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5 Specks/21.62 Lbs Claims Galveston Trout-Splash Win
By Ed Snyder

Sealy Outdoors Team Trout-Splash Tournament
August 17, 2002, Teakwood Marina, Tiki Island, Galveston Bay, TX.

"We probably caught 100 specks today, explained one saltlegger team who had just weighed-in a 15.64 lb sack of Speckled Trout that held a 5.45 lb trophy, but only 40 were over the keeper limit of 16 inches, they informed after signing their tournament voucher. But as good as their chances looked for winning the $7,500 first place cash prize, it only held up for the $3,000 third place slot as a 15.99 lb sack knocked them down to 2nd for a few minutes before another saltlegger team arrived to weigh-in an incredible 5 trout catch that held an average speck weight of 4.32 lbs for a total of 21.62 lbs… "AWESOME!!"

"We plan to stay the course with our Sealy Outdoors Team Trout-Splash tournament format , stated CEO/Director Bob Sealy, as it is an open team (two angler) event. Plus we always "GUARANTEE" our payouts, Bob stressed, which means that "ALL" the listed prizes are awarded REGARDLESS of the tournament entry field. I'm just a little disappointed with our first event only drawing 37, of the 96 teams, we needed to clear our prize base, but I'm not disappointed in the tournament field that drew some very serious salt-water anglers, such as Bernie Spozio, who drove over 1,400 miles from Shippenville, Pennsylvania to fish with brother angler, Greg Spozio of Houston, TX. "Now, Bob Sealy praised, with dedicated anglers such as these how can we go wrong?!

"We are now planning for up to four more events to be held in the Galveston Bay area next year, Bob advised, and with the help of our sponsors we hope to get this saltwater team trout-splash upgraded to the high dollar pay-outs that we annually produce that often reach above the $400,000 prize-mark. "Mark your calendars for May 31, 2003, Bob announced, to be here at Teakwood Marina on Galveston Bay for another of our team "Trout-Splash" tournament events. "And for receiving updated information about the new, and improved changes we plan to initiate into our 2003 saltwater tournaments, Bob invited, just call 1-888-698-2591, Bob invited, "Cuz folks, you ain't seen nothing yet!

1st place- (5 specks/21.62 lbs)- James "Jim" Franklin of Angleton and Dwayne A. Lowery of Baytown, cruised their Majek/Mercury speck-rig to Trinity Bay shell-reefs to work Shimano rods and reels spooled with 12 lb test Ande mono. "We fished with chrome/blue Mirror-Lure She-Dogs and red-shad Bass-Assassins to catch 20 specks between 8am to noon for culling our 5 speck tournament limit, the winning team informed, that also included a 5.10 lb trophy caught by Dwayne on a She-Dog. The winning team collected $7,500 for their exceptional trout fishing skills.

2nd place- (5 specks/15.99 lbs)- Bruce Baugh and Eddie Hix JR, of Houston, teamed up to run their Kenner/Mercury speck-rig to East Galveston Bay shell-reefs to work Shimano rods and reels spooled with 12 lb test Trilene XL mono. The 2nd place team wade-fished and drift-fished the reefs with pearl/chartreuse Corky's and bone/chartreuse Mirror-Lure She-Dogs to catch an early morning bite that put a 5 speck/15.99 lb weight in their box, which included a 6:30am big bite for Hix that awarded him the $750 big trout award for his 5.52 lb She-Dog catch. The 2nd place team gleaned $4,750 for their day on the bay.

3rd place -(5 specks/15.64 lbs)- James Plaaq of Galveston and Dana Bailey of The Highlands put their Boston Whaler/OMC speck-rig over East Galveston Bay oyster reefs to work Shimano/Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12 lb test Ande mono. "We drift-fished with lime/chartreuse-black bass-assassins and black/chartreuse Mirror-Lure She-Dogs, stated the "Silver King Adventures" team as they further informed of catching at least 100 specks during an early bite that put 40 keepers in their cull. Landing the 3rd place position for their catch that included the $500 second big trout award for Plaag's 5.45 lb trophy speck. The 3rd place team collected $3,500 for their exceptional day of "Trout-Splash" fishing action on Galveston Bay.

