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Father & Son Team "WINS" 8th Annual Louisiana Oilman
By Ed Snyder

- 11.78 Toledo "FOOTBALL" Sets Tournament Record-

8th Annual Louisiana Oilman Bass Invitational
Saturday, March 2, 2002, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

Freezing gale force winds replaced the previous gale force storms as predicted weather changes called for possible freezing rain, sleet, and snow for Saturday night. But this was the final tournament day for the 694 "oil-patch" teams that were fishing for a pay-check from the over $135,000 being offered in cash & prizes, as an amazing weigh-in was witnessed by a tournament crowd who witnessed an incredible 11.78 lb Toledo Bend "HAWG" nudge out another incredible 10.32 lb Toledo Bend Hawg for 1st place big bass, and who also witnessed a father & son team take the 1st place "braggin-rights" from a tournament tally of 1,987 bass weighing in at 5,113 lbs …………."AYyieeeee!!"

The 8th Annual Louisiana Oilman Bass Invitational tournament "krewe" managed to operate this event with exceptional speed by utilizing traffiK control teams, "elite" bass weigh-in krewe's, and special computer data teams who worked hard and fast to collect, check, weigh, record, and transfer the incoming team-bass catches to the waiting SRA/LA fish recovery barge.

A tournament with a heart, L.O.B.I. raised $25,000 for the ST Jude's Children's Hospital from this event, which to date, has raised over $125,000 for the needs of those children.

Highly motivated, this L.O.B.I. krewe provided a very important service to this prestigious event by collecting and transferring the incoming bass catches as quickly as possible, so as to limit the stress factor on the fish, which minimized the collateral impact on the fishery that they enjoy. The L.O.B.I. tournament, one of the largest held on Toledo Bend each year, also provides a financial windfall to the lake area businesses during their tournament stay on Lake Toledo Bend.

This tournament also paid-out $135,000 in cash & draw-prizes to its registered "oil-patch" anglers who competed at this event, which included three Skeeter-SX200S/Yamaha-175-HPDI bass-rigs valued at $26,000 each, and sponsored by Cajun Outboards of Addis, LA.

Day-1 Skeeter/Yamaha winner-Mike Bufford of Team#50.
Day-2 Skeeter/Yamaha winner-(not available at print)-
Day-2 Skeeter/Yamaha winner-(not available at print)-

Day-1 ReCap: Gale force winds, thundering skies, and drenching rains kept the 694 teams on rock & roll patterns, giving the 1st day lead to team#341, Ben Garland and Kelly Jackson for their 5 bass/22.76 lb catch, and 2nd place lead to team#366, Jeff and Mickey Davis of Cal-Dive for their "father & son" catch of 5 bass/21.70 lbs, which included an 8.48 lb 2nd big bass worth $400. Overall big bass came in with team#133, Randy Mouton and Shannon Richard of PSC for Randy's 10.32 lb bass worth $1,000 plus Toledo Lunker awards for an exact replica mount and other prizes for his live-released 23 & ½ by 20 inch bass.

Day-2: Freezing winds announced an approaching weather change as freezing rain, sleet, and snow was predicted for Saturday night. But today was big bass day as Team#437 managed to weigh-in a 25 & ½ inch by 25 inch 11.78 lb "FOOTBALL". The bass made the Toledo Lunker program as well as taking the top honor of being the largest bass ever weighed-in at a L.O.B.I. event. Also credited to this event was a 2.62 lb Kentucky Spotted bass caught by Frank Watkins of Team#404, which will be registered as a possible new Lake record for Lake Toledo Bend.

1st place team-( 37.48)-Team#366- Father & Son team of Mikey and Jeff Davis of Cal-Dive managed to hang on to their lead by adding another 15.78 lbs to their weight to take 1st place with 37.48 lbs. The father & son team worked Shimano rods and reels spooled with 15 lb test P-line rigged with 3/8 oz white spinner-baits. They fished 4'-5' north-lake buck-brush to catch their weight, which included dads big bass of 8.48 lbs.

2nd place team-(37.06)-Team#290- Eddie Edwards of BP Amoco and Bill Fussell of McDermott worked Berkely rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 14 lb test Suffix line rigged with chartreuse/white 3/8 oz Rumba Doll spinner-baits. The 2nd place team slow-rolled shallow north-lake flats with grass-clumps both days to catch their weight.

3rd place team-(33.98)-Team#137- Bob Laroux of Pride and Jimmy Jeansonne of Chevron worked Fenwick rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkely Big Game mono rigged with red DD-22's. The 3rd place team nailed their spot by fishing mid-lake lay-downs in 10'-12' water to catch their weight.

Overall Day-2 Big Bass-( 11.78)- Team#137- Ricky Cunningham of Conoco and Jeff Vibrine of Baker Energy worked Berkely rods and Abu-Garcia reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkely Big Game mono. Rickey was fishing a 10' Housen Bay grass-patch with a 1 / 2 oz white Bass-Pro spinner-bait when the HUGE 25 & 1 / 2 inch by 25 inch Toledo Bend "hawg" hit on a 7:30 am big bite. Ricky will receive $1,000 for his bass as well as an exact replica mount and other prizes from the Toledo Lunker Program.

Top-5 Winning Teams:
1-(37.48)-Team#366- Mickey Davis/Jeff Davis-
2-(37.06)-Team#290- Eddie Edwards/Bill Fussell-
3-(33.98)-Team#137- Bob Laroux/Jimmy Jeansonne-
4-(33.88)-Team#017- Micheal Hendrix/Jamie Pitre-
5-(31.90)-Team#299- Mike Leeper/Tommy Guillory-

Top-2 Overall Big Bass:
Day-1-(10.32 )-Team#133- Randy Mouton/Shannon Richard-$1,000
Day-2-(11.78)-Team#437- Ricky Cunningham/Jeff Vibrine-$1,000

All Bass were recovered and live released by the SRA/LA fish recovery team:
Day-1 Tally- 1,278 bass- 3,297 lbs-
Day-2 Tally- 709 bass- 1,816 lbs-

For obvious safety reasons this tournament allowed boat-trailering-

For more information on the L.O.B.I. events contact John Malagarie at (337)-235-1004

8th Annual L.O.B.I. Sponsors: Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Cajun Outboards, Berry Brothers Contractors, Crain Brothers, Directional Rentals, Goal Line Rentals, Roclan Service & Supply, Service Comm of Acadiana, Tech Oil Products, Tong Specialty, Tri-Drill, Varco Systems, and the "Oil-Patch" anglers.

Team#133- Randy Mouton shows off his first day 10.32 lb Toledo Lunker

Ricky Cunningham of Team# 137 with his 11.78 lb "FOOTBALL"
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Jimmy Jeansonne of Team#137 with reps to their 3rd place finish

Father & Son Team#366- Jeff and Mickey Davis with reps to their 1st place "braggin-rights
Team#290- Eddie Edwards and Bill fussell take 2nd place

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