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Big T Gives Up 22.87 Lbs For Bass-N-Bucks Win
By Ed Snyder

7th Annual Tracy Byrd Big Bass Tournament & "In The Country Concert"
"Dedicated To The Children's Miracle Network-Hospitals Helping Kids".
Saturday, March 23, 2002, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Chilly" beginnings, but warming sunshine kept the 612 Tracy Byrd Big Bass Anglers in good spirits as they probed the depths of Lake Sam Rayburn to catch Ol' Mossback, or its close cousin, for a hopeful trip to the weigh-in site at Twin Dikes Marina. Among that flotilla of anglers were a mom and son fishing team that had a great fishing story to tell after weighing in a 9.01 lb Rayburn "moss-back" that took the winning spot for the Tracy Byrd Big Bass tournament.

As in the past seven years, East Texas native and Nashville Country Recording Star, Tracy Byrd, came forward to produce, coordinate, and dedicate his "home-coming" weekend to help raise much needed funds to assist those children who are struck down by sickness or injury and are in need of help. In his personal dedication towards that goal, "Tracy Byrd & Friends" joined with The Children's Miracle Network to help raise the necessary funds needed to ease the pain and suffering of those children who are in dire need of this help.

Saturday, March 23, 2002, at Twin Dikes Marina on Lake Sam Rayburn, marked the 7th Annual special funding process, which kicked-off at 6:am with a Tracy Byrd Big Bass Tournament that GUARANTEED $95,000 in cash & prizes, which included a $36,000 first place "overall" big bass award of a 2002 Ranger Comanche 518SVX-200EFI Mercury Outboard bass-boat, a Conn's gift certificate worth over $5,000, as well as $18,200 in cash paid out in hourly cash awards starting at 7am with $1,000 cash awards for the biggest bass weighed-in for 1st, $750 cash for 2nd- $500 cash for 3rd- $250 cash for 4th- and $100 cash for 5th place big bass. The hourly weigh-ins started at 7am and ran through to the final weigh-in hour of 2pm. This was a "live-release" event with all bass kept alive for weigh-in and immediately live released back into Lake Sam Rayburn.

"OVERALL" tournament places were paid out at the end of the tournament that awarded the top 30 overall big bass places, with the largest bass weighed-in at this tournament, a 9-01 lb Rayburn lunker, awarding a $36,000 Ranger Bass Boat & Trailer to Kevin Biskamp and "mom" who managed to catch and weigh it in alive and well.

1st Place Big Bass-(9-01)- Kevin Biskamp of Silsbee TX, decided to team up with "mom" to fish the Tracy Byrd Big Bass event. In doing so Kevin and Doris -(mom)- decided to run their Nitro/Mercury bass-rig to north-lake buck brush to fish Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. The family duo decided to fish 7' buck-brush patches with Zoom watermelon brush-hogs when "mom" suddenly found herself struggling with a "bird-nested" reel. Kevin, the dutiful son, then came to the assistance of "mom" by trying to de-tangle the bird-nested reel for her, and in doing so, immediately found himself "entangled" with a big fish that was on the other end of the NOW freed line. So, Kevin fought the huge bass to the boat where "mom" netted the 24" by 18" bass into the boat at 9:30 am. "WOW" was all they could say as Kevin throttled up and headed into the Tracy Byrd tournament site…… "WOW!!"

(Special Note: Kevin & "Mom" will receive an exact replica of their 9-01 Tracy Byrd Big Bass by Mike Gen Taxidermy)

2nd Place Big Bass-(8-67)- Sonny Glasco of Houston TX, put his Champion/Mercury bass-rig over Farmers Flats grass to work ST Croix rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 15 lb test Ande line. The 2nd place "overall" winner was slowwwww rolling a 3 / 4 oz Toledo Tackle white spinner-baits w/chartreuse trailers over 10'-12' grass-clump when the 8-67 lb bass hit on a 6:30 am big bite.

3rd Place Big Bass-(8-06)- Rick and Debbie Barnes of Broaddus TX, motored their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig over Powell Park grass while fishing Shimano rods and reels spooled with 17 lb test P-line. The husband and wife team were working 4' grass-edges with 7" Texas rigged Zoom watermelon lizards when Rick hooked the 8-06 bass on a 6:45 am big bite. After Debbie managed to net the huge bass they came in to weigh and claim their 3rd place slot.

4th Place Big Bass-(8-04)- Max Hawthorne of Silsbee TX, ran his Procraft/Mercury bass-rig to Needmore Point grass to work Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Max was fishing a pearl/purple Senko along 8' outside grass-lines when the 8-04 bass hit on a 12:30 pm big bite.

5th Place Big Bass-(7-49)- Mike Pardo of Lake Charles LA, put his Hydrosport/Evinrude over Needmore point grass to fish Falcon rods and Pinnacle reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Mike was working a Renegade wacky worm along a 10' outside grass-line when the 7-49 lb bass hit on a 1:30 pm big bite.

Top 5 Tracy Byrd Big Bass Anglers:
1-(9-01)- Kevin & "Mom" Biskamp-$1,000 + Ranger/Mercury-$36,000-
2-(8-67)- Sonny Glasco-$1,000 + $5,000 Conn's Entertainment System-
3-(8-06)- Rick Barnes-$750 + $1,000 Bass Pro Shop Cert-
4-(8-04)- Max Hawthorne-$1,000 + $1,000 Bass Pro Shop Cert-
5-7-49)- Michael Pardo-$1,000 + $1,000 Bass Pro Shop Cert-

Top Zebco/BASSMaster Casting Kids:
Shenna Williams (10) Lumberton, TX.
Megan Callier (11) Beaumont, TX.
Chelsea Biskamp (7) Silsbee, TX.
Maddie Smith (8) Vidor, TX.

Kids, family, friends, and everyone else, who attended this big bass event to watch the hourly weigh-ins, and to just have some fun with "Tracy Byrd & Friends", enjoyed a kids casting contest, sponsored by the Southeast Texas BASS Federation, and just took advantage of the warm Spring sunshine, as well as the special TNN Tracy Byrd souvenir booth, and other happenings and adventures that kept everyone on the edge of their lawn-chairs that provided excitement throughout their day.

"Tracy Byrd In The Country" Concert- was held at Rayburn Country on Lake Sam Rayburn at 6pm, where the tournament anglers, families, and concert goers enjoyed
the The Nashville Country vocals of Tracy Byrd and Friends.

For more information on the Tracy Byrd Big Bass Tournament events contact: David Concienne at (409)-727-8941-

7th Annual Tracy Byrd Big Bass Tournament Sponsors: Grand Casino Coushatta- The Beaumont Enterprise- Ranger Boats- Mercury Outboards- Conn's- Poochies- Bass Pro Shops- Wrangler- Allstar Rods- Justin Boots- Mossy Oak- KWYX 103.7fm- Rayburn Country- "and" the Tracy Byrd Big Bass Anglers, AND the Texas BASS Federation Casting Kids.

Rick & Debbie Barnes with 8-06 3rd place overall

Tracy Byrd announcing Kevin Biskamp- "Mom"- and kids- to crowd with their 9-01 "bird-nest" bass
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Sonny Glasco with 8-67 lb 2nd big bass

With Sponsor reps standing- Tracy Byrd joined "The Biskamps" in their $36,000 Ranger/Mercury Bass-Rig
Tourny Director- David Conceinne and BASS/Fed reps- Join Tracy Byrd (center)-with Bassmaster Casting kids winners- Maddie Smith & Chelsea Biskamp

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