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Team Rankin/Hawkins Win Top-6 Benefit
By Ed Snyder

14th Annual "Top-6" Benefit Tournament
Saturday, May 25, 2002, Sandy Creek Park, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Warm weather and weekend celebrators' surrounded the 26 teams who signed up to fish this 14th Annual Top-6 event, as they had to thread their fishing options betwixt the multitude of jet skiers, sailboarders, and pleasure boaters who were enjoying their Memorial Day Holiday. But even the resident fish seemed to be enjoying the festivities as positive bass-bites provided good weigh-in results.

Operated by the Rayburn Anglerettes Bass Club in support of their "Top-6" team, this event, although with much lighter entries than in previous years of operations, managed to file 25% of the tournament entry fee's back into its important Top-6 benefit program. The Rayburn Anglerettes is a women's bass fishing organization that helps to raise needy funds for lake area children's groups.

1st place team-(17-86)- Mel Hawkins and Alton Rankin of Nacogdoches TX, managed to catch their winning 5 bass/17-86 lb stringer by running their Skeeter/Johnson bass-rig to mid-lake grass-patches. The 1 st place team fished 1 / 2 oz white/chartreuse Stanley spinner-baits and pumpkin/green Stanley jigs w/Strike King craws over 12' grass to catch their weight, which included a 4.90 lb big bite for Mel to claim the 3 rd place big bass.

2nd place team-(16-45)- Michael and Lance Lowery of Etoile TX, put their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig over mid-lake creek-bends to catch their weight. The brothers fishing team worked Texas rigged Zoom worms around 5'-8' creek-bend drop-offs to cull their 2nd place weight from.

3rd place team-(15-61)- Alan Moore and Clint Teutsch of Lufkin TX, ran their Javelin/Johnson bass-rig to mid-lake grass-beds to catch their bass. The Lufkin team fished a top-water bite with baby bass Pop-R's to cull their 3rd place weight, which included the 5.37 lb overall big bass caught by Clint Teutsch.

Top Weigh-in Teams;
1-(17-86)- Mel Hawkins/Alton Rankin-$780.
2-(16-45)- Michael Lowery/Lance Lowery-$468.
3-(15-61)- Alan Moore/Clint Teutsch-$312.

Top Big Bass;
1-(5-37)-Clint Teutsch-$260.
2-(5-27)-Jason Gates-$156.
3-(4-90)-Mel Hawkins-$104.

All bass were recovered and live released by Rayburn Anglerettes fish recovery.

For more information on the Rayburn Anglerettes and their benefit activities write to Rayburn Anglerettes---RT-2 BOX 618---Jasper, TX.-75951.

Alton Rankin holding a rep to he, and Mel Hawkins, 17-86 lb 1st place win

Lowery Brother with rep to their 16-45 lb 2nd place win
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Moore and Teutsch with reps to their 15-61 lb 3rd place win

L-R- Rankin/Hawkins--Lowery's--Moore/Teutsch

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