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Post Spawn Patterns Fort Polk Bassmaster Win
By Ed Snyder

2002 Fort Polk Bassmaster Spring Open
Saturday, March 30, 2002, U.S.Army Recreational Center, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

Inclement weather and bass tournaments always seem to go together, but at this Toledo Bend event a 136 Fort Polk Bassmaster anglers teamed up to fish, and race against the predicted storms, which had stalled just slightly north of their fishing areas. But this is precisely what sets the bass tournament angler a breed apart from all others, as they learn to cope and adjust, testing their mettle and honing their competitive skills to a finer edge as they probe the depths to find a pattern for putting some winning weight in their live-wells. Such as the pair of Alexandria LA, anglers did by fishing a post-spawn pattern over Toro Bay grass to catch their 19.34 lb winning sack.

1st place team-(19.34)- Ricky Maricle and Roy Carver of Alexandria LA, put their Ranger/Mercury bass-rig over Toro Bay grass to work Castaway & Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12 lb test Berkley Tri-lene. The first place winning team concentrated on fishing 12' grass-clumps with Texas and Carolina rigged Zoom june-bug lizards and Zoom centipedes, which included a 5 lb 13 & ½ oz "kicker" caught by Ricky on an 8am big bite.

2nd place team-(18.00)- Tim Braud of Many LA, and Kyle Butler of Hemphill TX, ran their "Old-Boat"/Yamaha bass-rig to south-lake grass-points to fish Quantum rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17 lb test Berkley Tri-lene. The 2nd place team worked Carolina rigged watermelon/red Zoom brush-hogs along grass-point edges to catch 20 bass for culling up their 18 lb weight.

3rd place team-(17.17)- Ike Stephens and Lee Brown of Leesville LA, ran their Champion/Evinrude bass-rig to Housen Bay and Indian Creek to fish grass-flats with Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 10/50 Spider-Wire. The 3rd place team worked Carolina rigged Zoom watermelon/red lizards and watermelon Zoom flukes along 10'-12' flat-grass to catch their weight.

4th place team-(17.06)- John Hrapmann and Eric Dunn of Natchitoches LA, ran their Stealth/Yamaha bass-rig into Housen Bay and Six Mile Creek to work Berkley rods and Quantum reels spooled with 14 lb test Stren line. The 4th place anglers concentrated on fishing "bank-shallow" timber and brush with watermelon Zoom trick-worms rigged wacky style to catch their weight.

5th place team-(16.07)- Tony Cosenza and Gary Lee of Toledo Bend put their Stratos/Johnson bass-rig over 1215 area grass-ridges to work Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17 & 20 lb test Berkley Tri-lene. The Toledo team were fishing white Cyclone spinner-baits and watermelon/red Senko's around 5'-6' grass-ridges to catch their weight, which included the 7.13 lb tournament overall big bass caught by Tony while fishing a watermelon/red Senko on a 11am big bite.

All bass live released by Fort Polk Bassmaster's fish recovery.
For more info on the Fort Polk Community Bassmasters events contact R.C. Ancheta at 318-535-9743 - Jerry Hilton at 318-239-9368- or Perry Meeks at 318-238-6909-
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Top 5 teams with 1st -thru- 3rd L-R standing and 4th - 5th- big bass L-R front row kneeling

Ricky Maricle and Roy Carver with a rep to their 19.3 &1/2 lb win
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Tony Cosenza with the 7.13 "overall" big bass

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