Lakecaster Online
August, 2002

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Lake Livingston

Sam Rayburn / Toledo Bend 

DON'T LEAVE YOUR TEXAS RIG AT HOME 20.47 lbs Wins Honey Hole Family Tournament on Sam Rayburn
Summertime Cranking 11.19 Lb Toledo McBass Top-Ends Big Bass Splash
12.56 Win the Wal-Mart All American Bass Tournament on Lake Livingston Fishers of Men Final Tournament 2002 Season
Black Bass Fishing OF BASS & GALS
  5 Bass/16-15 Claims Toledo BFL Pro/Win
  Lil' Buddy Anglers Enjoy A Fire-Cracker Weekend
  Florida Largemouth Bass Stocked in Area Lakes
  24.51 lbs Seizes final Bass 'n Bucks Tournament for the 2002 Season
  Grass-Root Facility To Provide 'MILLIONS' For Lake Area