event. Kellogg's pro Jim Tutt from Longview TX won more than $50,000 in cash and prizes including a Ranger boat with a final total of 5 fish that weighed 20-11. Tutt caught most of his fish on a orange Rat-L- Trap over hydrilla in 6-12 feet of water. Dicky Newberry of Houston TX took second place and collected $10,000 with 5 fish weighing 17-10, Third place was David Curtis of Trinity TX with two bass on the final day that weighed 14-12 pounds good for $9,000. One of David's bass weighed 9-06. Fourth place was Jeff Ransom of Muldrow, OK with three bass weighing 11-15 good for $8,000. Fifth place was Jeremiah Kindy with 5 bass weighing 11-02 good for $7,500 and finishing in sixth place after four days of competition was Ernie Hillebrandt of Sam Rayburn with 5 fish that weighed 11-01 good for $6,500, good job Ernie. On the Co angler Division, Charles Carlile of Tulsa, OK , clamed his second EverStart Series win with four bass weighing 12-13 good for $6,000. Second place Co Angler was Stephen Francis of Brookeland TX with 2 fish that weighed 10-13 good for $4,000, good job Stephen. Third place was Gerald Andrews of Benton KY with 3 fish weighing 10-01 good for $3,500. Fourth place was Lonnie Fuller JR of Hemphill TX with 3 fish weighing 6-01 good for $2,500. Grand Lake near Grove, OK, is the next Central Division EverStart series stop on April 3-6.

The wacky worm bite should get good on Rayburn this month and I have been using a new hook designed and made by Wayne Falcon of Falcon Lures. The hook is called the K-Wacky. It is a Kalin style hook that is weighted with 1/16 or 1/32 oz weight and it's a 3-0 hook. It really lets the Swacky Worm fall good and the fish don't get off. The hook is available at Ann's Tackle Shop in Jasper I really believe this is the best wacky hook made so give it a try.

By the way, when I am not fishing tournaments, I am a full-time fishing guide on Lake Sam Rayburn. If you would like to book a trip please call me at 409-698-9713 or Ann's Tackle Shop at 409-384-7685. Or e-mail me at JOHN@SAMRAYBURNFISHING.COM. or check out my website at SAMRAYBURNFISHING.COM.

Good Luck and Good Fishing.

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