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Wal-Mart Celebrates National Fishing Week With 'Take A Kid Fishing Day'
By Ed Snyder

Wal-Mart "Take A Kid Fishing Day"
Saturday, June 1, 2002, Wal-Mart Super Center, Jasper, TX.

'You're never too young to learn, stated the Wal-Mart employee who was helping a young toddler with his "very-first" fishing lesson during the Wal-Mart "Take A Kid Fishing Day", which was being celebrated throughout their chain of nation wide stores this past weekend. With various fishing oriented adventures provided for their attending customers, the Wal-Mart Super Center in Jasper TX, enjoyed a very busy day with lake area fishing/pros teaching over 100 children how to cast, flip, and pitch to fishing targets for fun and awards. And it's all FREE and OPEN to the public…… "Always."

'This is our 3rd year of doing our "Take A Kid Fishing" program, stated the Jasper TX, Wal-Mart official, and we really do enjoy holding this very important event for the public who also enjoys coming in with their families to experience it. 'We've had anywhere from 1 year old toddlers to 12 year old pre-teens come in with their parents, or guardians, to enjoy this fun day of fishing and casting for "guaranteed" prizes.

The Wal-Mart "Take A Kid Fishing" program is held throughout the nation at all Wal-Mart stores during the national fishing week celebrations. The Wal-Mart Super Center in Jasper, TX, holds its annual event each year within the stores sporting goods department, where the constant climate control makes it a very pleasant experience regardless of any adverse weather conditions that may occur outdoors. This years' event drew several lake area pro/anglers who attended to help out with the 10am to Noon casting festivities.
This was a free and open event for "All" of the children who signed up for the casting events to "automatically" become prizewinners for just attending.

For more information on this annual Wal-Mart "Take A Kid Fishing Day" call the Jasper TX, Wal-Mart Super-Center at (409)-384-1707 -extension to Sporting Goods.

Attending Fishing Pros; FLW Alpo Bass/Pro Shane Alman of Shane Alman's Hunting & Fishing Guide Service- Bass/Pros Mike & Kathy Wheatley of Mikes Fishing Adventures- Texas Outdoor Writer Association free-agent and Lakecaster Field Editor Patty Schaefer- TOWA- LOWA- SEOPA- and Lakecaster Publications Managing Editor Ed Snyder-
"and" the 100 -plus- kids & families who attended.

Wal-Mart "Take A Kid Fishing Day" sponsors; Wal-Mart- Berkley- Eagle Claw- Strike King- Zebco- Abu-Garcia- Coleman- Laker- Snickers- and all of the kids who attended.

'You are never too young to learn, stated this Wal-Mart official teaching this toddler how to hold a fishing rod

Kathy & Mike Wheatley help this little girl cast for points & awards
< photos by Ed Snyder >

This "motorized" Bass-n-Gal teaches fishing/pro Kathy Wheatley a few things about "finesse" casting

(Bass/Pro Shane Alman witnessed this "oops" around the corner cast that ended up in the golfing dept

"Welcome" to Wal-Mart and have a good day "Always", stated this team of pro/anglers and Wal-Mart officials

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