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5 Bass / 22.55 lbs Takes Day 2 Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational
10 Bass / 39.06 lbs Wins Overall

By Patty Schaefer

The 12th Annual Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational (T.O.B.I.)was held this weekend at Cypress Bend Park, Toledo Bend Lake. This prestigious 2 day team event has a payback to the anglers of $100,000.00 and they had made an additional goal of $25,000.00 to be donated to the Texas Children's Hospital. Keeping with tradition, they have again far exceeded that goal and well over $30,000.00 will be donated.

Recap day 1 - Weights were tight at the end of day 1 with mere tenths of ounces between each place for the 521 teams participating in this grand event. An incredible 1,505 fish were weighed in for a total day 1 weight of 3,461.50 lbs. With overcast skies, 80 degree temps and not much wind, it was all on the skill of the anglers to produce their catches. It is amazing to watch the professionalism and teamwork of the tournament crew as they coordinate every aspect of this weigh in. There are 3 weigh in lines working at the same time quickly and efficiently getting the anglers in the correct lines, check the fish, weigh, record, and transfer the incoming team catch tallies to the waiting computer data teams and quickly get the bass to the recovery barges for live release back into the lake.

1st place Day 1 - Team #300-(19.73 lbs) Joe Rials and Joe Kasparek, both of "Fugro", used a Falcon black/brown/amber jig with a black/blue craw trailer in depths ranging from 10'-3' on secondary points with brush and grass for their catch. They brought in a five fish limit that included a 7.10 lb "kicker".

2nd place Day 1 - Team #92- (19.02 lbs) Joe Delahoussaye of CMSI and Leonard Moore, owner of CMSI fished the north end of the lake. They fished way back up in the creeks, 18" deep with white Strike King spinnerbaits and metalic green Gary Yamamoto worms. They caught about 25 fish including their 7.56 lb kicker and their best bite came between 9-11:30.

3rd place Day 1 - Team #378- (18.52 lbs) Paul Richard of Platform Crane Service and Richard McCardle of J Ray McDermot fished 4' grass in coves around the mid lake area. Their best bite came around noon.

Big Bass Day 1 -Team #21- (8.85 lbs) Roy Phillips of BP, fishing with Gerry Golden of Rotor Craft brought in today's big bass leader catching it on a carolina rigged watermelon red lizard. Using his Allstar / Calcutta / Stren #17 combination, he found this bass in 2' of water in the south lake area just off a creek in a sandy area.

Coming into day 2 of competition, weights were so tight it was anyone's game. The anglers came into the field with a dominating low pressure scenario and conditions that proved to be perfect for today's big catches.

1st place Day 2 - Team # 53-(22.55 lbs)-Blake Pizzolato and Alvin Robichaux, both of Baker Oil Tools caught their limit on chartreuse/white spinnerbaits. They fished the stumps in 2-4' pockets. Using their Falcon / Shimano / 20 lb P-Line also their Allstar/Team Daiwa/20 lb Berkley Big Game combinations with watermelon red flukes, they caught about 20 keepers today and said they "missed a monster bass that pulled both the blades off their spinnerbait".

2nd place Day 2-Team #314-(22.06 lbs)-Charlie Hickman of Schlumberger and Scott McFarlain of OSCA stayed with the same strategy today that brought them in 17.00 lbs yesterday. They fished black/blue Stanley jigs and Fire Tiger spinnerbaits in 2-4' buck brush off an island on the north end. They used Castaway / Shimano / 50 lb spiderwire combo's.

3rd place Day 2-Team #87-(20.05 lbs)-Bill Morgan of Transocean and Brent McCoy of Schlumberger caught their limit using black/brown amber jigs in 2-4' of water. They were fishing coves and concentrating on the stumpsin the mid lake area.

Big Bass Day 2-(8.26 lbs)-Elwin Faulk of Strickland Co. found this nice lunker using watermelon french fries in a 1-1/2' deep pocket filled with bull rush and buck brush in the Palo Goucho area. He caught her around 1:30 and also utilized pumpkinseed and black/blue Senko's for his other catches today. Some of his fellow competitors saw him catch her and asked if they could slide in by him. Being a sportsman, he let them come into his water where they also caught some nice fish.

1st - Team # 314-(39.06 lbs) Charlie Hickman of Schlumberger and Scott McFarlain of OSCA
2nd - Team #92-(37.98 lbs) Leonard Moore and Joe Delahoussaye, both of CMSI
3rd - Team #378-(36.10 lbs) Paul Richard of Platform Crane Svc & Richard McCardle of J Ray McDermott
Big Bass - Team #21-(8.85 lbs) Gerald Golden of Rotor Craft

"This would not be possible without the participation of you, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. Our continued support of the TEXAS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL touches the lives of many in our communities, and is something all of you can take pride in. The tournament directors and committee members sincerely appreciate the dedicated support from all our valued sponsors and contestants."
- The T.O.B.I. Board of Directors, Committee Chairmen & Committee Members

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Day 1-Big bass - "Gerald Golden with his Day 1 and Overall 8.85 lb Big Bass
< photos by Patty Schaefer>

Day 2 Big Bass - "Elwin Faulk holding his Day 2 8.26 lb Big Bass

Final-1st Place-"1st place overall winners Charlie Hickman & Scott McFarlain with their 22.06 lb Day 2 2nd place stringer

Final-2nd place-"2nd place overall winners Leonard Moore & Joe Delahoussaye with their 18.96 lb stringer

Day 2-1st place-"Blake Pizzolato, Alvin Robichaux and T-D Randy Connor with 1st place/day 2 stringer of 22.55 lbs

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