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Sue Crochet

Can you believe it … another year almost gone?! It seems like I just took the Christmas tree down and now it's time to put it up again! I do love the holidays, though, and the cool weather that comes with them. I don't know about you, but as I've grown older, I appreciate the winter months a lot more.

November should still bring some great fall fishing. Along with fewer people on the lake and less fishing pressure, largemouth become very active as water surface temps cool down and shad begin balling up. Therefore, lures that imitate shad most closely will be your best selection for catching large numbers of fish.

Surface lures, like a Chug Bug and Pop-R, and soft jerk baits, like a Reaction Wacky Worm and Shad Assassin, are excellent early morning choices. A spinnerbait or Rat-L-Trap would be my next choice, especially if the conditions are windy. Although the plastic worm is my absolute favorite lure, this would be my last choice for catching fish at this time of the year. However, when nothing else works, this is what I go to as my "ace in the hole".

Where to go? Well, I'd concentrate in the mouths of smaller creeks first. My second choice would be on flats that have drains running through them, following the drains in (toward the bank or shallower water) as far as I could, fishing the edges. I hear tell that if you'll throw a spinner bait out over the thicker grass and work it back quickly until you reach the edge of the grass line (deeper water), then let the spinner bait flutter down a little, you just might get your arm jerked off!

Speaking of Christmas, have you thought of things during the year that you'd like to have, but just haven't taken the time to get for yourself. Less expensive items make great "wish lists" so that you can focus on purchasing the more costly items you need. If someone feels like they want to spend more on you, they can choose more than one item on your list. I've come up with a few suggestions that may be helpful.

· Neoprene Face Mask (for fishing or hunting on those brisk mornings)
· Waterproof/Insulated Gloves
· Waterproof/Insulated Socks
· Helmet or Face Shield (for running a boat in the rain or cold)
· Fishing Tools (Needle Nose Pliers, Clippers, Split Ring Pliers)
· Fishing Supplies (Line, Lures, Hooks)
· Boat Oar or Anchor
· Insulated Rain Gear
· Light Action Rod & Reel

If you or a buddy enjoys hunting, as well, the following items might make good Christmas gifts.

· Rifle or Shotgun Shells
· Arrows
· Broadheads
· Folding Stool
· Blow-Up Cushion
· Tree Umbrella
· Insulated Underwear
· Camo Clothing (Pants, Shirts, Caps, Gloves, Mask)
· Flashlight

These are just a few of the many things I have accumulated in 21 years of fishing and hunting. Individually, they are not very expensive, but cumulatively add up to thousands of dollars. You get the things you need and your family and/or friends feel like they have purchased something that you will really want.

Until next month, Happy Hunting and Fishing! I pray that you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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