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Grass-Root Facility To Provide 'MILLIONS' For Lake Area
By Ed Snyder

Lake Sam Rayburn Pavilion Association
Sam Rayburn, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"It's taken a while to get this point, stated U.S. Army Colonel (Retired) Bill Marshall, but the really difficult part of getting the land, clearing it, going through the Historical Society, and doing the necessary mitigation work has already been done, so what we're doing right now, in support of this grass-roots operation, is to try and raise the money to fulfill the final phase of construction for this new Lake Sam Rayburn Pavilion Park.

"We are a tax deductible 501C3 corporation, informed Bill Marshall Chairman of the Sam Rayburn Pavilion Association, "as several years ago we were asked by the Jasper County Court to come up with a feasibility plan for developing a new Lake Sam Rayburn Pavilion Park, which is located on the southern shores of Lake Sam Rayburn adjacent to the public boat ramp area on Hwy 255. Our first project was to get the 11-acre shore-lined plot of land from the U. S Army Corps of Engineers. With that finally achieved and with the land now cleared, leveled, and prepared, we are now in the process of planting grass throughout the park area and completing our mitigation obligations.

"This new park, Bill Marshall emphasized, which is located in a protected water cove area with a beach front that could handle up to 200 boats, will have a 7,000 square foot covered pavilion overlooking the beach front area, which has a breathtaking view of the Lake Sam Rayburn's scenic waters, will also have a parking area for over 450 vehicles.

"The park will be a multi-purpose facility, stated board member Nelson Burton, as it will be open for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities such as Boat and R.V. Shows, Organizational or Corporate Meetings, Church Activities, Trade Shows, Concerts, Cook-outs, School Activities, Dance Group Activities, and Fishing Tournaments, or for just about anything that would be of interest to the attending public." "Right now, Nelson continued, we are looking into just what type of structure that would be best suited for the planned covered pavilion area that will hold up to 5,000 people."

"We now have 3 or 4 different structure design plans for the proposed pavilion, stated board member John Harris, and we are now in the process of reviewing these designs to see which one would best serve our purpose, as it is very important to make the right choice for housing the multi-functional needs of this new facility.

"I feel that this new facility will greatly enhance the flow of tourism business for the Jasper area, as well as for our entire lake area, stated Mike Taylor owner/operator of "The Stump Restaurant & Club", as this new facility will be available year-round for holding events, weather it be Christmas in December or Christmas in July activities. "And I do sincerely feel, Mike stressed, that this new Rayburn Park Facility will provide an added increased tourism flow of at least 15 to 25 percent to our lake area, which computes to "MILLIONS" more dollars being spent into the tills of our tourism business area. "Which is the reason why I'm here today to help in that endeavor by donating $5,000 dollars for the benefit of this very important tourism project.

"In itself, Colonel Bill Marshal pointed out, the new Rayburn Park facility will actually become a tourism attraction that will help to bring in millions of visiting tourists that will have a much greater financial impact in the Jasper County area, as well as for the entire Lake Sam Rayburn business area. "It has taken us a while to get where we're at now, Bill finalized, but I feel that we've met the request of the Court to provide a new facility that will meet the needs of Jasper County and its people.

(Post-Note: "Warden Ed Williams of our local State Correctional Facility has been a great help to this important project, Bill Marshall wished to applaud, as he, and his correctional personnel, have struggled long and hard to get the 11 acres of this facility cleared and leveled so we can start the final phase of construction for the Rayburn Park Pavilion. "We, of the Rayburn Park Pavilion Association would like to take this time to say "THANK YOU" to Warden Williams and his work detail teams for doing such an outstanding job!" "We would also like to thank Judge Joe Folk and Commissioner's Rod Barger and Charles Shuofner for their great assistance with this project as it a pleasure to know that responsible people such as these reside in our County.)

Donations are requested for supporting the construction and operational needs of this new facility. Please send donations to the Sam Rayburn Pavilion Association at P:O: Box 5032, Sam Rayburn, TX. 75951- (All donations are tax deductible folks) For more information on this call (409)-698-2554- ask for Col. Bill Marshall or e-mail to - or fax to (409)-698-2292.

$5,000 Donation Check Being Accepted For Rayburn Pavilion Park L-R- John Harris- Col. Bill Marshall- Mike Taylor- Bill Nelson

Lakeview of Scenic New Rayburn Pavilion Park Site Which Will Be Operational Very Soon
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Entrance View from Hwy-255 of Rayburn Pavilion Park Facility

Scenic Lakeview of Lake Sam Rayburn from Rayburn Pavilion Park Facility

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