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Non-Boater Lands Texas BASS/ Fed State Championship
By Ed Snyder

-(Tonkawa Culls Top Club Honors)-

28th Anniversary Texas B.A.S.S. Federation State Championship
Friday, March 22, 2002, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

The final day of competition "CANCELLED" due to ever increasing Nordic winds that reached near gale force conditions by 6am tournament "ease-out" time at Twin Dikes Marina. "We couldn't see the top of the trees at 5:30am, stated the Texas BASS Federation officials, "but we sure could hear them roaring!! Due to the safety call the leader-board marks from the second day tournament weigh-in would stand as being the final marks for the winners list. "I'm sure the Lord heard my prayers for winning this event, stated Beaumont Bass Angler, Dean Morgan of Hampshire TX, "But I sure didn't expect this kind of response….. "The Lord often works in mysterious ways".

The BASS Chapter Federation Network, a grass-roots organization some 50,000 strong with 2,800 local chapters, are home team community bass clubs across this Nation, as well as Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Japan, and Italy. The BASS Federation chapters offer the home-team grass-roots anglers an opportunity to advance from the local club levels, to Regional, State, then Divisional to qualify for the Nationals and an opportunity to win one, of five, Federation seats at the Citgo/BASSMaster World Classic.

The top six Federation anglers from this Texas State tournament field of 142 teams, which represent the 48 BASS/Federation clubs fishing this event, will qualify for a seat on the Texas State Team, who then advance to the Divisional Championship to be held on Lake of the Ozarks, June 6, 2002. Final day competition will also set the "braggin-rights" for the top-ten Texas BASS Federation chapter clubs for the 2002 season.

Day-1- Winds, rain, and cold-front conditions greeted the 142 teams representing 48 BASS/Federation clubs fishing this event, marking a first day lead for the 5 bass/26-40 lb catch of Beaumont Bass Angler, Dean Morgan, with 2nd place lead to the 5 bass/22-86 catch of Rick Shock of the Brush Country Bass Club, and 3rd place lead to the 5 bass/22-27 lb catch of John Pierce of Century Bass Club. Day-1 Overall Big Bass of 9.62 lbs came in with John Goin of Choke Canyon Bass Club for $1,390.

Day-2- "MUCH" improved weather conditions prevailed for day-2 competition but "chilling" Nordic winds lock-jawed the previous "bank-shallow" bass-bite. Maintaining
His 1st place lead, Beaumont Bass Angler, Dean Morgan, a non-boater, added another 10-28 lbs to his weight for a 36-68 leader-board mark. Day-2 Overall Big Bass of 7.89 lbs came in with Tim Cook of Canyon Bass Anglers for $1,390.

Day-3: "CANCELLED" due to near gale-force north winds, the 3rd day of competition was "called" for safety reasons.

Top Six Texas State BASS/Federation Team Anglers:
1-(36-68)- Dean Morgan/Hampshire, TX-Beaumont Bass Anglers- fishing as a non-boater, managed to digitize enough weight on the leader-board by working Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Big Game mono rigged with june-bug Zoom wacky worms. Dean concentrated on fishing "bank-shallow" mid-lake area brush patches to catch his winning bass, which included an 8-52 "kicker" bass caught on a 9am big bite that helped to put a 26-40 sack on the scale for day-1, then following up with a 10-28 weight for day-2 for his 36-68 lb finish after day-3 cancellation.

2-(33-58)- John Pierce/Rockwall, TX-Century Bass Club- maneuvered his Bullet/Mercury bass-rig over Veach Basin 2ndary brush points to work Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test AM-40 line. John fished watermelon Lake Fork Tackle ring fry's and Zoom trick-worms for his 11am to 9am bite that put 22-27 lbs in his well for day-1, and for catching his 11-31 weight on day-2. John also would finish his day out by working 1 / 2 oz gold Rattle Traps along 7' inside grass-lines before coming to his weigh-ins, which helped to put his 33-58 weight on the leader-board.

3-(31-76)- Richard Porter/Oklahoma City, OK-Texas Hawg Hunters Bass- put his Ranger/Mercury bass-rig over Veach Basin grass to fish Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono rigged with watermelon/red Zoom trick-worms and finesse worms. Richard worked the trick-worms around 4'-6' grass-lines for his 19-75 day-1 weight, and concentrated on fishing brush with the finesse worms in the back of creeks on day-2 for his 31-76 lb two-day tally.