Sealy Outdoors Team Trout Splash 17-Aug-02
1st BT Baugh, Bruce Hix, Eddie Jr 5.52 $750 Total Weight 269.60
2nd BT Bailey, Dana Plaag, James 5.45 $500 Total Trout 110
3rd BT Busha, Dan Sandow, Bryan 5.42 $250 Total Limits 12

Place Team Members # Fish Weight Payout
1 Franklin, James "Jim" Lowery, Dwayne A 5 21.62 $7,500
2 Baugh, Bruce Hix, Eddie Jr 5 15.99 $4,000
3 Bailey, Dana Plaag, James 5 15.64 $3,000
4 Caster, Mike Castor, Modesto 5 15.39 $2,000
5 Spozio, Bernie Spozio, Greg 5 15.33 $1,500
6 Lomonte, Tommy West, Jim 5 14.69 $1,000
7 Havens, John Renteria, Eric 5 14.54 $900
8 Howell, William Harrison Varacek, Timothy 5 13.36 $800
9 Fleshman, Andy Holt, Jeff 5 12.63 $700
10 Hartsell, Greg Hartsell, Keith 5 10.70 $600
11 Cartmill, Paul Gabriel, Vince 4 9.36 $550
12 Elliot, Bobby Marcaccio, Paul 4 8.87 $550
13 Auld, Steve Larson, Jeff 5 8.15 $550
14 Francis, Greg Maddox, Cody 4 7.99 $550
15 Boone, Michael F. Boone, Michael (Tiger) 5 7.73 $550
16 Miller, Paul Shipley, James 2 7.34 $500
17 Cructher, Rodney Lloyd, John 4 7.30 $500
18 Busha, Dan Sandow, Bryan 2 7.03 $500
19 Cubbage, Mike Shelton, Gary 4 6.93 $500
20 Aulds, Ralph Jr Brochtrup, Mark 4 6.91 $500
21 Altinger, Steve Gerdes, Larry 3 5.68 $0
22 Bort, Ricky Tisdale, Recie 3 5.26 $0
23 Best, David Faris, Stephen 3 5.17 $0
24 Kadlecek, Stephen Turner, Tim L 2 5.16 $0
25 Augustine, Vfince Page, Wesley 3 5.13 $0
26 Harris, Chris Findle, Will 3 4.93 $0
27 Saenz, Raul Trevino, Mark 3 4.69 $0
28 Jones, Randy W Spear, Jimmy 1 4.28 $0
29 Hatten, Bennie Williams, Stephen 1 1.80 $0
30 Dalme, Rickey W Kelley, Donald W 0 0.00 $0
31 Taylor, Shane Wallace, Jim 0 0.00 $0
32 Brannan, Robert Cowden, David 0 0.00 $0
33 Hawk, Bill Stringer, Carl 0 0.00 $0
34 O'Neill, Greg O'Neill, Joe 0 0.00 $0
35 Malone, Ray Jr Popovich, Daniel 0 0.00 $0
36 Schultz, Buddy Trimble, James 0 0.00 $0
37 O'Neill, Steven Jr O'Neill, Steve 0 0.00 $0

Sealy Outdoors goal as a promotional company is to create outdoor contest events that benefits worthy causes and puts the average hunter and fisherman in the same limelight as the professionals. Sealy Outdoors has directed many events, such as Oilman Classic's, NFL Skeeter/tournaments, Anheuser Busch tournaments, Tracy Byrd Celebrity big bass tournaments, Burger King tournaments, Boy's Haven events as well as McDonalds Big Bass Splash, Team Splash, and Big Trout Splash saltwater events, as well as Mega-White Tail Big Buck contests for the hunters. Sealy Outdoors also claims the #1 tournament spot for a 1993 McDonalds Big Bass event that drew 6,760 entries, which now stands as the largest amateur tournament event ever held.

For more information on Sealy Outdoors, and their hunting & fishing events, call (409)-698-2591-Fax- (409)-698-2616- 1-888-698-2591 or E-Mail or write to Sealy Outdoors--POD-5431--Sam Rayburn, TX. 75951.

Sealy Outdoors Team Trout-Splash Tournament Sponsors; Triton Boats- Johnson/Evinrude Outboards- Shimano Fishing Products- Academy Sports & Outdoors- Teakwood Marina- Texas Fish & Game Magazine- and the Team "Trout-Splash" anglers.

"Silver King Adventures" team- Plaaq and Bailey show speck-reps to their 15.69 lb 3rd place $3,000 win, which includes the 5.45 lb $500 2nd big trout award

The first place team of Franklin and Lowery show four lb average speck-reps to their "incredible" 21.62 lb $7,500 1st place win
< photos by Ed Snyder >

The Sealy Outdoors krewe surrounds the first place team kneeling and 2nd - (Bob Sealy center) 3rd place teams standing (L-to-R) showing their winning "Trout-Splash" checks

The team of Baugh and Hix display speck-reps to their 15.99 lb 2nd place $4,000 win, which includes the 5.52 lb $750 1st big trout award

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