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Team-Splash Sets Rayburn Tournament Record
By Ed Snyder

-15 Limits of 20 -PLUS- Lb Sacks Weighed-In-

Sealy Outdoors $260,000 Open Team Splash
Sunday, March 17, 2002, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

When the Birds are on the bank, so too the bass, as warming 65-degree waters alerted the anglers that the "spawn" was on for Rayburn's bass fishery. But this would be one for the record books as 562 "Team-Splash" anglers managed to weigh-in 15 bass-sacks over 20 lbs, with 29.62 lbs on the top and 20.31 lbs at the bottom. AND with 11.42, 9.82, and 9.35 lb "kickers" anchoring the big bass honors, this "Team-Splash" event digitized 905 bass weighing over 2,502 lbs, which has set a new "high-water" for the amount of twenty pound sacks weighed-in at a team event…………… "Lake Sam Rayburn "IS" back!"

"We've guaranteed over $260,000 in cash & prizes for our 2002 "Team-Splash" tournament series this year, stated Bob Sealy, CEO of Sealy Outdoors, "with our Rayburn/Toledo $81,000 Triton split-lake Championship scheduled for the team-splash seasons finale. "The Team-Splash series pays out a guaranteed $44,000 per event, with a $10,000 CASH for 1st place and a $5,000 CASH for 2nd place. "But, if that isn't enough to attract your competitive interests, Bob further noted, "Then come out to fish with us in our $MILLION$ dollar Big Bass Splash series at our Lake Sam Rayburn, Lake Toledo Bend, and Lake Fork, events. "NO, you say! "You don't do freshwater! "But much prefer saltwater fishing instead! "Well, Bob grinned, "it just so happens that we also have a "Guaranteed" $28,750 "Team Trout Splash" scheduled for Galveston Bay! "So, what are you waiting for now, Bob invited, "It's time to go fishing folks!

Team-Splash Schedule: $260,000
Feb/17-Toledo Bend- Mar/17-Sam Rayburn- Apr/28-Sam Rayburn- June/9-Toledo Bend
Big Bass Splash:_$1,000,000
Apr/19-20-21-Sam Rayburn- June/21-22-23-Toledo Bend- Sept/20-21-22-Lake Fork
Team Trout Splash:_$28,750
May/4-Galveston Bay

1st place team-( 5 bass/29.62)- Scott David of Goodrich TX, was fishing with his dad, Bill, when he decided to fish his bedding areas. "BUT", they weren't there, Scott grumbled with a grin, "and I had to go looking for them. Scott ran his BassCat/Mercury bass-rig to mid-lake areas to site-fish bedding bass with Kistler rods and Phlueger reels spooled with 20 lb test P-line. "I fished THE BASS today, Scott explained after weighing in such a huge sack, and left the beds alone, he stated with a dry smile. Scott flipped bubble-gum Larew craws along "bank-shallow" to 5' depths to catch his winning weight, which included an 8.47 big bass on a 2:30pm bite.

Overall Big Bass-(11.42)- Keith Rose and Scott Hoing of Harleton, TX, put their Nitro/Mercury bass-rig over Veach Basin grass and brush to work Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Scott was flipping a watermelon Zoom fluke around a 4' brush-patch when the 11.42 big bass hit on a 7:40 am big bite for $1,000.

Top 15 "20-PLUS-Lb Teams:
1-(29-62)- Scott David/Bill David------------$10,000
2-(22-53)- Stan Burgay/Mark Herron--------$4,000
3-(21-96)- Butch Carmack/David Curtis-----$3,000
4-(21-86)- Larry Byrd/Todd Driscoll--------$2,500
5-(21-20)- Terry Burghart/Ricky Potts------$2,500
6-(21-13)- Paul Brister/Jeff Irland-----------$1,700
7-(20-96)- Ben Todd/Randy Turner---------$1,600
8-(20-88)- Edwin Evers/Matt Reed----------$1,400
9-(20-87)- Raymond Minyard/Carl Svebek-$1,300
10-(20-85)- Bill Cook/Ron Festavan--------$1,250
11-(20-82)- Justin Hale/Chris Wilkerson---$1,200
12-(20-79)- Jason Birdwell/Roger Viator---$1,150
13-(20-50)- Brent Hickey/Jimmy Singleton-$1,100
14-(20-49)-Mark LeBlanc/David Riddling--$1,050
15-(20-31)- Paul Eason/Corey Rambo-------$1,000

1st big bass-(11.42)- Keith Rose/Scott Hoing -$750
2nd big bass-(9.82)- Terry Burghart/Ricky Potts-$500
3rd big bass-(9.35)- Dale Jamison/Chuck Mulford-$250

This team-splash event paid out to the top 25 teams with a cut-off at (18-61)

All bass recovered and live released by Sealy Outdoors bass recovery with 905 bass weighing 2,502 lbs-

For more information on the Sealy Outdoors freshwater & saltwater tournament series contact Bob Sealy at (888-698-2591)- or click to -

Sealy Outdoors Tournament Sponsors: Triton- Johnson/Evenrude- Polaris- Shimano- Academy- Cherokee of McDonalds R.V.- Dawson Marine- Weaver Brothers Dodge- AC Delco- Minn-Kota- Texas Fish & Game- Wave Worms- Neals Taxidermy- Port-A-Cool- - Latch Oil- The Stump Restaurant- Toledo Town & Tackle- Needmore Tackle- and the Sealy Outdoors Tournament Anglers.

Bob Sealy announces Keith Rose and Scott Owen to the crowd with their
11.42 lb $1,000 Big Bass

Scott David "HEAVES" his 29-62 lb sack out of the holding tank for weigh-in
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The Top 15 teams that helped to set the alltime 20 lb sack weigh-in record for Lake Sam Rayburn

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