4-(31-59)- Kenneth Moore/Red Oak, TX-Red Oak Bass Club- ran his Astro/Mercury bass-rig to Powell Park area willows and bank-brush to work Falcon & Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Ken fished black/blue/black Strike King Super Tubes, bubble gum Zoom flukes, and root beer Senko's along 6' to bank-shallow flooded willows and buck-brush to catch his 15-03 weight for day-1, which helped to add another 12-01 weight for day-2, giving him a total of 31-59 lbs for his finish.

5-(31-30)- Trent Huckaby/Fort Stockton, TX-South Texas Regional Tea- used his BassCat/Mercury bass-rig to get him to Needmore Point and Millers buck-brush for working Allstar rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Trent fished methiolate Zoom trick-worms and white Zoom lizards around 2'-4' flooded brush to catch his 15-50 weight for day-1 and his 15-80 weight for day-2, which put his 31-30 tally on the leader-board.

6-(27-14)- Vernon Hastings/Weatherford, TX-Champion Bass Anglers- ran his Champion/Yamaha bass-rig to Veach Basin brush patches to fish Allstar rods and 17 lb test Bass Pro spooled Shimano reels. Vernon fished watermelon/red Senko's and Zoom flukes within bank-shallow brush for his 17-40 day-1 weight, and again on day-2 for his 9-74 weight, which included a 6-95 "kicker" that helped to mark his 27-14 final weight.

Day-1 Overall Big Bass-(9.62)- John Goin of Choke Canyon Bass Club- $1,390-
Day-2 Overall Big Bass-( 7-89)-Tim Cook-Champion Bass Anglers-$1,390-
Note: Due to final day cancellation- big bass money split for (Day-1 & 2 )-2nd big bass-
Day-1- 2nd Big Bass-(9-03)-Kenneth Adams-Texas Trails Bass-$645
Day-3 Overall Big Bass-(6-95)- Vernon Hastings-Champion Bass Club-$645-

Top 10 Texas State BASS/Federation Clubs:
1-(94-33)-Tonkawa Bass Club-
2-(94-08)-Southeast Texas Regional Team-
3-(93-25)-Brush Country Bassmasters-
4-(91-53)-South Texas Regional Team
5-(91-28)-Oilman's Sportsmans Club-
6-(90-38)-H.O.T. Bass Assassins-
7-(89-03)-Beaumont Bass Anglers-
8-(86-10)-Bryan Bass Club-
9-(84-84)-Bassmasters of East Texas-
10-(79-27)-North Rayburn Bass Club-

All bass recovered and live released by Texas Bass Federation fish recovery.
Day-1 Tally- 795 bass weighing 1,915.92 lbs-
Day-2 Tally- 513 bass weighing 1,230.35 lbs-
Day-3 Tally- O - CANCELLED-

For more information on Texas BASS Chapter Federation contact David Walton at (936)-632-6775- Stacy Twiggs-(254)-702-2625- or click-to-

I promise to create among my fellow anglers, and the public in general, an awareness of my Chapter's and Society's contributions to angling, conservation and outdoor recreation. I will encourage and instruct the youth of my community in the art of bass fishing. I pledge myself to full adherence to all conservation codes and to detect and report any polluter of our nation's waters.

2002 Texas BASS Chapter Federation State Championship Sponsors: Citgo/B.A.S.S.- Mercury- Yamaha- Sidewinder- Black Hawk Rods- Zebco- BASSMaster Casting Kids- Skeeter Boats- Triton Boats- MinnKota- Texas BASS Chapter Federation- Flowmaster- Chevy Trucks- Lowrance- Berkley- Stowaway- MR Twister- Pro-Kon-Troll- Mask Custom Rods- Eagle Claw- Pennzoil Marine- Kumho Tires- Plano- Ann's Tackle Shop- American Angler Tackle- Piney Point Plaza- Houston Oilman's Bass Club- Randy Hicks- State Farm- Adco Reel Repair- Waterwood Resort- Rayburn Country- City of Jasper- Stump Restaurant- Latch Oil- Copper Canyon Adventures- and the 2002 Texas BASS Chapter Federation State Championship Anglers.

Dean Morgan of Beuamont Bass Anglers takes the #1 Texas team-seat with 36-68 lbs

2002 28th Anniversary Texas Federation State Championship tournament officials
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Tonkawa Bass takes Top-Club "braggin-rights"

The Top-6 Texas State Federation Team Anglers- 1st -thru- 6th- L-to-R

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